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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

20. Chapter 20 - Stone Angel

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Chapter Twenty - Stone Angel

It was another overcast day. The gray sky did not hold any rain, just emotion. Emotions like pain, agony, loneliness, endurance and remorse. The tall, green leafed trees that once gave a cheery presence now stood tall, monuments to the death that had moved in. We all stood beside the cast iron rail enclosing the cemetery. Emma and Logan needed a moment a lone. I wished that I could have heard what she would say when she told him good bye. I never would ask. This was private. Even Edward knew that. His mind would remain within its own boundaries today.

The beautiful vampire slowly walked up to the grave. It was not just any grave. It was his grave. She walked slower than any human. It was this moment that she dreaded more than anything. This was pain, she realized, not the transformation. The transformation was nothing. It was like a prick on the finger. Standing there, looking at the spot where his body would lie for eternity. That was pain.

It was almost just as painful as the spot left clear for her. Everyone assumed that when she died, she would be buried next to him. She had never said verbally that those were her wishes. She did not have to. They just knew. The knowledge that she would never be put there was just as painful as his death.

Emma collapsed to the ground and sobbed. Her tiny shoulders wracked back and forth. It hurt even more that she could not cry any tears for him. He deserved them. She looked up, seeing his grave for the first time. After he died, she could not bring herself to come see him in his final resting place. She bit back a choked laugh. He had always told her that she was brave; that he loved her courage. She was a coward. She could not come to see off her lover, her friend, her all. She had watched him be buried and then left. She had never gotten to say good bye.

There was a stone angel, standing watch over him. That made her happy. It sat on granite platform, its sculpted arms stretched out, welcomingly. Beneath in, inscribed on the box platform, read his name.

Logan Jackson Asher.
April 1, 1988 - May 22, 2005
May your memory live on forever in our hearts.
We love you.

Emma started to sob all over again. She knew that she would have to talk to him, to sort out her feelings, to let him know how angry she was, how much she hated him. How much she loved him. How much she missed him. Standing, she walked over to him, shaking uncontrolably.

“Hey,” she said uncertainly, “Long time no see, huh? Logan…… oh Logan Logan Logan. You are gone. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.

“You left me! Why, Logan? How could you? You were my all, my rock, my man! You promised me that you wouldn’t and you still did. Dammit, Logan. How could you?

“Every time I think of you, I hate you so more and more. Oh god, I hate you. The worst part is that the more I hate you, the more I love you. I love you so much. So damn much.

“I know that I might not have acted like. You would think that if I did, I would have come and visited more. I am sorry. I could not come. I couldn’t bear to see you again. I still can’t.

“The real reason, Logan, that I am here, is to say goodbye. Good bye forever. I won’t be coming again. I won’t be seeing you again, until after judgment day. I promised you when you left that I would see you soon. I know that I am breaking it, but you broke yours, so we are even.

“I am a vampire. As crazy as it sounds, it is true. Vampires don’t age. We don’t die. We don’t sleep. We don’t even eat.

“It is okay if you do not believe me. I have trouble believing it sometimes, too.

“So, this is the end, Logan. This is good bye. Gosh, I miss you so much. If you were here, you would make sense of it all. You would still love me. You might even persuade me to change you. Hell, if you were still here, I would not even be a vampire.

“But, I am. And you are not here. You are in a far better place and I praise God in Heaven high every day that you are. But, I can’t help but miss you. I can’t help but love you. I will always love you. You are my one and my only, my rock and my shelter, my husband and lover. Be safe and think of me every once in a while.

“I still think of you. I still have the ring you gave me. I don’t wear it around the Cullens or Izzie. They would not understand. I haven’t worn it since I was changed. The Emma you fell in love with died that night. I am a new Emma. This Emma is not fit to wear your ring. I am too much of a monster to be worthy of an angel like you.

“I can’t keep doing this, Logan. I can’t keep talking. Every word kills me over and over again. I want to stop, but the words just keep coming. I need to tell you every thing, but everything is tainted. It would only soil you stainless soul.

“I love you, Logan. No matter what I do or say, only you have my heart. I love you and, I hope, that someday, you might love me a little bit, too. Good bye.”

Emma stood on her tip toes. She kissed the lips of the angel, who’s chiseled face was carved to replicated Logan’s. She turned on her heel, sobbing, and ran, leaving her heart and soul behind, in the angel’s hands. Then she knew that she would never love another. There would be no healing, no moving on. Not until the angel she loved was moving on beside her.

We drove to Emma’s house in silence. She was alone, in her Saleen. No body wanted to talk about anything. Emma led the way, pulling into the familiar trailer park. We had come to do two things. One was to see if her mother could remember anything about this shape-shifter. The other was to give Marty a stern warning. Emma did not know about the second part.

The lot was full of cars. I wondered what was going on. Several teenagers and their parents were sitting outside. I saw a large banner that read “WELCOME HOME, BRANDON!”

Brandon. Emma’s older brother. I had forgotten. She said that he was in Iraq. All of the people stopped when the six expensive cars pulled into the lot. We felt it appropriate to let Emma step out first.

She opened the Saleen’s door and walked to the crowd.

“Emma?” a tall, dark skinned boy with Emma’s color of hair said from the group.

“Bran!” Emma smiled.

Her brother ran to her and threw his arms around her. “Emma!” he picked her up and spun her around, “You came back!”

“You did not think that I would forget, did you?” she squealed.

“I was beginning to! Who are they?” he asked when he saw us, standing there.

“Oh! This is my c… college mates.” Emma almost made a slip. She almost said coven.

Bran smiled brightly. He looked so much like Emma. “How are you doing?”

“Just fine. I am Edward.” Edward nodded.

“I am Alice and this is my husband, Jasper,” Alice introduced her and Jasper.

“This is my Rosalie,” Emmett wrapped an arm around his wife. Rose smiled and said, “This is my darling Emmett,”

“I am Esme,”

“And I am Carlisle,”

The head of the family intertwined hands.

“Izzie Swan?” Bran crunched his eyes after he nodded to the Cullens.

I blushed, “The one and the same.”

“Hey! I haven’t seen you in forever!” He gave me a big bear hug.

“I know! How are you? Are you all right?” I asked him, hugging him back. Bran had been like a brother during my formative years.

“I am fine. Much better than excellent now that I am back home.”

“Bran? Sweetie, what is all of the commotion?” a familiar woman opened the double wide’s door. Charlatty Jewell looked down and saw her daughter, “Emma?”

Emma smiled, “Hello, Mam,”

“Emma!” Charlatty rushed down the three stairs and hugged her daughter. “Is that Izzie Swan?”

I grinned, “Yes, Charlatty Mam.” I quickly adapted to the slang of the region. It was as if I had never left. I had always called Charlatty Jewell Charlatty Mam, and Emma called Renee Renee Mam. We had had two mothers. No fathers. We were almost twins in our primary years.

I hugged Charlatty. “It is so good to see you,”

“Come in, come in,” Charlatty ushered us all in, giving the Cullens and our expensive cars an appraising look.

Edward and I were at the back of the line. I took his hand and started to pull him foreword. A low snarl escaped his lips. I stopped and gave him a quizzical look.

“What was that for?”

He did not answer me with words. Instead, my angel leaned down and kissed me. It was a slow, lingering kiss that still left my lips tingling after. I touched them. They were swelling.

“What was that for?” I repeated, talking about a completely different event.

“There are some boys,” he emphasized the word, “Over there that think that they may have a chance at winning your heart. I just needed to tell them otherwise.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah. Like I would ever give any one them a second glance.”

“They certainly hope so.” he glared at them.

I held my hand and my ring aloft, “They can hope all they want. It will not ever come true. It is your ring that I am wearing, you know.”

Edward took my warm hand in his cold one and pressed it to his lips before holding it by our sides. “I love you,”

“I love you,” I smiled at him and his icy hand beautifully intertwined with mine.

I lead him up the three and a half steps into the trailer. Emma, who had held the door open for every one else, followed, closing it with a soft click. There was not enough seats for us all, so I offered silently to sit on Edward’s lap. Emma took a piece of floor near Rosalie’s feet.

“There, just like old times,” Charlatty smiled from the fold out chair. She pointed to the Cullens, “Now who are you?”

Introductions went around. I smiled and introduced Edward as my fiancee. Bran sniggered and his mother smacked him after she recovered from her shock.

“You are going to have your hands full, dude.” Bran warned Edward.

“I already do,” Edward replied dryly.

“I am Charlatty Stone. You already know my daughter Emma. This is my oldest son, Brandon. He just came home from Iraq.” Charlatty patted her son’s broad shoulder.

My head flew up, “Oldest?” I asked.

“Mam! Everett broke my Optimus Prime transformer!” A little boy with carmel hair ran into the room. He was clutching three pieces of a red and blue action figure. Little tears ran down his cheeks.

“No! I did not! Alex broke MY Megatron transformer!” His identical twin ran in, holding a black one.

“Uh-huh! He is lying, Mam! His stupid Megatron fell apart after my Optimus Prime attacked him!” Alex pointed his finger at Everett.

“Megatron is not stupid! He is awesome and has really cool attacks! Optimus Prime is the bad one! He fell apart when I did a slashing attack! Yours is just plain old weak, Alex.” Everett defended his own, broken toy.

“Both of you! Stop!” ordered Charlatty, “I thought I told you that you were not allowed to attack each other with the transformers any more!”

“Yes Mam, but-”

“Don’t you but me, Alex Jewell. Go put your toys away. We can try to fix them tomorrow.” Charlatty told her two boys.

“Why not now?” Everett stomped his foot.

“Because, right now we have company.” Charlatty patiently explained.

The twins turned simultaneous and saw us for the first time. Their dark brown eyes widened in surprise.

“Vampires!” Alex shouted.

“Emma!” Everett exclaimed.

Before any one could respond, the twins turned and faced each other. They spoke in only the mental way twins could.

“Emma!” Alex shouted.

“Vampires!” Everett exclaimed.

“Okay, we have got to work on this,” Alex told his twin.

“I agree. Perhaps we are not as good at this as we thought,” Everett agreed before running over to Emma. “Emma!”

“Emma!” Alex jumped onto his sister.

“Hey baby dolls. How are you?” she laughed.

“Emma, why are you with vampires?” one, Everett, I think, pulled back and asked his sister with blinking eyes.

“Vampires?” Emma laughed. There was an uneasy edge to her voice, “Have you been watching scary movies again?”

“Maybe?” Alex smiled like he had been caught with his hand in the cookies.

“You two,” Emma shook her head. “Go put your toys up,”


They ran off.

Charlatty shook her head, embarrassed. “I am sorry about that. They watched Salem’s Lot last week on TNT and now they think that every one is a vampire. They attacked the mailman with garlic and badmitton stakes.”

“It is all right,” Carlisle said.

We all let out a sigh of relief. We were not caught.

“How have you been, dear? Have you moved into the dorms already?” Charlatty asked with a strained smile.

“Yes, Mam.” Emma grinned at her mother, “They are awful nice.”

“Are they like home? Just as nice?”

“They have the basic comforts,” Edward, who had gone to college and lived in a dorm, answered.

“Are you going to the University to?”

Edward did not lie because he was supposed to attend a university. Just not the one in Washington. “Yes, Mrs. Stone.”

“Do you know what you will be majoring in?” she asked.

“Medicine,” he answered.

Before the prying woman could continue her interrogation, Carlisle interrupted. “Son, why don’t you take your sisters outside. I need to talk with Mrs. Stone,”

“Sure thing, Dad,” Edward stood up and swung me effortlessly onto his back. I laughed.

“Oh don’t be such a show off, Edward,” Rosalie rolled her eyes and stood before helping Emma up.

As we filed out, I heard Charlatty Mam go to Carlisle and Esme, “You are their parents?”

“Yes, Mrs. Stone. We are their adopted parents.” Esme answered.

The rest of the conversation was lost to the incessant idle chatter outside. The sun had set and several campfires were lit. Some people were roasting marshmallows and making smores. Emma looked on, jealous. Being the wonderful best friend that I was, I asked Bran if I could make one. He nodded and ushered me away from Edward to the group of people making smores.

There was music playing loudly from a nearby radio perched on a set of stairs. People sat around and talked. It was all so familiar. I remembered when I was a little girl, Emma and I would run around. We would eat marshmallows until we were sick and then we would dance on the sidelines, afraid to mess up the big kids fun. Now, I was a big kid and the children of the lot were running between my legs, taking care to stay out of my way.

Emma and Alice came to sit on either side of me. Rosalie had drug Emmett out to the marked off dance space. Jasper and Edward lingered near the door, listening to the conversation inside the double wide. Soon, several older boys, near Bran’s age came over.

“Hey. Mind if we sit?”

We shook our heads no and went back to staring at the fire.

“I am Dave. This is Jim and Will.” the one continued.

“I am Alice. That is Bella and she is Emma.” ALice gestured to us.

“You are Bran’s little sister?” Will asked Emma.

Emma nodded.

“He mentioned you all the time. I am sorry about your fiancee.” Dave said.

“Thanks,” Emma muttered.

Alice and I exchanged a look. Fiancee? I had known that they were in love, but I did not know that they were engaged. Emma looked desolately at me and Alice. She had never meant for us to know, I realized. It made me feel betrayed. At the same time, I understood why she had not told us.

“Would you like to dance?” Dave asked me.

I looked at Edward. He was muttering with Jasper, still near the door. He was not coming over. He would not want to dance to the new “hip” music. I glanced at Alice. She nodded and I grinned.

“Sure. I do not think that my fiancee would mind.” I made it clear that I was unavailable.

Dave grinned, “I hope that my girl does not, either.”

I grinned, relieved. He was all ready with some one. This was just for fun. I relaxed. I could have fun without worrying about upsetting Edward. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alice with Jim and Emma with Will. We were all dancing to the new Maroon 5 song. Rosalie and Emmett were near us. Rosalie gave me a curious look and I shrugged and nodded my head toward Edward. She rolled her eyes and refocused on Emmett.

On the third song, Edward finally noticed that I was dancing with another man. His beautiful eyes narrowed as Dave spun me around. A laugh escaped my lips. I immediately blushed. He would have heard it. Edward nudged Jasper and he pointed to us, then to Alice and Jim. Jasper's eyes turned just as dark as Edward’s. It was a slow song. we were all closer to each other than we would have normally been.

The song was Stupid Boy by Keith Urban. Dave sung the words in his surprisingly talented voice. I smiled. He was so nice. He was in love with a girl named Katie back in Iowa. He was leaving for his hometown in the morning. The first thing that he was going to do was to drop down on one knee and ask her to marry him. The war had put life in perspective for him. Katie was the most important thing and he wanted to keep her with him forever.

Edward was coming to us, making his way through the throng of people. My favorite part of the song was on.

“Ooh, you always had to be right. Now you have lost the only thing that ever made you feel alive! You stupid boy!” Keith Urban’s gruff voice came out the speakers.

I blushed as Dave spun me around. Edward stopped and watched. Jasper kept going until he cut in and twirled Alice off. Jim stood were they left him, speechless.

Dave finished the song with me before smiling. “I think that your fiancee wants the next dance.”

I grinned like it was the first time that I had seen Edward. “You are probably right. Thanks for dancing with me.”

Dave smiled, “No problem. Now go, he is waiting.”

I skipped over to Edward who kissed me.

“What was that?” he asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Dancing with him? Were you trying to make me jealous?”

I looked deep into his eyes. I was surprised. He was jealous. I shook my head, “You looked like you and Jasper were having an important session of eavesdropping. I did not want to disturb you.”

Edward looked sheepish. “It was important, but not as important as you.”

I blushed.

He grinned, “May I have this next dance?”

“Of course,” I smiled as he took my hand.

Two songs later, he kissed my forehead. “Why is Emma knocking on the door of her house?” I mused.

“Are you having fun?” Emma bound up beside me.

I turned, startled, “Emma?”

She nodded.

“Then who--”

“Alice! Jasper! Rosalie! Emmett! Get to the trailer!” Edward said. He knew that they would hear him with their very keen hearing, despite the loud music.

Emma ran first, shoving her way through the many people. We all ran up the stairs and into the double wide.

Inside was a wreck. Charlatty and the twins were on the floor. Charlatty was paler than Edward and her two brave boys had fainted. Bran was pinned under the upturned sofa. Carlisle lay on the ground sobbing.

“Carlisle!” Edward ran over to his father, “What is wrong? Where is Esme?”

“She took her!” Carlisle sobbed.

“Who?” Alice shrieked. “What happened?”

“Andromeda. She …… she took Esme. Esme is gone. Forever.”