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Broken Fate


What if a Twilight fan somehow ended up in Twilight as one of the characters. Not the one she would want most: Bella, but one with the power to change destiny. What if she didn't realise the power of changing fate? What if she was selfish?

Tanya and Ed
Who wouldn’t want Edward? And who wouldn’t do anything to get him, if they had the chance? Even destroy a fairytale…

A somewhat dark fanfic with as much logic applied as possible. Thanks for giving this a chance :D It's going to be funny, dark, depressing at times cos its dramatic and stuff... so yah :D enjoy

1. Preface

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It was all broken. Wrong. Twisted. Fake.

I couldn't stand the perfection reflected in the mirror.

My fist went straight through it easily.

Jagged glass shattered everywhere, bouncing of my rock hard body harmlessly. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I was so stupid.

Tiny reflections of her flutter to the floor. Fake.

The desperation and pain burned through me. It needed an escape. It was so hard to stop now that I had started.

I raked a hand down the wall in despair. And left huge groves behind. I didn't understand my power. Naïve... no ignorant. Stupid. So stupid.

The concrete was warm. It was fake. Everything was wrong. The warmth on her skin wasn't right. The cold marble of this body was wrong. The love in my heart was twisted. The cold concrete wall against my cheek was fake. Wasted.

I had made it so. I had done this.

For my own pleasure.

I was a monster. I was broken. I was wrong. I was twisted.

I had ruined everything.

I clung to the wall like it was a raft in the sea. If I just kept my eyes closed and the wall against my cheek I could pretend it had never happened. I could close my eyes on reality. On my stupidity. My selfishness.

I didn't deserve it. I didn't deserve to turn my back on everything. The world was suffering because of me.

He was suffering because of me.

I pulled myself away. My fist met the wall again. Stupid, stupid, child. Selfish little thing.

I turned to the bedroom. It was all too pure.

Too pristine for the situation. It should be a mess. A ruined and broken mess.

Just like life. Like my creation. He could have been happy! But I had messed it all up.

I had broken his fate.

I had dragged him down to hell.

My pure beautiful angel.

I walked over to the bed. Every moment we had shared. Fake. Broken. Wrong.

Every kiss. Every word. Twisted by me.

I slashed the pillows open and ripped the silk sheet into tatters.

Silk rained around me. Red tears. Broken. Wasted.

My fault. All my fault.

My hand gouged into the wooden frame. The sleek mahogany yielded to my touch. Fake.

I jerked my hand back. Splinters. Jagged splinters of my heart. Broken.

I ripped open the ornate dresser.

Our clothes hung there. Fake. Lies. All of it lies.

Each item fluttered through the air like flags of war.

That was our love: carried up for the briefest moment before it plummeted and crumpled. Broken.

Each trinket on the table. Each lie.

Crumpled to dust.

Each photo. Each smiling face. Fake. Fake. All fake.

Smashed against the walls.

I had caused this. If only I hadn't been so selfish. If only I could be Bella.

I found one of his suits at the back of the dresser. A tux. He would have worn it to the prom. Or he would have worn one. Fake.

Black confetti. Black tears. Twisted.

And there in the debris. A dried rose.

I picked it up. The edges had decayed. It smelt too sweet.

It tipped me over the edge. I crashed to the floor, sobs shaking through me.

All my fault. All my fault. All my fault.

He came in. So calm. But so broken. My fault. All my fault.

“No it's mine. I'm sorry.” Words as soft as satin. Lies.

“That's not true and you know it.”

“Nothing is your fault. If I hadn't-” Bitter-sweet denial. Fake.

“Oh don't start!”

“This is in no way your fault!” Stormy, beautiful anger. Twisted.

“My mistake, my fault! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.”

“No. It was my mistake. I'm a monster.” Accusing names. The wrong person.

“Why do you always have to be the martyr?”

“Stop blaming yourself. Stop hurting. Let me help. I can help.” Tender promises. Broken

“Leave me alone.”

“I can't.” Child-like innocence. Ruined.


“Don't you see why I can't?” Glorious stubbornness. Wasted.

“I'm no good for you.”

“I love you.” Sweet caresses.

“Lies.” I could feel his hurt. Wasted on me. Everything was. I was a lie.

Wasted, Twisted, Broken lies.

I had broken everything. Ruined everything that had been good. Dragged an angel down into hell with me.

I had Broken Fate.