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Please Remember Me

So, i've had this story posted once before but then deleated it. but i just re-read it and really liked it! So i'm posting it again. So this takes place after Breaking Dawn and Bella is taken from the Cullen's. And when they finally find her Bella can't remember them. Now the Cullen's have to make Bella remember. And if they do get her to remember them they have to make her leave her life she has become rather comfortable in. If they fail they will lose Bella forever. i own nothing, this is also a crossover between Twilight series, and the mortal Insturments.

I know, i already have a mortal insturments crossover but i couldn't help it!!! and i know, i have like 2 stories that i haven't finished but i couldn't wait to post this one any longer!!! I own nothing (except maybe a few characters i might add in later). enljoy if you love me 9in the non-creepy way!)

2. your not taking her away

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Edward’s P.O.V

“Seriously?! Guys, I don’t need to eat, I’m not hungry, and I mean I ate breakfast this morning.” Bella said as Clary and Izzy began pulling Bella up towards the lunch line in the cafeteria. Jace and Alec rolled their eyes. We’d gotten to know all of Bella’s new friends (well most of her extremely close ones anyway) and they were alright, though I still hated that Jace guy.

“Guys, I don’t have enough money,” Bella mumbled. I looked down at my tray filled with food I wouldn’t eat.

“Bella you can have my lunch, I don’t eat anyway.” I told her. Bella stared blankly at me for a few minutes; she looked more Bella-ish for a few seconds before she blinked rapidly as if fighting tears.

“Thanks,” Bella said sitting down next to me.

Bella’s P.O.V

Wow, why did it feel natural to sit next to Edward?! Was it just because he was a vampire and I was half vampire?! But that didn’t explain why I felt the need to cuddle into his side, was it because he was the only single vampire in his family? I shook my head then began to nibble on some of the food on his tray. When lunch was over and everyone stood up to leave I pulled Edward back and held out my arms for a hug.

“Thanks again for the food,” I said smiling. When Edward hugged me it was the weirdest thing. Is that what it felt like to be at home? I mean I have absolutely no memories of my life before waking up. I knew how to read and write and everything but I didn’t know anyone, or have memories of my past. So I never really knew what home felt like. But, hugging Edward was a different story. Even though he was cold I felt warm and it as like I knew him. For some weird reason I was comfortable and wasn’t quiet ready to let go. When we finally pulled back I saw a sad smile grace its way onto Edward’s face.

Edward’s P.O.V


“So Cullen?” Bella asked sitting next to me. I looked over at her then inhaled deeply.

“Strawberry,” I said smiling. Bella just nodded before digging into my food.


“So, how good are your senses?” Bella asked sitting next to me. She refused to eat from my tray ever since that one day.

“Pretty dang good,” Emmett said.

“Really? I have pretty good senses for being a half vampire. How good is your sense of smell?” Bella asked, curious.

“So good I can smell the type of shampoo you used in the shower last night.” I said trying to push my tray towards her. Bella shook her head pushing it away again.

“If you can guess what shampoo I used each day I’ll eat all the food on your tray.” Bella said. I could only smile; this was going to be way too easy.


I sighed as I watched Bella eat. It was so weird, Bella and Nessie were both half vampires, but they were so different. I mean Jane was right, Bella was more breakable then Nessie (but still pretty sturdy for being half human), Bella ate human food while Nessie still preferred blood.

“I think you’re trying to make me fat,” Bella said as she finished eating all the food I had put on the tray. I laughed.

“That’s only part true I’m trying to get it so you look like you actually eat.” I said looking at Bella. Bella glared at me then she muttered something bout eating all the time, she just worked it off when she was hunting and training. I rolled my eyes but frowned. I still hadn’t seen her hunt demons. I though it was probably for the better. I knew I would probably have an anxiety attack if I saw anything come close to hurting her. She was breakable, though she still hadn’t explained how she went from a full vampire to a half vampire.

“So, Bells, you going to Magnus’s house tonight?” Jace asked Bella.

“Of course,” Bella said. At least once a month on the 15th she would go visit this Magnus person. She never told us why. Once when Jake had tried to ask he’d gotten the stink eye from Izzy. She didn’t seem to like us; especially Alice, Rose, and Nessie.

“You know Bella, I have yet to meet this Magnus person, and I feel a little left out.” Emmett said. Bella laughed, and then she smiled at all of us.

“You guys really want to meet Magnus? Well come over to my house around 9 tonight, Jace will take you all there. Now the bell is about to ring. Laters” Bella said standing up. I nodded staring after her.

“Cut the crap, we know about your guy’s little secret, we talked to Jane, your not taking her away from us.” Izzy snapped as soon as Bella disappeared around the corner.