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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

34. Chapter Seven - Over Dramatic

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Chapter Seven - Over Dramatic

Fate was trying to make point. Something had always kept them apart. Some one out there was going to make sure that they ended up together. Both Bell and Edward were trying to make it happen, but even the best of couples need help sometimes. Okay, so even if they were not technically together right now did not mean that they were trying to be mean. They were helping in the over all scheme of things.

Edward was changing Bella into a vampire tomorrow tonight. Go him! Even better, tomorrow was the wedding. Any who, they, meaning Alice, Esme, Rosalie and Emma, had decided to leave nothing up to fate. Things needed to go smoothly for Bella. They were there to make sure that there were no avoidable flaws in her afterlife.

That meant getting up at six in the morning for Bella, so be it. Emma still had trouble, remembering to call her Bella, not Izzie. It was getting easier and easier to think it. Just like all change, it took time. Bella had noticed but never brought it up. Perhaps Edward and she had discussed it at length. Or maybe she just thought it was Emma being conformist.

Bella grumbled all morning. Even Emma humming the illustrious Zip-Id-De-Do-Dah. She thought that she was being thoughtful, humming that particular song considering how much she hated that song. It went beyond hate. Emma loathed Zi-Id-De-Do-Dah to the point where she curse it to spend eternal damnation in the fiery pits of Hell. She really really really despise that song.

Bella have a very healthy breakfast of chocolate chip waffles made from scratch, her favorite, along with a boiling mug of hot chocolate, chocolate chips and a side of french toast. She had not been able to eat it all, but she ate more than she normally did. It was this morning that Emma had her first reservations about Edward and Bella. If Edward did not know that Bella loved chocolate chips in her waffles and she preferred hot chocolate to coffee, should they really be getting married?

Now, they were at a new spa that had just opened up in Seattle. Her baby had gotten them there in record time, even for the Cullens. Emma smiled because she now had the fast of all the Cullen cars. That made her happy.

Alice walked into the Posh Sallon and Spa of Relaxation and Beauty, taking charge. The spa was barely open. The reception looked at them in awe. It was eight o’clock on the dot.

“I believe you have a reservation for us. Swan, Bella?” Alice grinned pleasantly.

The receptionist was quite attractive herself, with her golden pixie cut and emerald eyes. Her contact colored eyes scanned the computer screen for a second.

“Yes. I have you right here. Wow,” she muttered after a second, “They booked the best of the best. How fortunate,”

“You would not believe what we paid to get them all,” Rosalie whispered to her as another woman led us away. The receptionist stared at where they were, blinking.

She was thrown gently into a dressing room. Bella Marie Swan rolled her eyes and proceeded to strip naked. When her sisters and mother had insisted on taking her to a relaxing spa for her last day as a human, she had agreed. It had been six weeks since they had found Luke. He was off with the boys, bonding. They had all quickly assimilated him into the tight group. It was like he had been with them for the last hundred years. Bella secretly mused that Jasper was just happy to have some one else struggle with the blood lust besides him. Emma had been a serious dissappointment in the area.

“It was supposed to only take a couple of hours,” she muttered to herself as she tightly wrapped the white linen towel around her torso. It was true, Alice said that the spa would take just a few hours. It would be a comforting, relaxing experience for her. What better way to leave the human world and enter the world of vampires?

Bella had agreed with Alice on that point. Though she never told any one, she was very nervous about the upcoming pain. Luke’s transformation had left a mark in her mind. It refused to go away or be forgotten. She was thankful that Edward could not hear her thoughts. Those retched, vile, unwanted thoughts would have given him the proof he craved to not change her.

Opening the door to the changing room, she walked out, holding her neatly folded clothes in her hands. Esme, Rosalie, Alice and Emma were waiting for her. She rolled her eyes but returned their grins. At least Emma had never done this either. The others looked like this was common place.

An attendant arrived. She lead then into a room filled with steam. Five different tables were laid out. They sat their clothing on a bench and each lay on a table, back up.

Bella had never felt anything better. The masseuse’s capable hands worked up and down her back, rubbing away the tired, the fatigue, the worry and apprehension. It felt soooooooooooo good. She was so close to sleep when she had to get up.

Slightly grossed out but completely comfortable, she slid into the mud bath. Her head rested on a neck rest and her hair drifted in warm water. Some one was giving her a facial, finishing it by putting two slices of cucumber on her eyes. She briefly wondered what the cucumber was for but cognizant thought quickly drifted out of her mind as bliss sank in.

After a wonderful hour in the mud baths, where the girls had just gossiped about the wedding, where they were going to live next, what would changed in the lives. Were they going to go to college? Maybe in a few years. It would take Bella and Luke time to adjust to it all. They were then sent into a shower and then a sauna. The heat was almost too much for Bella, but the vampires thought felt wonderful against their icy skin.

Bella grinned as she was put in a fluffy robe. There were several attendants swarming in around her. She knew that the others had chosen not have have this portion of the treatment done. They could not have their hair cut or their nails done, but Bella could. She was thankful that some one else had thought of getting her split ends cut off and her nails even. It would be dreadful to spend eternity with badly shapen nails and jagged hair edges.

“How much do you want off, dear?” an elderly woman who owned the spa asked.

“About a half inch. I just want the split ends gone for tomorrow,” she answered with a smile.

“What is going on tomorrow?” Katie, the manicurist who was doing her nails asked.

“I am getting married,” Bella answered happily.

“Really? Who might the lucky man be?” asked Jill, the girl who was slathering warm gel over her legs.

“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen,” Bella grinned when she thought about it.

“He has a beautiful name. What does he look like?” Jill asked.

“I have a picture of him in my purse,” Bella gestured to her handbag that sat her pile of clothes.

Gingerly placing her hand on a small table, Katie went to her purse and pulled out the photo. “HE’S GORGEOUS!” she exclaimed.

“Let me see!” Jill called.

Katie brought the picture over. Jill’s mouth fell open as she looked from the picture to Bella. Bella turned bright red as Jill wondered why some one so gorgeous would be marrying someone so plain as her. Emma walked up.

“Won’t they make just the most adorable couple?” she squealed.

“Yeah!” Katie shrieked a little belatedly.

“You are so lucky!” Jill told Bella.

“Let me see.” The older woman took the photo from Jill. She let out her breath. “He is one fine looking boy,”

“Thank you,” Esme said as she, Rosalie and Alice danced in.

“And you are?” the woman asked Esme.

“His mother,” Esme smiled.

The three spa attendants looked Esme up and down. “Impossible!”

Esme laughed musically, “My husband and I could never have children, so we adopted 8 wonderful ones.”

“Eight!” exclaimed Jill.

“Yes, eight.” Esme said smoothly, “Allow me introduce us. I am Esme Cullen. These are my daughters, Rosalie and Alice. I believe that you have already met Emma.”

Emma threw up a peace sign.

Alice grinned, “How do you do?”

Rosalie smiled beautifully. Bella grinned when all three women were floored by her beauty. Too quick for any human eye to see it, Alice nudged Rosalie hard. Rosalie immediately tried to turn down the glow that was emanating from her. Alice rolled her eyes.

“Do not stop working on our sister!” Rosalie admonished.

The women stopped staring at the Cullens’ perfection and blushing, turned back to Bella. The gel that Jill had put on her leg had cooled off. She thought nothing of it, even when she lay long strips of toilet paper on it. She thought that Jill was going to wipe it off with the paper. It was not until she ripped it off that Bella swore loudly.

“Geez, Bella. Kiss Edward with that mouth?” Alice teased.

Bella blushed but glared firmly at Alice. Esme laughed loudly along with Rosalie and Emma. The attendants, once they realized that Esme was not upset with her language, went back to playing with Bella. Bella kicked at Jill when she tried to put more waxing gel on her leg.

“Now now, Bella. You want smooth legs for tomorrow night, don’t you?” Rosalie asked, teasingly.

“That is a good way to start forever, with smooth legs,” Emma made sure to word her taunt so that the attendants would not be suspicious of anything. When she said that, it had the desired effect. Bella settled down, glaring at every one. Since she was ready for it, when Jill pulled off a thin strip, she just bit down on her lip hard. So hard, that the skin was punctured.

Emma doubled over for a second then stood back up. She looked at Bella like she was making her sick. “Eww!” Emma gasped out. “I hate blood.”

“Do you need to go outside, dear,” Esme asked concernedly.

Emma shook her head. “Bella, just do not look at me. If I can not see it, I will be fine.”

The woman who owned the spa nodded her head and turned the chair so Bella was facing a wall. Esme directed the women with the help of Rosalie and Alice. When they were finished, all of Bella had been waxed. She had screamed the most prolific string of profanities that any of them had heard when it was time for the bikini wax. She refused to talk to any of the laughing vampires for the rest of the day. When Emma said that she was being over dramatic, it just made it all worse. They drove home excitedly chitchatting. Bella pouted at first, but soon the merriment at getting married in next day was too exciting to keep her quiet.

Because it was her last night as a single, human Bella opted to sleep at Charlie’s. For reasons of propriety, including the old addage that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, Edward was not allowed to stay with Bella. Instead, Emma, Alice and Rosalie packed up and came over. Charlie scratched his head dubisouly as the three pulled several of bags through. He was polite enough not to ask who needed all of that. Alice took pity on him and said that it was every thing needed to get Bella ready for her big day. Charlie paled and nodded. Not wanting to scare Charlie any more, the girls pulled the bags up into Bella’s room.

Bella wanted to stay up and chit chat. Rosalie refused to speak at all. Alice said that what Rosalie was showing Bella was that she should sleep. They would have eternity for talking. Tonight, she needed to sleep. Reluctanty, Bella lay down. Her sheets were abnormally stiff. That was her last thought before she sunk into unconciousness.

They let Bella sleep in as late as she wanted. It was her last night sleeping. While she slept, the five women were downstairs getting every thing ready.’

“Do you think that they are ready?” Renee asked Esme with unshed tears in her eyes.

Esme nodded her head. “Oh yes, definately. When you see these two, you can see how much they are in love. It is a beautiful sight.”

Renee nodded her head, unable to speak, unsure of what to say. When her only daughter had telephoned and said that she was getting married, to say that it had shocked her was the least of things. She had hoped ot find comfort with Mrs. Cullen, thinking that she thought that their children were rushing into things. Esme seemed to feel the exact opposite. It was a litte nerve-wracking for Renee. Bella did not know that Renee was coming in, even. Like she was going to miss her only daughter’s wedding! She and Phil had flown in the night before and stayed in a hotel not far from where the wedding was going to take place. Renee had wanted to inspect it first hand. It was very beautiful. And the ceremony itself was going to be so romantic.

Emma had excused herself from helping set up to go make Bella gormet breakfast. It was much simpler this morning. Just eggs and baccon. She could not be so full that she did not fit in her dress! They had spent hours trying to find the right one, and they had moste definately found it.

It was simply gorgoues, just like Bella. It was a strapless A-line gown with lavendar that covered her breasts and down to the middle of her rib cage. Starting beneath her right arm pit, pure ivory silk wrapped tightly around her little frame, glistening in the sunlight. The slik continued down, hugging her waist then fanning out like a bell off her hips, falling gracefully to the floor. There was a slight train, but not a huge one. It was beyond beautiful.

Bella walked down the stairs later, yawning. “What smells so good?” she asked, rubbing her eyes. When she looked at every one she squealed loudly, “MOM!” She rushed down the stairs and threw her arms around Renee.

“Hello sweetie!” Renee hugged her daughter back forcefully.

“What are you doing here?” Bella asked, smiling.

“What? Do you really think that I would miss your wedding?” Renee laughed.

Bella blushed, “I just did not realize that you were coming up. That is all,”

Renee nodded, taking this in stride, “Yes. It was supposed to be a surprise. Phil and I came up yesterday. We saw were the ceremony is going to take place. It is beautiful.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Bella hugged her mother.

“Let us get you something to eat, Bella.” Rosalie smiled at Renee as she took her daughter from her arms to the kitchen table. Bella’s eyes widened as she saw the spread of food. Sitting down, she ate greedily.

After a few minutes, she remembered her manners. “Would you all like some?”

The wedding party shook their heads, ushering Bella to eat. It was going to be a long day. To calm her already frayed nerves, every one went out to see a movie in Port Angeles. Bella chose to see Live Free or Die Hard. To say that the movie was amazing would be an understatement. She normally would have shied away from something like that, but she could tell that that was what the Cullens wanted to see. It was incredible as a human. In three days, she would come back to see the movie and take it in as a vampire. She could only fathom what little tidbits she had missed from being normal.

Her breathing became jagged. In three days, she was g0ing to be a vampire. She would be immortal, by Edward’s side forever. Her heart beat furiously against her rib cage and she momentarily forgot to breathe. Though she was aboslutely terrified, she was thrilled. In just a short time, she could finally be Edward’s equal, just a little bit more worthy of a perfect angel’s love.

Bella led the way to lunch. This was going to be her last meal of eternity. She was going to eat what ever the heck she wanted to. It was still hard to grasp the fact that she would never eat again. That idea seemed so impossible, so far out there. She was never go ing to eat again. Choosing a last meal suddenly became much more a strenuous choice than she thought. Emma noticed her ragged breathing and the fear in her eyes.

“Don’t worry. It is all going to be okay.” she whispered too low for Renee to hear. Much louder she said, “What do you want to eat, Bella?”

Bella chose to eat at the Italian resturaunt that Edward had brought her after saving her from those men. It seemed like a life time ago that that had happened. In a way, it soon was to be. She thought it appropriate that her human life with Edward had started there, and it was right for her to end it here.

She ate until she was full and then some. After that, they took their time (because of Renee) to get back to Forks. Bella’s entire body was shaking, rendering her an unfit driver. Emma effortlessly drove the Audi with one arm, gently holding Bella’s hand with the other. Bella heard Renee whisper to Esme that they were just like sisters. If only she knew…

It felt like forever passed in a second as they pulled into the drive way. Charlie’s crusier was there. He was waiting inside. Bella hugged her father with all of her might. Tear were forming in her eyes and she was more than content to let them fall. Renee stood next to Phil as the vampires retreated to allow her this last family time as a human. Bella sobbed on her father’s shoulders.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” she whispered.

Charlie kissed her head. She could feel where her hair was wet from his salty tears, “I love you too, Bells.”

“Mom, Phil,” Bella turned her tear filled brown eyes to look at her mother and step-father. “I love you both,”

Renee took her daughter from Charlie’s arms, “We love you too, Bella. You are my baby.”

Phil clasped her shoulder, “Yeah, kiddo. We do love you. And we are so excited to be a part of today.”

Bella smiled through her watery eyes, “Thanks. I am glad that you guys are too.”

“I guess us menfolk should leave so you gals can start getting ready. Charlie? I think that there is a minor league game playing at Murphy’s.”

Charlie nodded his head, “Okay, Phil.” He looked a little apprehensive at the fact that he was about to go have man on man time with his ex-wife’s husband, but he would do anything for his little girl. Bella smiled at the thought. Her parents were the best. Hugging her once more, Charlie followed Phil out the door into the cruiser.

On que, Alice, Emma, Rosalie and Esme filed in. Bella saw that they were each carrying a dress bag, in Esme’s case two.

“Time to beautify the bride!” Alice sang out.

Bella groaned. No. Not now! She thought that that had all happened yesterday. Not willing to take no for an answer, Alice lead her to the chair that they had put in the middle of the living room. After having her sit down, they made her get back up and put on her underwear and bra that went under neath the gown. Eternally embarrassed, she returned bright red, her long hair a wall between them and the her face. She refused to look at them. They did not care.

Alice threw her in to the chair. Alice scooped up Bella’s thick mane of hair and twisted it into several hot curlers. Mean while, Rosalie started off with a very thin layer of powder, barely dusting her cheeks with it. She concentrated more on the layer that was on her neck and exposed shoulders. Esme felt up and down her legs, making sure to get every single hair that the beautician had missed the day before.

After an hour of playing dress up Bella with Emma snapping photos right and left, one of her favorite passtimes (Bella made a mental note to try to be there whenever Emma started scrapbooking it all.), Renee and Emma left to make sure everything was perfect for the ceremony. Rosalie and Alice kept plodding along, making sure every thing was perfect.

It was now seven o clock. In three hours she would be walking down the isle, the stars shining bright over head. It was such a romantic visage. Of course, it along with every thing else, had been planned by Alice. She had not even had a say in her wedding dress. Alice just appeared with it one day, two weeks ago. It was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen, absolutely perfect. Only Alice could have created it.

She got to watch the Cullens apply their make-up. The lightning deftness that astounded her. Rosalie covered her eyes with a layer of mascara that looked beond natural in less than a second. Each eye only took one quick flick of her wrist. She watched, amazed as Esme used her forefinger to smooth out her lipstick and then kissed the mirror to blot. While it would have never worked for any one else, Emse did it the way a pop princess would, with style, grace and most importantly, sucess.

At eight, Emma and Renee returned with Applebee’s. Bella could not have eaten any thing, even if she had wanted to. Besides, she hated Applebee’s with a passion. At nine, after they had primped Renee and gotten her into her golden silk dress and jacket, they were ready to go down to the meadow.

Alice had originally planned to have Bella and Edward married in a large church just outside of Seattle. Bella discussed the matter with Edward and they veto-ed her suggestion rather forcelly. She had been put down and sullen for a week, but returned to being her normal perky self once she realized that no one was giving in. Bella wanted to be married in the meadow, though Edward reasoned that it was too far away for the massive gathering of friends and family to reach. Determined to do this the way that Bella wanted to do it, Edward went with Emmett to scour the woods to find a meadow that they could use. There was a meadow, five minutes away from La Push territory that was extremely large and spacious. The stench of wolf was not too strong, so they had agreed to use that. Edward secretly smiled to himself, knowing how much it would irritate the dog to be able to see the wedding and do nothing to stop it. He did not think that Jacob would actually accept the invitation.

He was right. Sam had refused to let Jacob come to the wedding despite the fat that they young cub had wanted to. He knew that the boy would have been irrational and would have done something stupid, like try to stop the wedding by telling the Cullens’ secret. Despite the fact that he had told Bella that he was willing to let her go, that he did in fact love her more, he was determined to save her life.

Emma had set up a white tent off a short distance in the woods. She had decorated it with gold and violet ribbons and sashes. It was there that Bella was to put on her dress. It was a strapless A-line gown with lavendar that covered her breasts and down to the middle of her rib cage. Starting beneath her right arm pit, pure ivory silk wrapped tightly around her little frame, glistening in the sunlight. The slik continued down, hugging her waist then fanning out like a bell off her hips, falling gracefully to the floor. There was a slight train, but not a huge one. It was beyond beautiful.

Rosalie fluffed Bella’s curls one last time before declaring her ready. Her bridesmaids were already dressed. She had chosen to have Rosalie and Alice wear pale gold dresses lined with silver. The dresses were halter tops that were form fitted and flared down off the hips slighty before stopping to barely touch the ground. Alice had fashioned small violet flowers to go in their hair and then a matching thin bow around their waists. Emma’s dress was the exact opposite, a pale violet with a bow and then golden flowers for her hair. The reason that Emma’s dress differed from Alice and Rosalie’s was because Bella had asked her to be her maid of honor and Alice thought that it should be obvious.

Charlie whistled from outside the tent, “Is it okay if I come in?”

Bella grinned. Just the person she needed to see besides the person she craved to see. The one that she craved to see she had not seen in twenty-four hours. It was scary.

“Yes, Dad,” Bella actually sang out. That was how happy she was to see her father.

“Hey honey. How are you feeling?” Charlie asked as he stepped into the tent.

“Nervous,” she squeaked out. Her knees were shaking in the three inch heels that Alice had forced her in to.

Charlie nodded his head expectantly, “Of course you are. This is the biggest day of your life… er existence. You have a right to be nervous,” Charlie grimmaced at his slip up. He tried to be supportive of her descision to become a vampire, though it was obvious to all that he did not like to think of his daughter being one of the fabled living dead. Bella had tried to dissuade his mental picture. Only Alice seemed to have changed his opinion of the entire situation.

Bella gulped, “That is not helping.”

Charlie smiled, “Come on, Bells. You have to be a little excited.”

“A little terrified,” she clarified, “I just know that I am going to fall over these heels.”

Charlie looked carefully at them, “You have worn larger ones,”

“Under durress,” she muttered.

Her father laughed, “Perhaps you are right, Bella. Now come,” he offered her his arm, “It is time.”

She would have fainted if Emma’s arms had not caught her. “Up you go,” She handed her to Charlie. “Here is her bouquet. I am not sure if she is going to be able to hold it with out help.”

Charlie chuckled, “We will manage.”

Emma nodded. With poise and grace, she followed Rosalie and Alice who literally flew out of the tent. Charlie, steadying Bella, followed at a slower pace. Bella heard the music for the march of the mothers. Charlie left her with Alice as he and Phil each lead Renee up the isle, her on each of their arms. Carlisle and Esme came next. They took their seats on the left, in the front row. Chairs decorated with white roses and violet and gold sashes had been set up in neat rows in front of the gazebo that was decored more elaborately with same design. The flower girls went next.

Their names were Lila and Macy. They were Bella’s cousin’s daughters. They were her only option and Alice was determined that she would have flower girls. Then, the Trump de Lume sounded. Alice smiled reassuringly at her before she started down the isle. When she had made it about half way, Rosalie started down. Bella heard the gasps as her extended family as they basked in her glow. She rolled her eyes. It was going to go straight to her head. Emma giggled before she literally floated down the isle. Emma had taught Bella how float. It was all in the way on walked. Quick, short steps. That was all it took. Bella took a deep breath. The wedding march sounded loudly from the hidden stereo. To the humans, it seemed like the music was coming from thin air.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Bella walked down the isle. Correction. She floated. To the audience, the bride was more beautiful than any of the Cullens, more graceful than Alice, more radiant that Rosalie. To Edward, she had always been that way. His golden eyes locked with her brown ones. He could see the relief as she zeroed in on him. The tension and worry fled from her body as she smiled, taking comfort in his very presence. Edward had never seen a more beautiful being. He gasped quietly as a smile flitted across her perfect face. His angel, dressed in the heavenly white, with her wings visible only to him, floated down the isle, ready to become his and his alone.

Bella grinned as Charlie stood. Pastor Webber was marrying them. Carlisle could not do it. He was not an ordained priest, just the son of one who had been dead for almost four hundred years.

“Who gives this woman?” Pastor Webber asked.

“I do,” Charlie’s voice rang out steadily despite his terror at giving his only child away.

The pastor nodded. Charlie kissed her forehead and removed the first layer of her shear veil away from her face. She smiled at her father before taking Edward’s hand. Her smiled grew as any rementants of her terror vanished at his icy touch. He looked so handsome in his black tux. It was the exact opposite of his white skin. She had never seen such a handsome being. Once more, she wondered how she, such a homely little creature, could attract Adonis himself.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan.” Pastor Webber started. Bella smiled at just the one phrase. ‘The union of Edward and Bella’.

‘This is it!’ her brain squealed, ‘I am getting married! I am marrying Edward. Edward. The most perfect, beautiful angel, my Edward!’ She was snapped out her repore when Edward said “I do.” Her heart literally stopped beating when he slid the golden wedding band on to her third finger.

“And do you, Isabella, take Edward to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, for better or for worse, until the end of time?”

Her heart beats returned. Now, they thudded so loudly that she was afraid that she was going to have palpatations, it bet so hard against her ribcage. She could swear that she felt a bruise forming.

“Yes,” she breathed, “I do.”

Edward had never smiled so big as he did when ever she took the golden band from Emma and slid it onto his third finger. It glittered brightly against his frigid skin. The pastor said something else. She wan’t paying attention. Soon, it was all over and Edward was kissing her with a passion that he had yet to use. Bella went limp as he scooped her up in to his arms. The pastor cleared his throat to bring the down from their personal heaven.

“May I present to all who are present the new Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.” Pastor Webber declared loudly.

Cheers echoed through the night. Bella blushed in a bliss of joy. She was Mrs. Edward Cullen. Never had a name sounded any prettier. Edward lead her down the isle and to the reception tent, which was maybe a hundred feet off. Every one was throwing rice and bubbles. It was magical.

So many hugs and well wishes were spread around. Mike cried, though they were not tears of joy. Angela and Jessica cooed over her dress and the Denalis welcomed her into their world. It was the best night of her life.

Bella cried tears of joy when Edward lead her out for their first dance. The so