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Turning Back

Alice visits her gravesite after all these years to take care of some unfinished business.


1. Chapter 1

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They walked across the soft green grass. Their feet moved almost noiselessly. The weather was unusual for this time of year. It was possibly the coldest day Biloxi, Mississippi has experienced in atleast fifty years. Red, orange and yellow leaves covered the ground and littered the ancient moss-covered gravestones.

Very few people were here in the lone cemetary that was situated behind the run-down church. It had been long since someone had actually been burried there, and its occupants received very few visitors. Most of the grave stones were very weak and broken apart. It was rare to see one that was fully intact.

The couple held hands as they walked towards the farthest end of the cemetary. The short, black-haired girl seemed to lead the tall, muscular, blond man. Once underneath the tallest tree, the girl dropped to her knees. The man stood firmly and gazed lovingly at the girl. Her fingers traced the pattern of the cold rock. Memorizing everything about it. Texture. Shape. Temperature. Everything to precision.

Mary Alice Brandon

Born: February 3rd, 1901

Died: June 21, 1915

Daughter and Beloved Sister.

She had to laugh. A cold, hard laugh. Atleast her parents actually admitted that they didn't love her instead of trying to hide it. She knew they didn't. As a human, she wasn't normal. She had those premonitions. Her parents put her in the cursed aslyum without looking back. They wanted her gone; they didn't want to be shunned by society for having a freak-daughter.

And then there was Cynthia. She wondered if Cynthia loved her. It seemed like she did. Atleast someone did.

She also wonder: What would life be like if they hadn't put me in the aslyum? She wouldn't have met the love of her existance, Jasper, that's for sure. Would she have gotten married to someone else? Would she have had children and grandchildren? Would she have been in the hospital room when Cynthia had her only daughter, Sarah Beth?

She stood up as she pondered these thoughts and made her way towards two more stones just a few feet behind her own.

Alfred James Brandon Kathryn Louella Brandon

Born: January 17th, 1882 Born: April 30, 1884

Died: August 8th, 1946 Died: February 19th, 1947

She lightly tossed the boquet of tulips onto the group. "I'm sorry that you didn't love me. I'm sorry I wasn't the daughter you wanted. I'm sorry you were ashamed of me. I'm not sorry that you put me in that asylum, though," She laughed lightly. "If you hadn't put me there, then I wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't have an amazing husband who I get to be with forever. I wouldn't have two parents who actually care, and four siblings whom I love alot. I wouldn't be happy," She inclined her head towards the sky.

"I hope you two are watching me now. I hope you see that I'm happy. I hope you tell Cynthia that I love her. And I hope your happy. Because today, I'm no longer a Brandon. You're no longer my parents. And we're no longer a family." She turned gracefully on her heels and left without looking back. She had, finally, turned her back on them just as they had turn their backs on her.