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This will be a series of "color poems", as I like to call them, about the Twilight Saga. Told from all sorts of POVs, take a trip through the rainbow of the Twilight Saga. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Include:
Yellow: Inspired by Coldplay's Yellow Purple: Inspired by The Beatles' Words of Love & Till There Was You

Yellow is a wonderful color. It represents loyalty. It represents sunshine. It represents happiness. Jake's POV, a look inside his head

1. Yellow

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A black bee. It makes you see.


The colors of petals. They’re gentle.

They’re yellow.

Happiness is yellow.

The stars are yellow.

They’re mellow.

Exuberant, if you may.

The sun is yellow.

I smile when it comes up.

I look up and that’s all I do.


It’s worthwhile.

It represents joy.

Cheerful. After a gloomy rainy week,

all you want is yellow.

Yellow, yellow, yellow.

It comes anyway.

It goes round and round.

Doesn’t matter.

It’s love.

It’s happiness.

It’s cheeriness.

It’s you.

It’s shining through. Making you see.

The joy that

I’m your wolf boy.