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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

3. Chapter 3 - Monday's Shopping Trip

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Chapter Three - Monday’s Shopping Trip

On Monday, Emma had become bored of the house. She had skipped about all Sunday, much to Charlie’s amusement and chagrin. He had finally left to go fishing early because Emma had too much pent up energy. She had made us both breakfast and then packed Charlie a lunch. Her cooking was not the gourmet style of Edward, but it had a more practical, human taste to it. Charlie and I could both easily believe that a teenage girl had made it.

She had begged me the entire day to let her out of the house and I refused. It was just too sunny. I was sure that she would start to sparkle and then the charade was up. In a fit of exasperation, she went up to my ancient computer and downloaded almost a hundred songs that she declared that she needed or she would die. “Metaphorically,” she wagged her finger at me.

I had laughed. Emma had not changed in the least. Her attitude was still spunky and fun-loving. I had asked her several times if she was hungry or if she missed her mother. She smiled and said that she was fine. I could tell when she lied. She would become still and speak in her very calm voice. It would have fooled anyone else, but, like Edward had said, I was very observant.

As she sang Rihanna’s Umbrella at the top of her lungs, she danced in front of the computer.

“You can dance?” I said, dumbfounded.

She nodded to the music. “I went to dance lessons twice a week. Do you want to learn?” she asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” I slowly backed up.

“Oh yes, you do,” she grabbed my wrist and pulled me to in front of the bed. “We’ll start with the basics.”

Emma’s definition of the word basic was completely different than mine. Emma quickly discovered that we would have to go at a snails pace. That did not bother her. She had extraordinary patience. We went over moves again and again. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I would be able to spin around with out falling. Emma agreed to practice with me every day. I was curious to see what else my long lost friend could do. She seemed to have a new surprise every day. I looked forward to Monday.

Monday came. It was cloudy and I could feel the tension in the air. Emma squealed with delight. “Can we go to Port Angeles, today?”

I acquiesced to her request. I knew that I could not keep her in the house forever. One day had nearly made her explode.

I refused to let Emma drive to Port Angeles. It took longer than she wanted it to, but she was able to keep herself entertained by singing to the music on the radio. It was a station that I would normally not listen to, but Emma seemed to know every song. I was actually not surprised that she was a decent singer. Decent, did not do her justice, she was wonderful. When I told her so, she responded to my kind compliment with an insult.

“You’re dumb and deaf,” she said with a wave of her hand.

My mouth fell open. “Hey!”

“I’m just being honest,” she cheekily smirked.

I rolled my eyes and playfully smacked her jacket covered arm. She swayed, so I knew that she was playing along.

Port Angeles was not too crowded. Thunder rumbled loudly across the sky. People scurried indoors, seeking shelter from the imminent rain. I parked in the mall lot. Emma was out in a flash. It was too quick for a human to move.

“Emma!” I chastised.

“Heh heh, oops,” she said. “Sorry,”

“Just be care,” I was more paranoid and attentive than she. So, now I had a vampire baby-sitter and I was baby-sitting the same vampire. We needed each other to get through the week. I just knew it.

Inside, Emma did not stop moving. We went from Abecrombie and Fitch to Hollister to Aeropostle to Coach to Channel to I lost track at that point. At one time, near noon, it was announced over the intercom that there would be a karaoke competition in the food court beginning at twelve sharp. Emma dragged me there.

I’m not quite sure how, but I soon found myself up on stage singing Hip’s Don’t Lie by Shakira. I didn’t know half the words and I laughed as I sang. I felt like a complete idiot, but it was fun. I saw that the audience was laughing just as much as I was. Most people who had entered where just doing it for fun. There were a few who were serious and they disliked my and several others incessant laughing and forgetting of the lyrics. When it was Emma’s turn, she sang Lithium by Evanescence. It was a beautiful rendition. I saw one woman wipe away a tear from her eye. Another asked her husband why the song was called Lithium making me roll my eyes.

Emma win first place. I did not even check to see what place I came in. I didn’t care. Neither did Emma, but the two boys who came up after the competition did.

“Good job,” one with blonde hair and emerald eyes said as he extended his hand to Emma.

“Thanks. You did good, too,”

He blushed. I realized that he had come in second. I wondered if he was embarrassed or pleased. “Are you hungry? We haven’t eaten yet and you can join us, if you want. My name is Brian, by the way and this is my best friend, Alex.”

“Hi. I’m Emma and this is Izzie.” Emma introduced us. I blushed as she called me by my old nickname. I hadn’t corrected her yet. Neither had Charlie. He thought that it was funny and had made a bet with me on how long she would keep calling me Izzie. I wanted the ten dollars. I wasn’t about to tell her my name.

The two shook hands. “Quite a grip you’ve got there, Emma,”

She shrugged, “I’m naturally strong,”

“I’ll say. So, will you join us?” Brian was really asking Emma to join him, forgetting about Alex and I. Emma glanced at me. I could tell that she really wanted to go with them. She was attracted to Brian. Or did her smell good to her?

I shrugged, “I’m actually pretty hungry.”

She gave me a radiant smile. “We’d love to,”

Brian smiled, “Great! We were thinking about Subway but if you want something else, we can go there.”

“Izzie?” Emma asked.

“Subway will be fine,” I answered, knowing that Emma wouldn’t be hungry.


Emma surprised me when she ordered a sub of the day. I leveled a look at her and she shrugged. I wanted to know what she was up to.

Brian led us to a table. We ended up eating for almost two hours. We talked. Mostly, Brian and Emma talked. Alex made faces at me which made me laugh. He also said in a conversationally tone that Brian missed because it was not a serious sound, that Brian was really trying to impress Emma. I knew that Brian had not heard it, but Emma had. She nudged her knee against mine and we both laughed. Alex raised his eyebrows and chuckled to himself as Brian demanded to know what was so funny.

Half way through our lunch, I began to wonder if this was a double date. I had not personal interest in Alex, except maybe as a friend. He had not given me any signals like Brian had been sluicing toward Emma. He had been refined and gentlemanly. Then, his phone rang.

This is why I’m hot.
This is why I’m hot.
This is why, this is why,
this is why I’m hot,

Echoed loudly in the roofed building. Alex glanced at the screen. “I need to take this,” As he stood up and walked off, I heard him say, “Hey babe. Nah, I’m not doing anything important. At the mall with Brian. He’s got this girl and her friend that he’s trying to hit on and needs a wing man.”

I giggled into my hand. Brian had not heard it. It was true and therefore, hysterical. Emma nudged my knee again. She was stifling her laugh much better than I was.

“You should come down to Forks, sometime,” I heard Emma saying. “You can meet everyone the. Especially Edward and Charlie,”

“Edward? Who’s Edward?” Brian said, suddenly wary.

“My boyfriend,” I said smoothly. He visibly relaxed. “And Charlie’s my dad,”

“Oh. That’s cool. We’ll come down sometime. Isn’t that right, Alex?” he said as his best friend sat down.

“Umm… sure,” he said hesitantly.

“You’ll need to bring your girlfriend as well,” I told him.

He grinned, “That would be great.”

“You want to go walk?” Brian asked.

Emma nodded. We stood to throw our trash away. I saw that her plate was empty. What had she done with her food? She could not have eaten it.

I wondered about it as we walked up and down the mall. Emma suddenly grinned wickedly. I nearly missed. I turned to ask her what she was thinking when I saw where we had stopped. Right in front of Victoria’s Secret. Brian and Alex were valiantly trying to not look at the cardboard models in the lingerie.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to model for them?” Emma asked me loudly. “I want to see what Brian says,” she whispered so low in my ear that I scarcely heard her. Brian and Alex had no chance of hearing her or even seeing her lips move. She was sizing Brian up. It surprised me that she was actually interested in him.

“I don’t know,” I said slowly, “I guess so,”

“You would be a great model, Emma,” Brian instantly answered her. I could barely contain from rolling my eyes. Emma started to snigger.

“Yeah right,” she and I giggled.

I looked intently at Emma. Truthfully, she would make a great super model. She was fairy tale princess beautiful. She had long naturally wave brown-black hair and then the paler than milk vampire skin. Her lips were too large and a natural dark red. She was curvier than Rosalie and Alice, muscular too, but there was not an ounce of body fat. I could see the definition of her visible ab muscles barely through her thin shirt. I had seen both Alice and Rosalie in bikinis the summer before. Neither one of them had any abs to speak of, just smooth, pale bodies. That meant that Emma must have had them before she was changed. She wasn’t very tall, about 5’4 or so. I could suddenly see why Brian was attracted to her.

“Let’s go,” Emma drug me on.

We walked around for a couple of more hours. Emma glanced at her cell phone. “I think that it’s time for us to go. It’s almost five-thirty.”

I nodded, thankful. I never understood why Emma, Alice or Rosalie were so into shopping.

“Do you have to?” Brian asked Emma kindly.

She nodded, “You can have my digits, though,”

He grinned wildly, “Great! I’ll call you soon.”

“That would be nice,” Emma quickly jotted down her number and linked our arms. It had been storming all day. There was a reprieve from the rain as we skipped out to the truck. I drove home.

“I hope you had fun,” I told her slightly scathingly.

“So much fun!” she squealed, “I really like Brian. He was so nice and sweet. Do you think that I came on strong?”

“Umm… no?” I tried.

She rolled her eyes, “Jeez, Izzie. Thanks a lot.”

I grinned. Emma froze.

“Stop the car,” she ordered.

I veered off onto the shoulder of the road. Emma leapt out before I could ask her what was wrong. I pulled out my keys and followed her into the bushes of suburbia. I found Emma on her knees, violently coughing. Her shoulders rocked and her face was paler than normal.

“Emma! Are you all right?” I asked as I kneeled beside her and beat her back, similar to what she had done to me. Mine did not have the same helpful or painful effect. I watched as she grotesquely coughed up the chewed veggie sub. After about ten minutes, the full six inches were out and she kneeled down, breathing heavily.

“That was stupid,” she breathed.

“You actually ate your sandwich! How dumb are you?” I yelled at her.

“Well what was I supposed to do? He spent the money on me and I was really hungry!” Emma defended.

“If you would just drink Emma you wouldn’t be so thirsty. You could stop putting those layers of cover up on and hiding your eyes.” I told her darkly.

“Brian said he liked my eyes. He said it was cool that I didn’t care enough of what everybody thought to ware red contacts. He said it spoke volumes about my personality.” Emma fought back.

“Yeah! It says that you’re nuts!” I yelled. “Gosh, Emma, you make this so hard!”

Emma shook her head and went back to the car. I followed her. We rode home, silent the rest of the trip. Emma didn’t even turn the radio on to distract her.

It was just after seven o’clock when we pulled into the drive way. Emma had adored everything in Port Angeles, she later told me. She loved the sky, the tall buildings, being able to see the sea and the beach, seeing all of the new people, and the smells.

“I can see why you live here,” she said as a way of an apology.

I shrugged the compliment and the apology off. To me, it was no big deal. But after remembering the looming mountains and dirt roads lined with trailers of Tennenbark, I supposed that to Emma, suburbia was a drastic change.

I just unlocked the house door and had stepped inside when Emma’s hard body hit me, tackling me to the ground. Thankfully, she had the forethought to brace herself and not land on me, effectively crushing me. She took a defensive stance, barred her teeth and growled. For some reason, Emma’s growl was scarier than Edward’s. It was more feral and threatening. It chilled my very core.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” an unforgettable drawl echoed quietly.

“Victoria.” I froze.

The red-haired vampire laughed her rancorous laugh. Emma tensed up even more, like a cat, waiting to attack. “So cute. The pet remembers me.”

“What do you want?” Emma barked in her calm, distant voice.

Victoria stopped. She sized Emma, trying to find some flaw, weakness, strength or stability point in her being. “You are not a Cullen or a dog,” She sounded dubious.

“I am neither.”

“Are you a Denali?” Victoria sharply asked.

“No. I am just like you. Alone.” Emma stated. She still used the calm voice again. Distant. Aloof. I wanted to know how she kept bringing it back.

“Then what do you want with the human?”

“That is not of your concern,” Emma said, loosing a little bit of the calm.

“Oh, but it is very much my concern. The human is mine. She is responsible for my mate’s death. It is understood that I have the claim to her,” Victoria lied with the truth.

“Your understandings are of no consequence to me,” Emma drawled. “And I don’t care about your mate, either. The girl is mine.”

“What?” I shrieked. Neither vampire paid me any mind.

Victoria’s evil eyes hardened. “I need the girl, young one. Move before I tar you to shreds,”

I tensed. She knew that Emma was a new vampire. Did that also mean that she knew that Emma had yet to feed?

“Never.” The calm was completely gone. Instead, her voice was full of a raw emotion so strong that it would have overwhelmed Jasper. I had a little trouble recognizing it, but I was pretty sure what it was. Dominance. Even in third grade, Emma ha been dominant and territorial. Being a vampire must have amplified it.

Without warning, Emma launched herself at Victoria. Seemingly unsurprised, Victoria caught Emma and threw her onto the ground. She as expecting an easy victory. But I knew something that Victoria did not. Emma could fight, and do it well.

In milliseconds, Emma was off the floor. She executed a serious of difficult and effective attacks, that, though I am sure that they had beautiful names, I only knew them as good old punch and kick. In the middle of the fight, I heard a car pull up in the drive way. Both Victoria and Emma froze. They had been so absorbed in the fight that they had not heard it coming. A familiar tune was being whistled up the walk way. Charlie! He was coming home from work!

Victoria backed down. With a finally swipe at Emma, she ran away into the coming night. Emma watched until she was positive that Victoria had really left. Suddenly, she was by my side, picking me up.

“Seriously, Izzie. You need to be more careful. A house is not dangerous, but I swear, you fall over flat ground.” she chastised me.

Red crept into my cheeks. I was actually blushing at her lie!

Charlie had the audacity to laugh. “Did she trip over the threshold again?” he asked Emma who nodded emphatically. “Well, thanks for keeping her safe.” He hugged my neck, “Billy called. He wants me to come up and watch the game with him tonight. Is that all right with you girls?”

“Of course, dad!” I grinned, trying to hide the tension that I had felt from Victoria’s sudden appearance, “Emma and I have planned a girls night, anyway. While you’re up there, could you tell Jake that I’ll be stopping by with Emma tomorrow. I really want them to meet. I have a feeling that they will be friends,”

Charlie shifted uncomfortably, “Are you sure, Bella? Do you really want to introduce Emma when you and Jacob are still on unstable terms?”

I shook my head, “Yes, Charlie. I really do. We need to put what happened past us. Besides, Emma has a way with people, you’ve seen it. Maybe she can help,”

“I just don’t want to disappoint you, Bella. I will give him the message, though,”

“That’s all I’m asking.”

Charlie nodded his head. He turned to say something of an apology to Emma, but she had already tastefully left the room. I was sure that she had heard every word. It took Charlie ten minutes to change. “I’ll be back around midnight!” he yelled as got into the car.

“Okay!” I called back.

“Izzie! Come on up,” Emma called to me.

I deliberately walked up the stairs. I was very proud of myself. I made it all the way to the top with out tripping. Emma was waiting for me, a huge grin on her face. She gave me a golf clap. I made a flashy bow. She giggled.

“You need to shower,” she sniffed the air, disgust on her face.

“I don’t smell bad, do I?”

Emma rolled her eyes, “Of course not. If I was still human, you would have figured out that it was a joke,”

“Oh,” I sheepishly blushed. Obviously it was a joke. I felt bad for her having to bring up the fact that she was not human. It probably still stung; the wound was still new. I had heard her tearlessly sob to herself the first night. I hadn’t told anyone. I didn’t want to betray her and there was no one of importance to tell.

“You shower.” A look of worry must have crossed my face for she continued, “I’ll be sitting right outside the door. Literally. You will be perfectly safe.”

“I don’t think that Victoria will come back. She knows that you’re here and that you are a better fighter,” I suggested that she go to my room and wait comfortably.

Defiantly, she sat down in front of the bathroom door. I rolled my eyes and slammed the door out of annoyance and anger. The fight from earlier still had me tense. The hot water streaming down over me helped soothe them. I just stood there for a minute, letting the water caress me. It felt so good. Then, I didn’t have to think, act or watch. I could just lose myself for a minute. Just for a minute. Soon, I was washing my hair and shaving my legs. Edward had said that he was returning Sunday, but if Alice had by chance seen Victoria, I wanted to be smooth and fresh.

Sometime later, I emerged, clean and smiling. Emma was still obstinately sitting on the floor. “You took your time,” she observed.


“Go put on your pajamas while I shower, ‘kay? can you do that with out dying?”

“Maybe,” I teased.

“Don’t worry, I’ll only be busy like two seconds.”

“ You’re not that fast.”

“Don’t bet with me, Izzie dear.” She waged her finger in my face and dashed of. I hadn’t made it to my room before she was already on the bed in her pajamas, her long wavy hair was still wet.

My mouth fell open.

“I told you not to bet against me,” she laughed. “Do you have a hair dryer?”

I could only nod. What had taken me twenty minutes had taken her seconds. Somethings were so unfair. What made it even worse was that Emma could have done those things at human speed. But that would mean that she would have to leave me alone and she did not think that I was capable of watching myself.

As Emma dried her hair, I stared out the window. It was completely childish, but I wondered if Edward was looking up at the moon. I had always liked the moon, even more so now with Edward. I missed him terribly. It hurt every night to not hear him sing me my lullaby, to have him hold me in his arms. I missed his touch, the cold warmth he gave off and his enticing smell. It still lingered on my skin, but it was faint. I smelled it every night in the sheets as I went to sleep. It made the whole in me widened with every breath. God help me, I needed him more than I needed air. Having Emma come had given me distraction during the day. But when night came and she took up her vigilance on the roof, I was left to wallow in self pity. I loved it and hated it. I grinned. His masochistic ways were rubbing off on to me.

“Boo!” Emma grabbed my shoulders. I screamed in fright. She fell back, clutching her stomach she was laughing so hard.

“That’s not funny!” I said whenever I was able to muster up my voice.

“It was!” declared Emma as she still laughed. If she had been human, tears would have been falling down her cheeks. I sat grumpy on the bed, my arms folded. “You should learn to laugh more, Izzie. It’s good for the soul.”

“I laugh whenever the situation calls for it,” I replied steadily.

“No, that’s half the point of laughing. It’s best to laugh whenever it ain’t appropriate. Else wise, it loses the grandeur and the ability to make a complete fool of yourself.”

“You seem to have thought this through,” I grinned. I couldn’t help it. Emma was so funny, sometimes.

“You’re right, as usual.” Emma rolled her eyes in a fun manner, “Once, we were learning about how brutal the concentration camps were in Germany during World War Two. I could tell that everyone was getting all squeamish. It was really pretty gross, truthfully. Mr. Heckman, the teacher, was saying that they would strap people to metal tables. Then, they would put a rat on a person’s stomach and put a hot plate on the rat. The only way out was for the rat to dig into the person, so, the rats always dug. It was disgusting!” she shuddered. “I thought that this one girl was a bout to faint and I felt so sorry for her. Everybody would tease her for days if she did. The only way to stop her was to put her mind on something else. So, I laughed.

“Everybody thought I was nuts, including Mr. Heckman. I was the gossip for the rest of the week. It really didn’t bother me. I was already considered freak by that time, so it just helped another girl. She never even said thank you, but I guess that she didn’t realize what I did…” her voice trailed off thoughtfully.

“What about Logan and Mitchell? They were really loyal in grade school.” I inquired.

If possible, the little color that was in Emma’s skin vanished. Her body started to violently shake. “Izzie, I’m sorry,” she gasped out, taking in deep breaths. They did not stop her shaking, “Logan and Mitch, they… they… they died the year before.”

“WHAT?” I screamed, remembering the only two boys that were cootie-free in third grade.

“Yes. They died in a car accident. Mitch was driving. He lost control and hit a water tower. Do you remember the one on the edge of town? The car pretty much exploded. Their bodies were so disfigured that they had closed casket services.” Emma’s body wracked. I took her into my arms. I felt one tear escape. Then two. Before I could fully understand what was happening, my shirt was soaked. So was Emma’s. Then I understood. They weren’t Emma’s tears, they were mine.

“I should have been there,” she continued, “They wanted me to come. We were going to see a movie, but I had to do a stupid geology project. I need rocks. They volunteered to go get me rocks so I could lie and say what they were in ten seconds. Then, we could go. I stayed behind to type everything up, except the names.” She started to tearlessly sob again. My tears increased to.

I had not thought about Logan or Mitchell or even Emma in years. I remembered all of our happy times together. I was saddened a little bit by their deaths, but not as much as I should have been. I was mortified and angry with myself. I never told Emma, but the real reason why I was crying was because Emma couldn’t. She never would be able to again. That was what cut me so deep. That was the first time that I ever understood what it meant to be a vampire. That was the first time I truly comprehended it. As I held Emma, I knew what I would be giving up when Edward changed me. I fully understood the depth of living humanity.