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bella's nightmare

On the night of bella's birthday things get a bit hot.Alice is planning something for her birthday but all goes terribley wrong and then there is tanya who wants edward. RATED ADULT AS THERE IS SOME FLUFF AND MAYBE VIOLENCE. COME ON GUYS 544 READ AND ONLY 3 REVIEWS THANK YOU FOR THE BANNER. BANNER MADE BY ~Kiki~(emmett_lover) [banner edited by admin - banners may not be larger than 300 x 150 pixels]


14. chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Edward's Point of View

We were all running towards where Alice had seen Bella and Tanya in her vision when I stopped dead in my tracks, causing everyone to stop. I had just read everyone's mind and they were all worried about Bella and the baby; my baby. How was that even possible? My brain was going over it over and over, but could not take it in. I needed answers and I needed them now, before I got to Bella.

"Carlisle, how is it even possible for this to happen? Do we even know how it happened?" I said.

"Well you must of had sex you dumb shit, now let's get a move on!" roared Emmett. He really loved Bella like a sister.

"Emmett you jack ass, SHUT YOUR MOUTH BEFORE I RIP YOU FROM LIMB TO LIMB!" I roared.

"Edward, son, Emmett is right. We need to get moving; Bella needs our help," Carlisle gentle said.

All of a sudden there was a loud scream from Bella and, with that, we were all running again. Bella was in a lot of pain when we rounded the corner and there in front of us was Tanya, in a protective crouch, ready to pounce. As soon as she saw us, she stood up straight out of the defensive position.

"Carlisle, no one can get near her, I've tried," explained Tanya. You could tell that she was really upset with the situation.

All I could do was growl at her; this was all her fault. All I wanted to do was help Bella; her screaming was getting too much for me to handle.

"Carlisle, you have to try and help her please," I begged.

"I will do what I can, son," he explained and with that he started to walk over to Bella, talking calmly to her.

"Bella, I need to take a look okay at what's going on. I'm not going to hurt you or the baby," he gently spoke and, as soon as he moved closer, the baby let its barrier down and he was able to take a look at her. That was, until Bella screamed out and the baby sent him flying through the air. After that, nobody could get to her, we were powerless. In any other situation I would have laughed; a bunch of powerful vampires, useless.

Out of the blue, Alice came up with an idea that required Jasper and I knew it would work; that little pixie and her vision. With that, I could relax. Well, as best as I could when it came to Bella.

Jasper agreed to use his power to calm Bella down and try to take the pain away. It had taken about five minutes, but just like Alice had seen, it worked and now Carlisle was working on Bella.

"Carlisle, what's going on? Is she going to be okay? Is the baby okay? God this is driving me mad," I said frustrated.

"Edward, calm down. The baby is on its way there is nothing I can do to stop it, I need to give her some morphine so she doesn't feel a thing."

"Do what you have to Carlisle, save my baby," replied Bella.

"I will do what I can. You know that Bella," Carlisle explained.

All I could do was stand at a distance and watch; I just hoped things would turn out okay. As Carlisle was working on Bella, she asked to talk to me. Only time would tell if she would forgive me. And how our lives would turn out.

Bella's Point of View

Finally someone was able to get through my baby's barrier and it was Carlisle, thank Christ. The baby was on its way and there was nothing that could be done about it, so I had to speak to Edward to make sure that he would look after our baby if anything was to happen to me.

"Carlisle, I need to talk to Edward," I whispered, but it was no use vampires had very good hearing and he was there in a flash.

"I'm here Bella, how are you? Are you feeling okay? I'm so sorry about this afternoon. Tegan had manipulated my brain with her powers and I didn't know what I was doing and you screaming brought me out of it and-"

"Edward, shut your rambling. I need to talk to you. By now you know I'm pregnant with our child and I need you to promise me if anything happens to me that you will look after him?" she said, but she could not look me in the eye.

"Bella, nothing is going to happen to you; I promise you that. I will change you before I ever let you die, do you hear me?" Bella started to gently laugh and then looked me in the eyes before she calmly said, "Edward, if only you had said this a couple of weeks ago, then none of this would of happened. Why have you changed your mind now?" she asked. The only way I could answer it was with the truth. "Bella, I love you and, whether you feel the same or not, I cannot live in a world where you don't exist. I will always be hoping that you will be able to forgive me and give me another chance." Before she could answer Carlisle spoke.