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bella's nightmare

On the night of bella's birthday things get a bit hot.Alice is planning something for her birthday but all goes terribley wrong and then there is tanya who wants edward. RATED ADULT AS THERE IS SOME FLUFF AND MAYBE VIOLENCE. COME ON GUYS 544 READ AND ONLY 3 REVIEWS THANK YOU FOR THE BANNER. BANNER MADE BY ~Kiki~(emmett_lover) [banner edited by admin - banners may not be larger than 300 x 150 pixels]


6. Chapter 6

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Bella's Point of View

I was in a world of bliss. Edward and I had made love for hours, which was amazing! – If I do say so myself. Now, I had to have my human minute. My stomach was rumbling.
I ate my breakfast and just sat there, watching Edward; he looked kind of nervous.

Edward had started to speak, but I only caught the last part.

It took me ages to realize what he had said, but still my mouth couldn't work.. Finally, I looked at him and said, "Whoa! What!?"

"Isabella Marie Swan, you are my world...my heart...my soul. I am nothing without you, will you marry me?!"

I still didn't get what he was saying, was he asking me to marry him?! "Say that again," I said.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you are my world...my heart...my soul. I am nothing without you, will you marry me?!" He was looking at me know, panic in his eyes.

"Say it again," I said.

"Bella, I love you. Will you marry me, please? God, you are killing me, say something please."

I made him say it ten times before I really heard what he was saying. I started with a smile and then burst in tears, before running into he's arms saying, "YES, YES, YES I will marry you Edward," while tear's of happiness ran down my face.

He put me down and put the most beautiful ring on my left hand. He started to speak, "I hope you don't mind, but this was my mother's ring. My father gave it to her on their engagement. It is the only thing I have left of hers. But if you don't like it, we could go and get you another one!" He was babbling now so I pushed my lips to his to silence him. He leaned in and deepened the kiss. Before long, he was pulling away, his breathing ragged.

"Edward, I love the ring and I don't want to change it." The ring was a cluster of diamonds going around the outside and in the middle was a large ruby, the shape of a heart. All we had to do now was tell everyone; Charlie was going to be the hardest person to tell."Shall we go and tell your family?" I asked.

"Bella, I need to talk to you first."

Now I was nervous; he had just asked me to marry him and now he wanted to talk. "What do you want to talk about? If it was about last night with Jasper then that was nothing. I should have been more careful, I don't blame him at all!" I said. His eyes told me something different; he was blaming himself.

"Bella, last night made me realize some things. I have choices I need to make, serious choices. And I can't rush into those choices."

I asked even though I didn’t really think I wanted to know. Could I deal with what was about to come?

"Bella, please remember I love you, but you want to be a vampire.. I need to decide whether I can do it or spend your human life with you." He paused a minute before starting again, "I'm going to go away for a couple of weeks, to make my decision. I just can't do it here. I'm selfish Bella, when I'm with you. I want you to be a vampire, so we can spend forever together. But can I risk your soul? With that, I don't know and have to decide!"

What could I say to that? After a few moments I said, "Edward, I understand what you’re saying. And yes I want to be a vampire so I can spend forever with you. I love you. And as hard as this is going to be, take as long as you need. I will wait for you. Whatever your decision, I will accept It." There was nothing more I could say to him.

"Bella, thank you. I will be going in a week and I will phone you every night. Okay?"

I knew I was going to be lonely. "Edward, one last thing. Is your family going with you on this trip?"

"No Bella, just me. The rest are staying in Forks. Can't leave my fiancée unprotected now, can we!"

Now we were both laughing even though I was angry at being babysat. At least I would have Alice to help me get through it and that helped a lot.

"That's good; at least I will have Alice to help me get through it. I will miss you so much. But please tell Alice, NO SHOPPING."

With that, there we were laughing again.

I was really happy. It felt like I had everything, all that I ever wanted. My miracle...my heart...my soul and he wanted me. Can't get any happier than that. Then I remembered we had to tell Charlie. I hoped that he wouldn't try to kill Edward. I knew that Renee would be okay with whatever I decided. I would ask Alice if she had seen Charlie and Renee's reactions.