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Different But The Same

A best friend;Someone who loves you no matter what,Someone who will stay with you through whatever,Someone who ignores your faults, No matter how bad.In other words,A best friend is just a sister god forgot to give you. Rated 'Teen' for Language, And Semi - Violence

This has been stuck in my head for so long it hurts. Bwahaha..

1. First Day

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A girl lay on the forest floor, Panting and groaning. She was as thin as a skeleton, Except for her stomach, Which looked like a giant beach ball. She was hissing and cursing under her breath, Cringing. The pain stopped for a minute, And she breathed a small sigh of relief. Just as she tried to sit up, Her eyes snapped open, And she let out a loud, Blood curdling shriek.

Violet quickly sat up, Shaking and gasping. Her fingers were tightly clutching the thin sheet on top of her, Or what was left of it, any ways. There were thin pieces of fabric all over the room. Oh, Shit.. She thought, Sighing and rubbing her temples. Just as she was about to get up, She heard a small movement outside the door. "I'm alright" She said quickly, Not wanting anyone to see the mess she'd made. She heard a small sigh, Then the light footsteps bounding down the stairs. She hopped out of the bed, Running around the room and snatching every piece of sheet she saw. Violet threw it out the window, For lack of a better idea, And watched it blend into the snow. Good enough, She thought lightly, Walking over to her dresser.

She quickly changed, Scurrying to her vanity and putting on her usual amount: A bit of maroon eyeliner, Lavender eye shadow (It barely showed up on her pale skin), And a clear lip gloss. She stood up, Checking her outfit in the mirror again. A pale green long sleeved V-neck with a unzipped black sweater, faded blue jeans and black canvas shoes with Violet laces. And, Of course, The silver cross necklace. She lightly put her hand to it, Smiling. For no apparent reason, She looked up in the mirror, Actually looking at herself. She had a petite, heart-shaped face, Framed by Dark, Almost black, Long wavy brunette hair. Absentmindedly, She ran her fingers through it. Her lips were full yet thin at the same time, And she had bright, Purple eyes. Violet always wondered where she got them from, But nobody had a clue.

Sighing, She turned around and opened the door and bounded through it, Then down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, She was immediately hit by the aroma of pancakes. She skipped to the kitchen, Seeing the usual sight; Rosabelle and Joseph (Aka her 'Brother' and 'Sister') Arguing over something unintelligent, Charlotte (Aka 'Mom') cooking breakfast with the look of distaste on her perfect face, Matthew (Aka 'Dad') reading the newspaper, Looking bored. Then there was Nick, Tapping his fingers on the counter in a annoyed fashion.

"Whats for breakfast?" Violet asked lightly, Skipping over and staring into the pan. "I don't know how you can stand to eat this stuff.." Charlotte sighed, Ignoring the question and sliding the pancakes onto a plate. "We're not all freaks" Violet muttered under her breath, Pouring syrup on the plate, Snatching a fork and walking over to the small table in the corner of the room. "Your right, Half-Breed, Your not a freak, Your just a wierdo" Joseph agreed, Receiving a slap from Rosabelle. Violet just sighed, Eating the pancakes and looking around the room, Once again shocked at how perfect everyone was.

Rosabelle was tall, With lots of curves and wild, Red curly hair ending just below her shoulder blades. It would of normally made someone look odd, But Rosabelle managed to pull it off with grace.

Joseph was the tallest one in the house, With short- But messy -Blonde hair. He was muscular, As most were, And had a certain intimidating charm to him.

Mathew was slightly shorter than Joseph. He had straight, Carmel colored hair that was always perfectly jelled, The complete opposite of Joseph.

Charlotte was just.. Charlotte. She had perfectly straight, Honey blonde hair, That reached slightly past her butt. She had curves, Though not as much as Rosabelle, And was very skinny. She had a caring face with wide, Innocent eyes and perfect full lips. Definitely everyone's dream mom.

Nick, However, Was a different story. He had jet black hair that reached only to his ears, And cold eyes that could make almost anyone flinch away. He was almost as muscular as Joseph, And was about the same height as Matthew.

Seeing him now, She realized he looked more annoyed then usual. She hopped off the chair, Skipping over to him. "Whats wrong now?" She asked, Rolling her eyes. In response, He cocked his head towards the window. "..Oh" She said blankly, Seeing the sun stream in. She looked back to him, Giving a slight shrug. "I'll be fine; The high school kids arn't that scary" She laughed a bit, But he didn't look convinced. "We've been here all summer, Nick. If anything would of happened, It would of happened already" She sighed, Shaking her head slightly. He finally responded, A bit annoyed. "Violet, We've been here one week, And we haven't even left the house yet. So don't let your guard down yet". Violet just scowled, Stalking over and snatching the checkered backpack off the counter.

"I've got to go. I'll just say you guys are all sick or something". Rosabelle rolled her eyes, Apparently thinking it was a lame excuse, And left the room. Violet sighed again, Running back over to Nick, Kissing him on the cheek and giving a quick "Bye". She ran towards the door, Snatching her keys off the table as she did, And ducked out the door and towards her car. It was a jet black sports car with little red designs all over it, Just something she'd done when she was bored. She slid in it, Pushing the keys in the ignition and driving down the driveway, Turning on the radio and randomly whistling to the song that came on. She looked down at the little digital clock, Freezing. "Shit!" She squeaked out, Slamming her foot on the gas and speeding as fast as she could out of the driveway and onto the road. Hope I'm not late for my first day; Joseph would never let me hear the end of that..


Renesmee gave a slight yawn, Sitting up and stretching. She opened her eyes, Being greeted by the same, Brightly colored room she'd seen for the past year. She hated it. Crawling out of the thick blankets, She made her way over to her closet, Yanking out some dull grey sweat pants, A plain loose fitting white T-shirt, And a dreary dark green pullover sweater. She pulled those on, Yanking on some socks and slipping her feet into her old runners.

She made her way out her bedroom door, Stopping to look at herself in the mirror on her door. She used to have beautiful, Curly bronze hair that gracefully fell down her back. She now had a dull, Reddish-Brownish mess that just stayed there, Knots here and there. Her eyes used to be a warm chocolatish color, But now they just looked like two pools of mud. She sighed, Yanking one of the elastics off her door handle and pulling her hair into a loose, Sloppy ponytail.

She made her way down the stairs and to the kitchen, Seeing her mom sitting at the counter with a plate of food in front of her. She grinned with fake enthusiasm, Sliding the plate towards her. "Good morning" She said in a song like voice, Standing up. "I'm not really hungry.." Renesmee muttered, Lazily sliding her keys off the counter and turning towards the door. "Renesmee-" Bella called after her. You could almost hear the smile leave her face. "Just save it mom, Please" She mumbled, Her voice almost a plead. She swung the door open and jogged towards the Oh-To-Familiar Rabbit, Smiling slightly and sliding in, Starting the car up and driving down the twisting driveway, Ignoring the fact she was late.