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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

42. Chapter 42 - Authors Note

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This is the second one of these things that i've done. I hate them more and more each time. They are rather violent things. I am sure that you are all disappointed for the let down *pauses for the sarcastic scoffs* and I do appologize for that. I also appologize for what I write next.' Yeah. I'm re-writing Waking Nightmare. Where it is right now… not so hot. I'm having trouble writing it and have thus far done a terrible job writing it. I appologize for that and do promise that the new version will be better. Don't look for it until summer. Sorry. I am super busy. Not only am I dealing with triathalon training, the endless job search and the hell on earth that is school and Conforti's class (his tests are harder than the frigging A.P. exam… yeah) I am illustrating my best friends book as well as writing my own. I have literally no life. I'll post the link to my artwork whenever the booksite comes up. I won't post it until Waking Nightmare is finished. I haven't done that before so bear with me. This summerr, I can pump out as many stories as you want, but not right now. Love you guys bunches (or should I say girls, 'cause, lets confess, what straight guy is reading Twilight or Twilight fanfictioin?) W/