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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

39. Chapter Eleven - Hurt

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Chapter Eleven -

The room that Edward and I were to share was just a little bit smaller than his - no our, room in the Forks house. It still seems odd that the Cullens are not now his family, but my family. I am now a Cullen. How positively odd.

I collapsed on the large king-sized bed, my face flat on the sheets. This was the first time that I used my nifty vampire trait of not having to breathe. Alice took the hint and closed the door. Eyes closed, I listened to her soft steps prance down the stairs and into the living room. I hated listening to them to talk, about me, naturally. Alice was yelling softly at Edward. They did not think that I could hear what they were saying; they did not know about my enhanced hearing, vision… my enhanced everything. I waited for Emma to defend me, but my best friend remained silent. With my heart being broken by Edward’s silence with each passing second, I finally opened my eyes.

I could not stand it. I had to leave, get out, GO SOMEWHERE! Just for a little while, if only a little while... I could be free from the wariness around the house. Tanya was suddenly distrusful of me, Jasper was curious as to the extent of my abilities, Esme still loved me... My heart swelled with pride at her motherly affection. I could never leave these people who loved me and whom I dearly loved as well. But, a few hours relief could not hurt any one.

“Just a few hours,” I muttered to myself.

Emma took in a sharp breath. I shook my head. Crap! She had heard me! Oh well. Edward had not. Even if my best friend new my plans, my husband did not, so all was well. At least, I thought so until two hands, not cold, but a normal temperature grabbed me and threw me, on my back, onto the bed. I looked into the terrified eyes of my husband.

“You were going to leave?” he asked, the hurt clearer than the crisp afternoon.

I shook my head, unable to speak.

“You never were any good at lying, Bella.” Edward whispered softly.

“I wasn’t leaving … per se. Rather, just going out for a few hours,”

“You know that you can’t do that, Bella. With your talent,” he stressed the last word and my soul died. He didn’t love me. Not any more. I saw it in his eyes, he knew that I knew that he hated me. He whispered my name, “Bella, don’t… don’t look at me like that,”

I sniffled and habitually wiped my nose with the back of my wrist, “Like what, Edward?”

“Like your dying again. Bella, I can’t stand to see you look at me like that. It breaks my heart.”

“Forgive me!” I snarled and pushed him up off me. He was forced to take several steps backwards; I had forgotten how much stronger I was than he. “I hate to cause the mighty Edward Cullen any pain.”

“What is the matter with you? Edward spat with venom. His hands were clinched in tight fists and for the first time, I relished the turmoil that I caused him. It was only fair for the months of agony I endured for him.

“Nothing is wrong! Not with me, anyway! But, naturally, you can blame me for your damn problems. Your preconcived notions.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh lay off of it, Edward I kow that you hate me. I know that I embarrass you and scare you. I’m dangerous, just like you said I would be!” I completely twisted the meaning of his words to suit my purpose. “Good for you! You were right, and I am a monster. Now leave me ALONE!” I screamed.

“I can’t if you are plannin gon leaving!” he shot back, “You’ll probably go and jump off a cliff. Try to kill yourself again!”

“Oh and what was the whole shi-bang with the Volturi last May?” I yelled.

Edward winced and I knew that I had struck home. With a viscious smirk, I shoved my way past him and down the stairs, leaving my husband to fall into a black depression. I walked into the living room, and upon seeing the shocked faces of Alice, Rosalie, my coven, and the hurt on Esme’s, my anger softened, but not enough to make me regret my actions.

“Oh like you didn’t expect it!” I snarled so maliciously that a drip of venom slung out of my mouth, “Like you didn’t know I was dangerous. ‘A hazard to any and all, a monster,’” I threw Tanya’s words out and they all back peddled. I glance at the door, I saw it was open and somehow knew that it was Emma’s work. I couldn’t believe how much I loved her and those little actions that helped me out. With a fericious look, I stormed out of the log cabin and slammed the door behind me, rattling the beams and breaking the glasss windows.

Embry was the first to catch the scent. He sniffed the ground and relief swept through his body. He would now her smell anywhere. With a grin, something that was incredibly hard for a wolf to do, he ook off running northeast, toward the direction of Emma. The rest of the pack fell in step behind him, trusting him to lead them to the Cullens. Afterall, he was the one who had imprinted on the vampire.

His paws padded almost noisely on the earth. One foot in front of the other, he ran faster than any of them had gone before, Jacob included. Nothing was going to stop him getting to Emma.