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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

14. Chapter 14 - Emma and Edward's Late Night Conversation

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Chapter Fourteen - Emma and Edward’s Late Night Conversation

I fell asleep before Edward returned at eleven. I rolled into his arms and he grinned. Emma, flat on the inflatable bed, was astutely unaware of his presence. That only made him smile even more.

“You can turn off your iPod.” he said lowly to her.

“She fell asleep ten minutes ago,” Emma said as she switched it off.

“She had a big day.” he smiled down at me.

“That is the truth,” Emma put her hands behind her head. “So, how have you been?”

He chuckled, “It’s only been an hour.”

“A lot can happen in an hour,” she replied.

“Touché.” Edward grinned, “I am fine. Rosalie sends her greetings by the way,”

A coy smile gently fell on Emma’s face, “Your sister is so sweet, Edward.”

“That is not the most common opinion of her,” he answered.

Emma nodded. “I know. Izzie said that most of the time she is distant. From her, at least. Can I ask you something?”

“I may not answer,”

“That’s fine. Is Rosalie shy?”

Edward was speechless for a minute. “No,” he finally stuttered out. “Quite the opposite, in fact. She is opinionated and tenacious and will let you know it.”

“That is funny. Izzie said that she did not like her too much and it was only recently that she started warming up to her.”

“Rosalie has a different opinion of Bella than most.” Edward stiffly snarled.

“I know. She is apparently jealous of Izzie’s humanity. I understand and agree, to a certain extent. I am jealous of Izzie, a little bit.” Emma said.

“Why?” Edward asked.

“Because, she is a human. She hasn’t been elevated to this life,” she answered.

“Elevated to this life. You make it sound like an honor,”

“It is, in a strange way. Technically, vampires,” Emma still had some trouble with the word, “Are a higher species than humans. We are faster, have better hearing, looks, voices and incredible memories. Plus, we are immune to disease, time and war. Most humans would trade anything to be immortal.”

“Most don’t realize the consequences that go along with immortality. No sleep. No eating. The constant fear of being discovered or becoming a monster.” Edward sneered.

“Every one, human, vampire, werewolf or any other mythological thingy, we all have the chance to become a monster. To give in to our primal wants and do what we want without care. It is a decision to not. That is what humanity is, after all. Living to make sure that we never succumb to the evil inside of us.” Emma responded.

“True. But immortality, being a vampire is not all that Bella thinks it is.”

“Nothing ever is. But Izzie wants it. I know.” Emma said firmly.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“Just listen whenever she talks about it. All she wants, Edward, is to spend the rest of eternity by your side. She loves you more than anything else in this world, herself included.”

“I can’t damn her to this life. I can’t put her through that pain. I won’t.” Edward tried to boost up his resolve rather than change Emma’s mind.

“But you already have.” Emma whispered.

Edward looked appalled. “No! I haven’t!” He declared.

“Yes, you have. Every day that you were gone, every day that you let pass with her thinking that you did not love her any more, that was more hell than anything else. No pain will ever be so great as that.

“You will have to change her eventually. You won’t let her die. Even if she is eighty-eight when you decide to, you won’t let her die. She will hate you then, if you make her old for the rest of eternity. Edward, if you don’t change her and she dies, you will never feel better. Your heart will drop off the earth. You won’t be able to kill yourself. You will just have to roam, forever lost the abyss of pain. It won’t end. You will want it to, try to move on, maybe. But it won’t work. No matter what you do, nothing will make it go away. You might be able to minimize it for brief periods. If you are lucky, you might forget about it for a while. But it will come back, it always comes back. It is like this living hole inside of you that gets bigger with each breath passing. It keeps growing until it consumes you and you wallow in misery, never forgetting his face. You would do anything to save him, to keep the two of you together. In the end, there will be no way to save him. He is gone, and never coming back.” Emma’s small shoulders shook.

Edward let me go and kneeled beside Emma. He awkwardly hugged her. “You speak from personal experience?”

“Yes. His name was Logan.” she whimpered.

“If you love him so much and he feels the same way, why not offer to change him?” Edward suggested.

“It will never work.”

“Carlisle can change him, if you don’t think that you have the strength.” Edward offered.

“You can’t resurrect someone from the dead,” she whispered.

“He’s dead?”

“Yes. Two years ago.” Emma told him.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I did not know.” Edward started to apologize.

“Sshh. It is okay. You didn’t know. Trust me, Edward. I am speaking from personal experience. This hurts like hell and it will never end. Do not set yourself up for eternal misery. I am in eternal damnation, not you, not yet. You will be, if something happens to Izzie. Change her. Change her now.” Emma implored him.

Edward’s beautiful eyes softened. He could see Emma’s pain. He knew that she was right. Her pain was not one that should be shared. “You are right. I always knew that I would have to change Bella. I can’t help but not want to. It is for selfish reasons. I love her blush, I love to catch her when she falls, I love the way her heart races every time I look at her, I love holding her when she sleeps. I don’t want to give that yet.”

“You won’t have to give up everything. She will still be a little clumsy. She wants me to teach her how to meditate. That is sort of like sleeping. You can hold her when she goes into trance,” Emma offered.

Edward’s eyebrows shot up. “You meditate?”

“Yep.” Emma nodded.

“That is interesting,” Edward told her.

Emma shrugged, “Everything is interesting. It is all how you look at it.”

Edward grimaced. “Are you always so chipper?”

“More so, usually.” she answered.

“Great,” Edward rolled his eyes and shuddered.

Emma playfully smacked him “Go lay back down to your woman,”

“Girlfriend,” Edward corrected as he scooped me back up into his arms.


Emma rolled onto her side, “Good night, Edward.”

“What are you doing?” he asked, curious.

“Meditating. Shut up.”

“Oh. Good night.” He chuckled. “That is the first time that I have said that to somebody in a long time.”

“What about Izzie?”

“I don’t think that I have ever said it. We normally just talk until she falls asleep.” he replied.

“What about when you kiss her good night in front of Charlie. Don’t you always wish her a good night?” inquired Emma from her side.

Edward thought about it, “Yes, I do.”

“Then there you go. You tell Izzie good night all the time,” Emma said.

“Why do you call her Izzie?”

“Because when I knew her, she was Izzie, not Bella. It is okay with her if I keep up the Izzie, so I do. It would be like going by Edward for however many years and then turning around and going by Jimmy or something. Would you expect Izzie, Alice, Jasper or Carlisle to call you by any other name?” she explained.

“No. I guess not,” he answered.

“There you go. I can’t simply change her names. It would be rather difficult.”

“I see. What was she like when ever she was younger?”

“Much like she is now. She was kind and sweet and incredibly shy. She was not so easily embarrassed back then. I cannot remember her blushing. She was still clumsy. She fell going up the stairs three times at once. I will never forget that. She was pumped up on Mountain Dew and started going too fast. It was really funny. She was stubborn back then. She knew what she wanted and damned be whatever got in her way. It was very nice.” Emma said.

“She still is stubborn, but in a sly way,”

Emma nodded, “I can see that. Edward?”


“Shut up,”

Edward held me through the night. I woke up to see his smiling face and I smiled back.