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Twilight Remix

What if in this story Bella was the hybrid, what if bella has a relationship with the wolves, what if bella and edward come together a diffrent way, what if bellas past come back to hunt her, of twilight remix theres more than just happy endings you have to read in order to find out. People PLEASE Reviewit helps me alotpleaseR&R

Hiya People Disclamier: dont own anything but in later chapters will so far evrything is stephanies meyers

1. Different Beginning

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Edward’s Pov.

I rolled over this morning from bed. Sometimes I wish I could sleep because Emmett's booming voice called me.

"Edward were going to be late" luckily I knew what I was going to wear. I went to my closet and slipped on my blue KalvinClein jeans Alice had picked out for me and my gray Satin shirt. I opened my door and headed down the stairs.

"What took you so long" Emmett asked like he was annoyed

"Emmett what are you so excited about" I asked

"He wants to see the new girl Isabella" Rosalie informed me

Well that’s Emmett for you he is always happy when there’s a new student he likes to know what they think of us. Well it was time for us to go Alice and Jasper were coming with me in my Volvo and Emmett and Rosalie were taking her new red Porsche. We could never be to flashy in Forks especially with the population of 4,302 we originally moved to Forks because they only got about 40 sunny days out of the whole year which is a good thing for us knowing that we cant be seen in the sun. We were now in front of the school I parked the Volvo in the usual spot next to Rosalie’s Porsche when I got out of the car I notice a beautiful smell.

“Whoa Edward do you smell that?” Alice asked me with one of her maybe I’m crazy looks

“Yes, but we have to move on with our day without hurting anyone” mostly pointing fingers at Jasper. Edward you didn’t have to say that Alice thought I just ignored her and walked off to class Biology was first. I arrived at the class all the seats in here were the same, rows of two and luckily I sat alone Edward his so hot Jessica thought I just smiled at her I have to tell my friends this he just smiled at me. As I took my seat the scent came back and this time it hit me full force I immediately shot my head up then I noticed the most beautiful girl ever walked in my class.

Bella’s Pov.

As I walked in the class I noticed the kids sat in rows of two and the ceiling was really dusty they had leak damage but there was a sweet scent, but I ignored it just perfume I thought.

“Hello Miss Swan” that must be my teacher Mr. Varner

“Hi Mr. Varner” I said politely as I could

“She’s going to be a class pet” I heard a girl whisper

“Well have a seat next to… Mr. Cullen I shot my head to were he pointed and this most handsome guy was sitting were he pointed if sometimes I wish I couldn’t blush. I could feel eyes burn into my back as I walked down the aisle it always felt strange having people watch my every move. Starring at this boy I noticed he wasn’t just a normal boy he was a . . . vampire this made me jump a little. As I took my seat I noticed the scent came back and it was coming from this guy he was truly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered. Tick tock tick tock I wish it would hit lunch already . . . finally it was lunch it’s not like I would eat even though I could it just hurt. I walked in the lunch line and picked up an apple and salad just when I found a table somewhat close to the Cullens. Some boy I met today o yea Mike Newton called me.

“Bella you should come sit with us” he called toward me he was really beginning to annoy me

“Um maybe some other time” I returned

“O ok” he looked disappointed him and his teenage hormones but o well as I took my seat that’s when the gossip began.

“I heard that Bella girl already hooked up with a Cullen” some girl with blond hair said

“I heard she’s going to be our school slut” a boy whispered to his friends

“I heard this Bella girl is one of Rosalie’s cousin I’m mean Rosalie’s the only pretty one in school but she has competition” these words were eating at me alive. So to get a grip on my anger I grabbed the edge of my table for about a minute I noticed the edge of the table seem to be getting smaller and smaller I looked down

“Oops” I put a dent in it I giggled and the Cullen family shot glances at me they turned their head backs

“So has the new girl thought anything of us yet?” the biggest one of all of them asked

“Emmett knock it off and no I can’t seem to- he was cut of by the pixie like chick

“Edward She’s starring” they all turned there heads to me I quickly turned mine and Noticed a dusty old banner that said dance coming soon it looked like it was from 1998 then I turned my direction back to them.

“Well it’s not like she can hear us” Emmett said.

“Well Alice Emmett does have a point” well least I knew 3 names already.

“I guess your right but something is strange about her” she stated these vampires were all lovingly beautiful and im just something that went wrong I was a weird hybrid im glad I had powers mine were not something that could ever be duplicated ring I was out before the second ring gym was next I hurried to the locker room before anyone got there to change because when I changed it was always she’s on steroids or something weird but everything about me was beautiful to others this is were the gasps begin

Edwards Pov.

The new girl Bella walked out the locker room and every ones mouth dropped she was drop dead gorgeous I would love to see her naked one guy thought such a disgusted mine all guys wanted now a days was to be seen with a pretty girl well I wonder what the girl would play that

“Dodge ball is what you girls are playing Rosalie and Amber team captains” all the girl got nervous no one liked playing with Rosalie she was so cruel when it came to a game with weaker people than her they picked and the last to girl standing were Casey and that Bella girl

“Fine I got Bella” Amber groaned she shouldn’t be quick to judge people even though she was going to lose somehow that’s when the game begin. Coach Clapp got the balls and lined them up in a row phew he blew the whistle Rosalie just got balls and started throwing them at girls in less than five minutes it was her and Bella left each of them got five balls out of the ten no one was cheering because everyone knew Rosalie would win until she turned to pick up a ball and got hit with one thrown by Bella. Everyone looked so confused even I was the girl who hadn’t picked up a ball out of the whole game something was defiantly strange about her and this Bella stalked out the room great we have to deal with Rosalie’s attitude today that’s when Alice had a vision she was in English it was this Bella girl wrestling with a bear then her vision was over Edward something is wrong with this girl Alice thought I would agree if she could hear me

Bella’s Pov.

Today was fun in gym I beat that Rosalie girl the undefeated it was time to go I got my bag and headed for my Mercedes I was on the tar driving these student sure can drive slow but finally I hit the woods and the Cullens were behind me I swivered to the path that lead to my house they looked confused I finally arrived to my 2 story house the orange on it was fresh with the pretty gray door with flowers carved into and my two biggest windows ahh home sweet home I walked in and went straight to my room my beautiful brown room with my red bedspread and cracked window just like I left it I ran to my pretty closet I really didn’t take a interest in fashion but people still have to try to look nice. I loved coming home I got to wrestle the animals once I moved to a new place to see how most of the animals fight I found a big bear we tussled for a while and I won and it hit me when I saw a wolf I should go see Jacob so I got in my car and drove down to La push I loved going their the pack always made me feel like home I followed to wolves sent and they were at Emily’s house I loved her little yellow house I always wonder how did all those boys fit in her house before I could knock on the door Jacob was at it

“Bella” he screamed he brought me into a bear tight hug

“Jake cant breathe” we all laughed because everyone knew I didn’t need to breathe

“How did you know I was here?” I asked

“We smelled a leech” Paul said

“Actually we smelled your wonderful scent” Emily said coming from behind Jacob

“Wow do I really smell that wonderful” I asked

“No” Paul commented he and I never really got along

“Knock it off you two” Sam commanded

“Well the mutt started it” I whispered

“So Bella what brings you out here” Quill asked

“Well I got bored in Alaska so I came back 3 years is a long time” which it really was I missed them

“What were you bringing danger to the people their because face it Bella you’re a danger to all of us” he said that kind of hurt my feelings

“No and when have I been a danger to you guys not counting… well ok so maybe I am a danger but have I gotten any of you killed yet”

“No I guess not” Paul groaned

“And besides she brings all the fun” Jacob commented that was true they enjoyed fighting

“Well I got to go now I was here just to visit I’ll be back soon” I said

“Fine” Jacob grumbled I got in my car and left. I was back home now another day at school come to await me.