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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

16. Chapter 16 - The Cause

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Chapter Sixteen - The Cause

Carlisle came home around six that night. We were all laughing in the den. Edward and Emma were both on the piano bench, having a war to determine who was better. Much to Edward’s eternal embarrassment and chagrin, Emma was winning. Edward could play the piano faster, but Emma’s dexterous fingers could reach keys and play them simultaneously that Edward could not do.

His brow was furrowed in concentration as he played a furious and difficult piece. Emma’s lower lip jutted out as did her tongue and she closed her eyes in concentration as she tried to mimic it. It ws close, but not perfect. Edward grinned in his momentary victory before he scowled.

It was Emma’s turn and she played it all in low tones, then repeated it and matched in with higher keys. Edward did it, almost perfect. However, his stronger and quick fingers could not reach one key and play it at the same time as another. He grimaced.

“What is going on?” Carlisle asked.

“A battle of the pianist!” Emmett sniggered.

Edward and Emma simultaneously rolled their eyes. “So mature,” Edward muttered.

“I was going to ask you if you all wanted to go see a movie tonight, but I do believe that you are having to much fun,” Carlisle teased.

“What movie, dear?” Esme asked.

“The new Harry Potter. Lois took her two boys to see it midnight Tuesday. She said that they absolutely adored it.” he answered.

“That sounds like fun,” Esme smiled.

“Yeah! I love those books!” Emmett pumped his fist in the air.

Emma looked at Emmett calculatingly. “Hmm,”

He blinked, “What?”

She shrugged, “It’s nothing. I just did not know that you could read,”

Emmett’s face fell. Rosalie’s beautiful laughter rippled throughout the room. Alice and Jasper joined in. Soon, everyone laughed at Emmett’s expense. He glared at Emma.

“That was not funny.”

“Yes, it was,” Jasper pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

Emmett glared at Jasper who held his hands up, “What? I am not going to lie to you.”

“Oh, shut up,” he snapped.

“Well, would you kids like to go?” Carlisle asked.

Affirmative answers echoed through the room. Carlisle looked at Emma and I, who had remained silent. “What about you two?”

“Sure,” I answered with a small smile.

Emma nodded. “That sounds like it would be a lot of fun,”

Carlisle smiled. “That is great. It starts at five-thirty.”

Esme checked her watch. “It is four forty-five, now.”

“We better be going, then.” Carlisle said.

Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett and Emma climbed into Carlisle’s Mercedes. Edward and I took shotgun in his Volvo, with Alice and Jasper in the back seat. Edward drove like a maniac. Nothing unusual about that; I was the only one who thought that he was going too fast. I wisely did not vocalize this thought.

When we arrived in Port Angeles, Edward went through the drive-thru at Arby’s and got me roast beef sandwich. I happily munched on it and the spicy curly fries as we were forced to drive at a more human speed to the theater.

“Did you guys ever think about getting a van?” Emma asked as we qued up to buy tickets.

“Vans are so for married couples,” Alice wrinkled her nose.

Emma gave her a look and she looked sheepish.

“Married people with children,” she clarified.

Emma blinked.

“I have the tickets, let us go on in,” Carlisle called us over.

“Coming!” Alice sang.

“I have wanted to see this movie ever since I read the books!” Emma gushed.

Alice bobbed her head, “Me too! Jasper,” she threw her husband a look, “Does not like them. He says that they don’t go along with the stories enough. Therefore, they are a waste of money. I feel differently,”

Jasper blew her an obvious kiss. She rolled her eyes but was pleased.

“They do veer far off track, but, I still just HAVE to see them,” Emma answered.

“You girls are odd,” Rosalie teased from behind.

“We are not! Are we, Izzie? You like them too, don’t you?” Emma asked me.

I nodded. “They are a viewing pleasure,” I said with sarcasm.

Rosalie smirked. I couldn’t help it, I finished by saying that I absolutely adored Daniel Radcliffe and his nice body. Emma knew what I was doing and played along perfectly. As we walked, we giggled about him and his “wonderful” acting abilities. Alice picked up and gave her input. Rupert Grint, a.k.a., Ron, was such a heartthrob. Rosalie had to say that she preferred Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) was more her tastes.

As we took our seats, the boys were all menacingly growling at everyone who so much as looked our way. Esme chided us like a mother would.

“I can’t believe you girls,” She whispered, “That was a horrible thing to do,”

“But really funny,” Emma wagged her eyebrows.

“And entertaining,” added Alice.

Esme shook her head, “I know. I almost wish that I had done something like that to Carlisle,”

Emma giggled, “Just make a passing remark that those two rambunctious Weasley twins have certainly turned out into quite handsome young men,”

Esme put her hand over her mouth. Her topaz eyes danced merrily, “That would send him over the edge,”

“The funny part is, it is obviously a fake admiration,” Emma started.

“And they believe it!” I finished.

We giggled.

“That is the truth,” Rosalie murmured.

“The movie is starting,” Alice pointed to the screen.

We all relaxed and started to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

We left the theater, smiling and talking about the movie.

“It was so cool!” Emmett and Edward started hashing out the battle at the Department of Mysteries scene by scene. They even had invisible wands and were shouting out the spells.

“My favorite part was when we first saw Umbridge! I really hate that toad!” Edward exclaimed.

“Isn’t she simply evil?” Emmett yelled, “And got her comeuppance. That was AWE-some! Ooh! And I liked the DA meetings!”

“Me, too! And the battle at the Department of Mysteries! That really did not go along with the book.”

“I told you, it was going to be a complete waste of your money,” Jasper said from the sidelines.

“It was not!” Emmett said aghast.

“Whatever you say, bro,” Jasper shook his head.

Emmett glared at him, “Your wife certainly seemed to enjoy it.”

“So did yours!”

“Low blow!”

“You were the first one to hit there!”

“So? You can’t come up with anything more original?”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“You should!”


Edward pointed his invisible wand at the two of them. Jasper and Emmett looked at Edward. Simultaneously, the three started to laugh. They laughed so hard that we had to stop walking for a moment.

“So… so… so,” Edward breathed. He could not talk.

“Phooooney!” Emmett gasped out.

“L… le…… le ………” Jasper laughed.

Edward opened his mouth to talk. However, no sound came out. Only laughter.

“Fun, fun- fun.” Emmett did not give up on talking.

Finally, Edward regained part of his wits. “Ah ah ah,” he wagged his finger at Emmett and Jasper, “You two aren’t supposed to be making any noise.”

This threw them into another fit of laughter. Emmett was on the street, clutching his stomach, he was laughing so hard. I started to laugh. Not at what Edward had said, but at their antics in general. They were being such boys.

All of our merriment stopped when Jasper screamed out in agony. He was on the ground, clutching his torso. Alice squealed and dropped down to his side.

“Jasper?” she cried.

“Who’s is pain?” he gasped out.

We all turned to look at each other. Esme’s lips were pressed together in worry. Edward was suddenly behind me, holding me tight. Rosalie was lifting Emmett off the ground. Emma was- Where was Emma? I looked around.

Carlisle was kneeling beside her, not five feet away. She was writhing and twisting. Her eyes were wide opened. However, they were rolled back into her head, leaving only the white, red veined part showing. The sight made me sick. Her lips were pressed tightly together as she tried to not scream.

She thrashed about violently. Carlisle winced as she strong arm contacted his stomach.

“Emma!” I tried to run to her.

Edward held me back, “No! She could hurt you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Somebody help her!” I cried.

Emmett crouched on her other side and held her down. He grunted in pain as she hit and kicked him. Jasper was still clutching his stomach, on the ground.

“I’ve never felt such pin,” he grunted.

M bones were starting to hurt. It was like someone was stabbing them with millions of needles. Everyone was grimacing with pain. Jasper was unwittingly using his power. We all felt a microscopic portion of what Emma did.

“Emmett, get Emma to the car,” Carlisle ordered with a twisted face.

Emmett nodded. He along with Rosalie, took a silently sobbing Emma to the Mercedes.

As they left, Carlisle asked Jasper, “Are you all right?”

Jasper nodded slowly, still holding himself, “Better now that she is gone,”

“What happened?” Alice lovingly asked her husband as she held him.

“I have no idea,” Carlisle said regretfully.

“I tried to read her mind. There was nothing. Just nonsense,” Edward offered.

I perked up, “Nonsense?”

Edward nodded.

“What did she think?”

“Colors. Blue, green, brown, yellow. She finally settled on topaz and started screaming it in her mind.” Edward looked down at me intently.

“Blue, red, changing colors,” I muttered, puzzled. I remembered Emma’s words from the night before. Was it the same thing? she had been talking about eye color then. The color what, then?

“What is it, Bella?” Carlisle gently asked me.

“That sounds like something she said last night, “ I responded.

Carlisle looked at me sharply. “Are you saying that she has had episodes like this before?”

I quickly shook my head, “No. Last night, we were talking and she was upset. She started to sob and talked about someone coming.”

“Who?” Edward demanded, immediately by my side.

“She did not know. She did not even know what she looked like,” I shrugged, knowing that that would not help.

“She?” Edward looked at me sharply.

“Carlisle cut him off, “What else did she say, Bella?”

I thought back, “Demon, Harlot and angel; never looks the same twice, blues eyes, red eyes. She talked about things, memories, feelings that were not hers. She kept saying that whoever she is is coming for me.:

“This woman is coming for Emma?” Esme gasped.

I shook my head, completely aware of how self-centered it sounded. “No. Coming for me. She said my name specifically.”

Edward snarled and nearly crushed me against his chest. “She won’t get you!”

“I know,” I whispered into his black shirt.

“Never the less,” Carlisle said, “We should probably leave.”

“Forks?” I gasped, tears unbiddingly rising in my eyes.

Edward hugged me even tighter.

“Fear not, Bella. You are coming as well,” Carlisle tried to soothe me.

Of course I was. Had I not been inducted into the family? My epiphany. Had I already forgotten it?

“What about Charlie?” I asked, slightly crying.

“He will be fine. As soon as you are gone, I doubt whoever this woman is will linger.”

“We will tell him that we are going on vacation.” Alice piped up.

“Or,” Edward’s suggestion broke the silence that had started to settle in the early night, “We could tell him the truth.”

Everything wen still. No care drove by. No birds sang; no crickets chirped. We all looked at Edward like he was a lunatic.

“But… but… but…” I protested without words.

“Bella, he has a right to know.” Edward said softly. “It is now or never. If you don’t tell him, then we will have to stage your death eventually”

“That would hurt him more than anything.” I gasped.

Edward nodded, “I know.”

“It is your choice, Bella. “ Carlisle said, “Whatever you chose, we will be right behind you.”

“What about the Volturi?” I asked.

“I doubt that they have ever given Charlie a thought.” Jasper said from the pavement.

“I think that you should tell Charlie.” Alice gave her input, “He will take it well,”

“You don’t want to cut him out of your life, do you?” Edward asked me.

I shook my head not. “I don’t,”

“Then you should tell him.”

“Besides, don’t you want him to walk you down the isle?” Alice smirked.

I blushed.