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Twilight Remix

What if in this story Bella was the hybrid, what if bella has a relationship with the wolves, what if bella and edward come together a diffrent way, what if bellas past come back to hunt her, of twilight remix theres more than just happy endings you have to read in order to find out. People PLEASE Reviewit helps me alotpleaseR&R

Hiya People Disclamier: dont own anything but in later chapters will so far evrything is stephanies meyers

2. Chapter 2

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Bella’s Pov

Beep beep beep ugh stupid alarm clock. Living alone gets scary sometimes and not being to wake up by yourself is tough. I walked over to my dresser and got all my toiletries grabbed my brush walked across my hall to get in the shower.

Ahh the shower I invited the warm water to my skin every morning at this moment I wonder to myself what is my purpose in this world or do I even belong. The only thing im afraid of in this world is myself. I used to be afraid of my past but I learned theirs nothing to be afraid of.

Edward’ Pov

“ ha ha” Alice laughed I noticed Alice is hiding something from me lately damn pixie.

“Alice really what is it” I begged

“Edward stop bugging me you’ll find out eventually” huh well it was time to go to anyway.

“You kids have a good day at school” Esme called her motherliness was always comforting Edward really lighten up you look dead Esme thought towards me, real funny I am dead to my damned existence

Bella’s Pov

I ran down stairs I lost track of time in the shower I jumped in my Nissan Altima Coupe. It wasn’t like all the others in the world I did some things to it. So now it reaches the speed of 100 in 10 seconds which is so awesome. Here’s another day at this boring school

“O darn it” I forgot to change back to my humanly form this was of the great things being a hybrid I can switch to a vampires for or a humans for or put them together

I would hate for people to think I’m crazy and its weird that the Volturi have heard of me but neither know who I am or where I am at the Volturi have been looking for me all my life every since they became it. Those first few years were my dark ages the years I. will. never. forget.

Edwards pov.

We arrived at the school this school needs some life Emmett thought wow sometimes he could really be a wonder I’ll never understand. I parked in the usual spot next to Rosalie

There it goes again that scent I looked across the lot there was a Nissan Altima Coupe but, no owner in it

“Edward I think jasper and I are going to take a quick hunt” Alice said as she was walking off towards the woods.

“Rosalie if your wearing some perfume it smell good” Emmett said

“Thanks Emmy but I’m not” she said a little said like she wished it was her

“Then w-

“Emmett don’t worry its just that girl Isabella”

“Well damn who knew a person could smell that good” typical Emmett well we headed off to class as the parking lot was starting to fill in with kids and their hormones

“Well I’ll see you at lunch” Alice said wait when did she get back with Jasper wow

I headed off to biology the today was the noticing experiment with partners we really didn’t like people at our house but every now and then we have to blend in as humans.

I took my appropriate seat next to Isabella that’s weird I could have sworn that she was still in the parking lot.

“Ok class today we will do the Noticing Project I will assign you partners in this project you will go to your partners house for a week and list colors food anything that takes your intrest and write it down “ Mr. Varner said

“Here are partners on this sheet also at the end of each week you will write what you have learned about their family and only good things.

Here I am looking for my partner on this sheet I hope I have Edward Jessica Stanley thought.

Isabella partner Edward what the new girl shes probably dumb as a wit ugggg

“Well I hope you find something interesting in my house” Isabella said to me

“Same here” this was going to be great just great urgg

“ You will start tomorrow class is over”