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Twilight Remix

What if in this story Bella was the hybrid, what if bella has a relationship with the wolves, what if bella and edward come together a diffrent way, what if bellas past come back to hunt her, of twilight remix theres more than just happy endings you have to read in order to find out. People PLEASE Reviewit helps me alotpleaseR&R

Hiya People Disclamier: dont own anything but in later chapters will so far evrything is stephanies meyers

4. Chapter 4

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Bella’s Pov.

Huh another long boring day at home by myself. Maybe I could go see Jake. Wait no there all out with their imprints darn. Well I know what I’ll do I cleanup up….. Well yea when this Edward dudes comes can’t blow my cover I’m sure they’ll try to hide the fact that their vampires.

But for now Ill go outside and take a dip in the lake. I absolutely love my backyard and its scenery the waterfall with its crystal clear water and all the variety of different plants the colors were just something.

Edward’s Pov

“Ooh Eddie finally bringing a girl over” gosh could Emmett be any more annoying.

“Emmett it’s an assignment for the last time” I growled Sounds like a challenge Edward Emmett thought towards me. He lunged at me just before-

“Boys take it outside” Esme yelled. Were not taking anything outside because it would take more to cleanup especially with Isabella coming over for this damn project.

“huh” Emmett tried to sound exasperated “Why are you such a stick in the mud Eddie?

“Emmett if you haven’t noticed he’s always been like that” Alice said as she came down the stairs her and Jasper hand in hand. Alice always looked at him with so much love. Who comes up with a noticing project in all my years of going to school over and over I have never heard of this it must be something new. I’m not looking forward to this.

“Wow who knew time could pass by” Rosalie looked at Emmett could they not think such horrible thoughts.

“Wow your right” Emmett clearly stated acknowledging her statement and, they headed up stairs.

“I’m going to hunt anybody want to come” mostly aiming at Alice she’s been hiding something and made with given over her full instincts I can get something out of her.

“Nope” my whole family popped the p.

Bella’s Pov.

Huh today was the day of the project and, I would have to go to a bunch of vampires house. Ok I had to admit I was a little nervous knowing the fact that they could kill me in a snap second.

Well I hoped in the shower, ahh the warm water against my skin. I love the feeling of it. Dried myself of put on a pair of grey skinny jeans my blue flats last but not least some baby blue shirt. I brushed my hair as I grabbed an apple and headed out the door jumped in my car and sped off. Crap I forgot to hunt well I hope they have human food. This should be a exciting week might as well make the most of it but their will always be this one little butterfly I cant get rid of.

First one in the parking lot well I wasn’t by myself for long the Cullen’s pulled up shortly after me. Gosh their all so beautiful I’ve been told I’m gorgeous by many people but I’m not sure if I could top them or the statement gorgeous.

School doesn’t start till 8:24 it was only 8:00 the students didn’t start to arrive until 8:15. I felt the Cullen’s’ eyes burn into my back what could they find so interesting to stare me down like their doing.

Good it was 8:15 and student started to arrive in their trucks and cars and vans. I jumped out my car with a little to much grace probably but, the students wouldn’t notice with their poor lack of judgment. Walking on the sidewalk Mike Newton spotted me as much as I tried to run without blowing my cover he caught up to me.

“Hey Bella what’s up?” He asked blushing I could hear the Cullens laughing at me what could possibly be so funny about this situation

“O…. well nothing” This was going to be a long day, I thought to myself as we started to walk of.

Edwards Pov

Mike finally found wow who knew a persons thought could be so frantic……. Wait I did I chuckled out of nothing

Emmet whispered to Rosalie, “Edward’s finally lost it” Rosalie slapped Emmett in the back of his head

“Ow” like that really hurt him I started off to biology and surprisingly Bella was there sitting looking in to the peaceful space who knew a humans features could be so angelic serene loving and most of all beautiful. Wait what am I saying?

As I approached her body went rigid as if not expecting me or caught off guard maybe now I could read her mind… humph no such luck what was different about her than all the other humans.

“Hello Bella “I sound more confused than delightfulness.

“Hello Edward” I like the way she said my name with my name, so lovely it was perfect her voice had so much warmth and all the human qualities a person could wish for just 3 times better.

Class started to fill in theses children looked a mess just awfully wrong.

“And so that’s how water h2h got its name” Mr. Varner dragged on. I wonder how this project will work out just because Alice is acting strange wont tell me about and of her visions.

Bella's Pov.

Well this project starts tommorrow yay im so excited. NOT!

"So... Edward I guess I will see you tommorrow. O wait were do you live again" I sounded like an idiot

"You can follow me in your car" He stated blanty

"Okay thanks" I was kinda hoping for a I live on blvd 23th street but no i get a you can follow me. Rude!

"Well i will see you tommorrow" that was it class was dismissed.