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bella's nightmare

On the night of bella's birthday things get a bit hot.Alice is planning something for her birthday but all goes terribley wrong and then there is tanya who wants edward. RATED ADULT AS THERE IS SOME FLUFF AND MAYBE VIOLENCE. COME ON GUYS 544 READ AND ONLY 3 REVIEWS THANK YOU FOR THE BANNER. BANNER MADE BY ~Kiki~(emmett_lover) [banner edited by admin - banners may not be larger than 300 x 150 pixels]


2. Chapter 2

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Bella's point of view

I got out of the shower and tried not to look in the mirror. That way, hopefully, I couldn't back out of what I was planning to do. Mostly, I was worried that Edward would reject me again. I brushed my teeth, and then placed the towel I had just used in the washing basket to be washed. With that I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom naked, and quickly closed the door behind me.

Edwards eyes popped out of he's head when he saw that I was standing against the door naked. I think, despite his best efforts, his eyes wandered all over my body. I could feel that I was blushing, but he liked when I blushed so I would use that to my advantage.

He quickly got of the bed and faced the wall so he couldn’t look at me. I knew he was losing he's self control. I could tell by his face and the expression it wore as his eyes had wandered all over my body.

All of a sudden he spoke, "Bella please put some clothes on, you are killing me and my self control." he breathing was a little ragged, but it was gaining a steady measure more quickly than I liked. I knew I had to act quickly.

“NO, Edward it's my birthday and this is what I want from you. I want you in every possible way. If you want me to come to your house later, then you will do it for me." I was really blushing now, so I walked over to him and put my arms around his waist as I moved myself around to face him so I could look into his eyes. I stood on tiptoes and pressed my lips to his and for once I felt like I was winning. The way he kissed me was like he had never kissed me before. The next thing I knew he was lowering me on my bed.

I started to pull his t-shirt up over his head. Once he realized what I was trying to do, he quickly removed it and threw it on the floor. He searched for my lips urgently until he found mine again. I started to unzip he's jeans when he stopped me and looked in my eyes. "Bella, are you sure you want to do this? I could hurt you, or worse kill you" he shuddered at that thought, seeming almost like he regained a certain consciousness, and the idea of what could come of this again.

I knew that this would eventually happen, and that he was ready to back out. But I was ready for this, "Edward, I’m ready for this. I know that you could hurt me, but I also know that you don’t want to. Therefore I know that you won’t. I trust you- just try, please. I can’t ask for more than that. We belong together, Edward.” Once I had said the words, I knew that they were true.

He seemed to know too, because he gave in. His hands were all over me while I moaned in his mouth with pleasure. I finally got around to unzipping his jeans and I slid my hand down the front of them while our lips were locked. He stopped and in a flash he was back with his lips to mine. He had removed his trousers and boxer shorts, and now we were both completely naked.

His hand went to my breast as he kissed my neck and worked his way down. Within a few seconds his mouth was on my breast and was working its way down to my belly button. His hands were on my breasts and I moved them to where I desired it the most. His mouth was on mine now; my hand was moving up and down he's erection. I pulled away, needing to catch my breath. With surprise I realized his breathing was as ragged as my own.

He asked me one more time if I was sure about this and I nodded without speaking, as I was sure my voice would break. "Are you ready? Bella, if I hurt you please tell me straight away." I just nodded. With that he balanced himself so I didn't feel he's weight and slowly entered me. We both let out a gasp; it felt so right and good to have him inside me. And a little painful, but I had expected it as I was still a virgin.

He was moving in and out slowly, and I was biting my lip so the pain didn’t show as much. But he stopped again and asked if he was hurting me. "No, Edward. Remember I’m still a virgin, so there is going to be a little pain." He seemed satisfied with my response and waited until I was comfortable again before starting to move again.

I could feel the heat building up in me as he started picking up speed. I knew we were both close to releasing the heat when all of a sudden it was too much and I started to moan. "oh my god, Edward, Edward mmmm." and with that we both let the heat leave us as our lips met.

For about half an hour I laid in he's arms with my head on he's chest. All of a sudden Edward broke the silence, "Bella, as much as I don't want to move right now, we have to. Charlie will be here in 5 minutes,” he reminded me, “I’m going to go home and get changed and I will be here soon, my love." He quickly got dressed and put his lips to mine. Then he left, jumping out of my bedroom window fluidly. I quickly got up, and I was about to get some clothes on, when I noticed something.

I walked over to the rocking chair. There, draped over it, was a beautiful dark blue dress with a noted attached to it. I sat on the bed and started to read the note, curious as to whom this was from and what the note had, scrawled in calligraphy, written on it.

My dearest Bella,
I know that you didn't want a fuss made of your birthday, no presents included.
But I saw this dress, I imagined how beautiful you would be in it, and I knew you didn't have anything new to wear.

So please, wear this tonight.
I love you.

Yours always,
Edward Cullen

After reading the note a second time, I heard Charlie pull into the driveway. I quickly got ready, the dark sapphire blue dress now on, and headed down the stairs. To my astonishment, Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table with Edward-just talking. As I entered the room, all eyes were on me, which made me blush. Edward had a smile on his face as he saw me in the dress he bought me and Charlie was shocked. "Bells, you look so beautiful. Where did you get that dress? I haven’t seen it before.” He noticed.

I blushed again, "Edward got it for me, for my birthday.” I explained quickly. “Dad I won’t be out too late, but Alice has something planned for tonight". I informed him.

Charlie turned to Edward and smiled. I then knew that Charlie was in on what was going on. He had a smug look on his face as he turned back to me and said, "Have a good evening Bells." Then he laughed at, what I was sure, the annoyed and aggravated expression that I wore on my face. God, how frustrating my father was becoming! Must everyone but me be in on everything?

Edward led me out to his Volvo while I was fuming. Then he stopped and kissed me, which took my mind off of the annoying conversation that just occurred previously. He whispered in my ear, "Bella, you look stunning. Thank you for wearing it." I wondered if I would ever stop blushing. We got into the car and Edward drove at a normal pace, fingers entwined with mine. As we drove to his house, little did I know that this would turn out to be the worst night of my life so far.