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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

28. Chapter One - Beautiful

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Prologue - She turned, her brown hair flowing out behind her head. Its length still astounded him. Her amber eyes flew open in shock and surprise. Her beautiful face lit up into a smile when she realized who it was. Her lush lips parted as she welcomed him in a voice that he thought he would never hear again. He sat beside her, the hot sunlight reflecting off both their pale skins brightly. Diamonds danced all around them, competing with her beauty. In his mind, they all failed, paling in comparison to the radiant light that encompassed her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, smiling. “I love you,” she whispered. He fought the urge to stiffen. He could not bear to hurt his angel again. He had already broken her heart twice and he would be trying to make up for the rest of eternity. “Really? Even after everything that I did? That I did to you?” “I have told you, I do not hate you for changing me. I love you even more because of it,” she sighed deeply with content. “I still have trouble believing that. I have damned you for eternity. All I could think about was myself. I am a monster.” “No, you are not. I got what I wanted, which was to be by your side forever. Now, I can be. I love you, and nothing is going to change that.” He looked down at his wedding band. Yes, he silently promised his wife, nothing was going to change their love. No matter what came their way. Chapter One - Beautiful She let out a deep breath. Like she needed to breath? She did not, but it did calm her down. She could not believe how nervous she was! She was meeting his parents for the first time! “May I help you?” an robotized voice said from the speaker. “Emma Jewell. I am here to see Brian Seaton,” she said into the microphone. “One moment please,” the voice said. A moment later, the two twisted iron gates creaked open. Ema thought that people with so much blatant wealth could afford to oil their pretentious gates. Maybe having a butler manning the gates took away from that particular fund, she mused to herself as she pulled her car into the stone drive. It was not just any car, mind you, but a new 2003 Saleen S7. The Cullens, God bless their wonderful souls, had given it to her as a welcome to the family present. The fact that they had given her a car spoke volumes of their generosity and their kindness. But, the fact that it was a new Saleen S7, one of the ten most expensive cars in the worlds, was even bigger. It floored her that one family could be so nice. The Cullens were. She felt so honored that they were starting to see her as one of their own. Carlisle and Esme were so sweet and beautiful together. In the short time that she had been there, Emma had grown to love all of them so much. Especially Edward. He was a handsome young man. Well, handsome older gentleman. It warmed her still-beating heart to see how much he loved Izzie. Emma wished them both prosperity and happy years together. Love like that should never be stopped. When Brian had first invited her to the cocktail party, she had did have her reservations. This was to be the first time that she had ever met any of his family or friends, besides Alex. If things went well, that would mean that she would have to bring him to Forks and introduce her new family. She was not yet sure about how she would go about that. She could introduce them as vampires. That would not go over well. She most certainly was not going to take him to South Dakota. No way, there. Emma shrugged her shoulders and put her thoughts away to ponder over later. She stepped out of the car and wondered why a family felt the need to have a drive way the size of a parking lot. It was nearly full. How many people were coming? Rosalie had helped her get ready. They had gone out and purchased a sleek maroon halter cocktail dress. It fit her wonderfully, clinging to her tiny waist then flaring out around her hips. We had found a nail polish that matched it exactly. It went well with the skinny black stilettos that she was some how wearing. She did not complain, she was rather taken by them. Her hair had been curled and now hung down her back in waves. She had already spit out her gum, which she chewed more out of habbit than need, smoothed out the non existent folds in her dress. She was ready. Emma walked confidently up the stone steps, smiling as some one held open the door for her. It took Emma less than a second to realize it was Alex. “Hello,” the vampire smiled. He inclined his head, “Hello. Brian has been expecting you,” “Okay,” she was not sure what else to say. “Follow me,” Alex took off, walking briskly down the marble hall way. Emma looked around in disbelief. This place was huge! She had counted five stories of white brick and sweeping roof. The entire hallway was a bright white marble with black and gold accents. It was complete elegance. A fountain sat in the middle of the entrance way. They walked the length of the hallway. It lead to a large room that took up most of the back bottom floor of the house. Several people littered it, gossiping over champagne and caviare. Emma had to consciously try to not roll my eyes. Being self-prentious was one of the many things that she did not from being a human. No vampire, werewolf or unicorn had been self pretentious, that she had seen. But humans were. Small, fragile, incognizant humans. When Emma was still human, she was not witless as these partygoers were. She had known about the other creatures, so to speak. She had not known exactly what they were, but she was aware enough of to know that they existed. She followed Alex, who gave off an annoying cinnamon mixed with freesia aroma. It was not that it was unpleasant, but it would be going too far to say that it was pleasant. It was just there, making her nose itch and her skin tingle. It was just there, defiling the fumed filled oxygen. It was an irritating break from the polluted air. Brian looked up and smiled when he saw her. Emma had expected that to be his reaction. From it, she felt nothing. No pleasure or happiness that he was attracted to mhere. Now, it was just another masculine reaction to her appearance. He walked up and kissed her cheek, “Hello, beautiful,” he gruffly whispered. Beautiful. Another word that she now scorned. Before she was a vampire, only three people had called her beautiful. It was those three whom Emma had loved above all others, those three who she trusted. Brandon, her brother, always called her beautiful. Even when she was seven and she had the chicken pox. She was wearing her white play wedding dress with the floor length veil; Her mMam had just finished slathering my entire body in the white cream. She had agreed to let me wear the wedding dress, which was the only thing that I would wear that year, while the ointment absorbed. Brandon walked in while Mam exclaimed that I looked just like a ghost. Bran laughed and called me the prettiest looking ghost that he had ever seen and he had seen his fair share. Mam glared at him, but I glowed for the rest of the day. My nine year old brother who also called me pest had called me beautiful. The next person to call me beautiful was Sarah McLellan. She was Bran and my’s baby-sitter while Mam went to work. Sarah called me beautiful as we played dress up and when she would help me get ready for bed, or whenever she would play with my hair, she would call me beautiful. Sarah called me beautiful at least once a day. The last person who called me beautiful was the one that made it mean the most. Logan called me more beautiful than beautiful. He said that I outshone the sun. I never believed it, but I loved to hear it. I loved hearing every beautiful word come out his beautiful lips. I still love everything about Logan. The first time that he had called me beautiful was when we were twelve and going to our first catillion. The only reason that I was even going was because of Logan and his family. I was wearing a gorgeous pink strapped dress. My hair was much shorter then; it barely brushed past my shoulders. When he saw me, he called me beautiful. After that, there was not a day that passed without him calling me gorgeous or pretty. He always reserved beautiful for special occasions. That was what made those special occasions so special, because he never said it without meaning it. “Hey, baby doll.” he grinned. Brian would never be handsome. Sure, he was handsome in the realistic sense, but I never would call him handsome. Only Logan was handsome. Only he got the title, only he deserved it. He grinned, not understanding the swishing pain that swept through Emma. Taking her arm, he paraded her around like a trophy, introducing her to many people. Faces went past her, blurring figures in cottons and silks, one brainless person after another. As they walked and talked, he would reel off who they were and give her an abridged version of their family history. It was not hard for Emma to remember, but it would have flabbergasted any one else. He was being a dreadful dull date. But, she supposed that she was as well, she had no intention of prolonging this relationship past summer. Emma would be rid of him and his rich ways in a month. It sounds cruel, and she readily admitted it was. She was fooling herself by thinking that she could move on. She was playing with Brian’s heart by coming time after time. He was starting to like her more and more. She was starting to think of him more and more as just a friend. Not the romantic conquest he seemed to have dubbed her into being. Emma had been there for an hour when her cell phone rang. She happily disengaged her arm from a startled looking Brian’s, and answered it. It was Alice. “Hey, Alice.” Emma smiled. Alice was panicking, “You have got to get back here, right now!” she shrieked. Emma’s pretty face fell, “What is wrong?” “I had a vision. They are coming! You have got to get back here now!” she yelled. It was so loud that Emma had to pull the phone away from her ear. “I am on my way,” she told her. “Good.” She hung up. Turning to Brian, she apologized but she needed to get back home. Something had come up. Emma ran a little faster than human speed, she still had not gotten used to moving at what felt like a snail’s pace, to the car. Her baby. She threw the keys into the ignition and slammed on the pedal. The gates barely were open enough for her to squeeze the car out. She drove fast. Her car, with the race car engine that she had and her ability to go incredibly fast, was a blur to those on the road. She effortlessly weaved back and forth between to cars that went below the speed limit. They were the epitome of her current annoyance at humanity. They went so slow! Emma whizzed past a police car. The lights blared on as he followed her. She rolled her eyes and sped up. He could not drive this fast. They were still below two hundred and her baby could go near three-fifty, after wonderful Rose’s modifications. She zigzagged between a mini van, a semi and a Sonata before glancing back in the mirror. She had lost the cop. Excellent. A minute later she pulled off the road and into the woods. From there it was a fifteen second drive at my speed, two fifty, to get to the beginnings of Cullen property. Their garage was a good four miles from the house. She did not know why, she did not care. She ran from the garage to the house and burst into the main room. “What is wrong?” Emma asked quickly. “Damn,” Emmett breathed, “You got here fast.” Emma flipped open my cellphone. Five minutes had passed. She rolled her eyes. Not now, Emmett. “Why is Alice spazzing?” “She had a vision.” Jasper told her. “Well no duh,” she snapped. “The Volturi are coming,” Izzie whispered. Her new lilac eyes flew open. Emma rushed over and hugged Izzie tightly. She was shaking. “Are you okay?” she asked. Her only answer was Izzie’s unbroken sobs and a growing wetness on her dress. Emma hugged her tighter. Rosalie and Edward flew into the house a second later. Neither knew what was happening. Edward, upon seeing Izzie sobbing, froze. She handed an unknowing Izzie over to him as her shoulders wracked. “What is going on?” he asked her low enough for her not to hear. “The Volturi are coming,” she answered. He steeled himself with a nod before trying to console a distraught Izzie. Emma looked every one over. What were they going to do? Jasper sent calming waves though the room. They all relaxed instantly, including Izzie. Edward was humming to her. She quickly fell into an fitful sleep. Edward carried her upstairs then hurried back down. It was he that voice our collective singular thought. “What are we going to do?” he asked. “They will be here by Friday,” Alice whispered. “That is four days away!” Edward yelled. They all gave him a dubious look. “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Rosalie snapped. “Carlisle and Esme will not be back for another week,” Edward collapsed onto the couch. “Can we hide her?” Emma asked, feeling left out. She had no idea what was going on. She only knew that the Volturi were the ruling class of the vampire world and that they wanted Izzie to be a vampire. Edward shook his head, “No. That would not work. How did they find us?” He asked Alice. She shrugged, “I do not know. But, that is irrelevant. We need to save Bella.” “Can you mask a person’s scent?” Emma asked, having an idea. She quickly started singing Rockstar by Nickelback. Edward glared at me for blocking her thoughts at such a critical time. “With a stench that is stronger,” Rosalie offered. She wickedly smiled. “I know what to do.” “What?” Emmett laughed, “Through Bella in a dumpster?” “That would not work! Do not joke at a time like this, Emmett!” Rosalie barked. Emmett quieted down. “A living dumpster.” she waged her eye brows, “We will send her up to the werewolves.” Everyone erupted. “Are you crazy?” “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “They are dangerous!” “How could you suggest that?” “I am going with my previous statement, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Emma! How could you?” “Is any one listening to me. BLOODY HELL NO!!!!!!!!” Edward screamed. Emma planted my hands on her hips, “Then what will you have us do?” Jasper sighed, “It is a good plan. It would hide her smell completely.” “But would the werewolves listen?” Alice asked her husband. “Jack would. So would Embry,” she said. “Jack?” Alice pulled back, a funny expression on her face. “Yeah, Jack. Freakishly tall, pony tail, nice with a quirky smile and barking laugh. Used to be best friends with Izzie before he was mean enough to show Charlie the motorcycles. Ring any bells?” Emma asked. Alice looked very relieved and laughed, “You mean Jacob!” “No,” she shook my head, “Jack.” “His name is Jacob, Emma.” Alice giggled. Emma thought back, “That explains why he kept giving me this odd stare every time I said his name. And it is why everybody else was laughing at me. WHY DIDN’T ANY ONE TELL ME?” Alice shrugged, still madly grinning, “Probably because it was so entertaining.” She scowled at her. She would get back at Izzie later whne there was not such a crisis and rogue vampires threatening her life. “Would it work?” “Only if we could put another Bella in her place.” Emmett said from beside Rosalie. “Use Emma.” his wife suggested. Emma slightly perked up, “I am game. We look close enough, I mean. It is not like we are identical or anything, but we are pretty close.” Edward was still glaring at every one in the room. Finally, he had enough of our musings and he threw his hand up in the air. “NO! Absolutely not! I forbid it!” “We don’t have another idea! And if you did not notice, it is not like we have the time to come up with one!” Emma bit back. “We have until Friday!” Edward retorted. “No! They will be here before Friday!” she contradicted him. Edward looked at Alice who nodded. Before Friday. That was three days at most. Edward slumped, defeated, “Fine. But Charlie goes to.” Jasper nodded, “Of course. Both scents will be covered up by the werewolves. I will go tell Charlie.” “I will go get Bella.” Edward started up the stairs. “Edward! Pack Bella Emma’s clothes!” Alice called up the stairs. “Umm… okay?” Edward said back. Emma turned to Alice, “Why my clothes?” “Because you will need to smell at least a little bit like Bella.” Alice explained. That made sense. A lot of sense. Duh, Emma. “Oh,” was all I managed to say. Twenty minutes later, Izzie came down the stairs, thin lipped. When she saw them, she started to cry. Edward was hugging her shoulders with support, tender care and love. She was terrified. Emma longed to go over and comfort her, but she knew that Edward would do much more good than she ever could hope to achieve. “Will you all be safe?” she whispered. We all nodded, “Of course we will.” “How long will I be gone?” she whimpered. “Just a few days.” Edward whispered. “You are going to have lots of fun. You will be with Jake,” I stressed his name, “ and you will be with Charlie, the trampoline, a beach, the trampoline, friendly neighborhood werewolves, the trampoline, Emily, the trampoline, Billy, food and, I almost forgot, the trampoline.” Izzie gave her a soft grin, “I will jump on the trampoline just for you, Emma.” Emma wrinkled my nose, “Who cares about the trampoline?” That made her laugh. She was already feeling better. She continued, “It is not like you are being isolated from the world. You can take my laptop and Louis. Have him call Laurie every day and, I am sure that if you behave, he might let you talk to Edward for hours.” She smiled, “If only I can be good enough.” What felt like seconds but was actually hours later, Izzie piled all of her bags into Edward’s Volvo. They went to pick up Charlie and then head to the Quileute reservation. While they were gone, Alice sat her down and told Emma everything about the Volturi.