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This will be a series of "color poems", as I like to call them, about the Twilight Saga. Told from all sorts of POVs, take a trip through the rainbow of the Twilight Saga. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Include:
Yellow: Inspired by Coldplay's Yellow Purple: Inspired by The Beatles' Words of Love & Till There Was You

Yellow is a wonderful color. It represents loyalty. It represents sunshine. It represents happiness. Jake's POV, a look inside his head

2. Purple

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“All right, I’m coming.” I rushed to his side, while he wore an amused look.


“Think you’re too heavy for a piggy-back ride?” I laughed at the sheer impossibility of that.

“Not today,” I replied, knowing where he was leading this. I flashed to his side, jumping lightly on his back, and setting my chin on his right shoulder.

“You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” I smiled at the way he referred to me. I was suddenly taken back to Forks, Washington, a small town hidden under shrubbery, trees, and rain. It’d been exactly twenty years ago, in the middle of a wonderful meadow. The same meadow that Edward and I were headed to now.

It’s funny, how things change. But time had showed me constantly that it isn’t the place that changes. It’s you. And Edward’s meadow wasn’t an exception. It was just as my human memories recalled it.

Green and breathtaking.

Red tulips dotted the magnificent patch of nature; the countless tress had grown, creating and umbrella-like shadow over the meadow. Several branches had twisted amongst each other, making an arc above the meadow. It was magnificent.

“Weird, eh,” Edward began, breaking the silence, “how things change.” He put his arms around my waist, and as usual, I snuggled into him.

“No,” I began, “we changed.” I turned to look at his expression. Happy. That was the only word I could use. Happy. I knew I was happy. Something I’d been in the last 20 years. I grabbed his hand, and led him to patch of grass under a tree where we could sit together. He didn’t object, and sat next to me, my head on his shoulder. I shut my eyes, and remembered the many memories I’d had here. Marriage Proposals, Smiles. Confessions. Lullabies. Love. It truly was a museum for our story. I just picture the touring now… “And over here ,we have the meadow, the place where Edward first kissed Bella. The place where Bella found out the truth about Edward’s love…” I tottered at the small joke. This was truly a great place.

“What are you laughing at, love?” Edward asked as he buried himself in my hair, his hand around my waist.

“Just something I came up with,” I replied, looking up at him with a truly joy-filled smile. He returned the beam, and started caressing my cheek. I put my head, once again, on his shoulder, and just sat there, listening continue his singing. It was a wonderful experience.

“There were bells, on a hill, but I never heard them ringing, no I never heard them at all, till there was you,” he began in a slow, melodious voice that rang softly through my ears. “Then there was music, and wonderful roses, they tell me in sweet, fragrant meadows of dawn and dew… There was love all around, but I never heard it singing, no I never heard it at all, till there was you.”

“Till there was you by The Beatles. Nice choice,” I added, stroking his hand intertwined with mine. “But mines is better.” I smiled as a look of challenge appeared on his beautiful face.

“Hold me close and tell me how you feel, tell me love is real.” I then proceeded with the humming. “Words of love, you, whisper something true. Darling I love you.” A little more humming. “Let me hear you say the words I long to hear, darling when you’re near…” Humming. “Words of love you, whisper something true. Darling I love you.” And the last bit of humming. I smiled at Edward, finishing my song, and signaled for him to speak.

“Agreed. One of their bests. Very memorable and unforgettable. Like the first time I truly saw you.” With that, he placed a finger under my chin and brought his lips closer to mines. His chaste kiss left my lips parted and expecting more. I wasn’t disappointed. Our intertwined lips were everlasting, and it felt like an eternity until we pulled away from each other, breaths panting and a bit overcome with emotion. I looked down at my rugged shirt and straightened it, noticing the color Edward’s shirt was in the process. I snickered lightly at my reasoning.

“Well Mr. Cullen, don’t you look dashing in your blue button down,” I commented, trying to make my voice a seductive one. He immediately caught on, and laughed as well.

“And you, Mrs. Cullen, needless to say, don’t disappoint either in your stunning red blouse.” He wiggled his eyebrows, indicating he was feeling the same way.

“Want to make purple?” He asked, leaning closer to me.

“You bet I do,” I replied excitingly and crushed my lips to his one more time.