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bella's nightmare

On the night of bella's birthday things get a bit hot.Alice is planning something for her birthday but all goes terribley wrong and then there is tanya who wants edward. RATED ADULT AS THERE IS SOME FLUFF AND MAYBE VIOLENCE. COME ON GUYS 544 READ AND ONLY 3 REVIEWS THANK YOU FOR THE BANNER. BANNER MADE BY ~Kiki~(emmett_lover) [banner edited by admin - banners may not be larger than 300 x 150 pixels]


15. chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Carlisle's Point of View

Once we had all gone on our way and had arrived, I could finally get to work. I just hoped that Edward wouldn't rip Tanya's head off. After the way he was feeling anything was possible. It all started with Tanya and would end one way or another, that was Edward's choice. But I would try and keep the peace with them as Tanya was like our family; it could cause a war between the Delanis and us Cullens and right now we didn't need that.

All I cared about was getting there and helping Bella, the girl I loved like a daughter, who would soon be having my grandchild. Esme was so excited when she found out that Bella was pregnant with Edward's child. She had started to build them a house and she had done a nursery at our house as well, in case the loved up couple would need a babysitter, which she had said laughing. Then Alice had called us, telling us what had happened at the Delanis and that Bella was in a lot of pain. I had instructed Alice to get home as quick as possible so I could check Bella and the baby out.

When they had gotten back to the house, I had checked Bella out and told her she needed to rest. I didn’t like the symptoms that the baby was showing. It was very distressed, but she had insisted that she wanted to go for a walk, to clear her head, and think about things. Edward was due back as well and she couldn't face him just yet to tell him about the baby; she was a broken woman.

Alice was very excited to become an aunt, lots of shopping she had said. We had all laughed as that was just Alice and her ways. "Any excuse to go shopping," Jasper had said and he knew her so well, like the rest of us. Jasper was a bit nervous because he was worried about the blood side of it especially after he had attacked Bella on her birthday. He still felt extremely guilty. For that alone he would never forgive himself; he was trying to take the blame for this situation as well and no one was to blame except the people who were at the Delanis on this eventful day. I knew he would be fine with the baby around apart from that everyone was excited about the birth of this child, a miracle baby. A child that would of brought this family together and made it 100% complete.

Rosalie was so jealous when she found out Bella was pregnant. All she had ever wanted was a baby of her own, which was now impossible as her body was frozen in time. She would always look and feel 18. So when she found out what had happened when Bella went to Delani, she was angry beyond anything I had ever seen her, even when Royce and he friends had raped her and left her to die was nothing compared to the way she was now.

When Edward had come in the house, she had given him a mouthful and then stormed out of the house. I was sure the forest would have a bit of pruning with the way Rosalie was. Emmett was just as mad as Rosalie, but for a different reason. Bella was always like a sister to him from day one. He wanted Edward to change her so she could be one of us. Edward had asked her to marry him and she had said yes so this would of been the next step, I was sure of it, but Edward was always the stubborn one out of us Cullens.

I did understand where Edward was coming from, but it always came back to the same thing. If he was going to marry her, then she needed to be changed. The way things was looking now, there would be no choice, it was that or death. I didn't want to think of the later choice cause that was still a possibility. When I had first tried helping Bella, I was thrown in the air away from her. What the hell was going on? I looked to see if Edward had thrown me out of the way, but he was still across the way with the others. That's when I realised the baby thought I was a threat to Bella. It was protecting her. As soon as Jasper used his power, I got to work on Bella and it didn't look good.

The baby had started to rip its way out of Bella, so I had given her some morphine to take away the pain. She had asked to talk to Edward, which distracted her long enough for me to assess the damage that the baby had done. I had no choice. The baby was coming one way or another so I decided it was best to do a c-section before the baby did any more damage to Bella.

As I cut Bella open, I pulled out the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. It had a different heartbeat, not as slow as Bella's, but not as fast as ours. It was like a humming bird and the blood was not so appealing to eat, but it was a pretty smell, like flowers. I had to show Bella and Edward their baby, but I could not get a word in, so I had to interrupt them.

"Bella, Edward, I would like you to meet your baby. Do you have any names picked out?" I asked.

"Edward for a boy and Elizabeth for a girl," Bella whispered, looking at Edward.

Edward just looked at Bella for a second and his eyes went right back to his baby's face. Elizabeth had been his birth mother's name and Edward his father's.

"What is it Carlisle, a boy or a girl?" Bella asked.

"Why don't you hold your baby and find out yourself?" I said with joy and passed Edward the baby to hand to Bella.