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Nightshade - Waking Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen/ Forty-One is out.

A new score of vampires threatens life as Bella knows it. Responsible for gruesome murders and missing children, they are now roaming the northwest portion of the United States. The decision had come, to change Bella or not to change Bella? Either way, the small Cullen family does not seem to have a chance at protecting Forks with Emma on the fritz, even if they have help from your friendly neighborhood werewolvesr;  All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with it. Incase you have not figured it out yet, this is the sequel to Nightshade.

Everything is ready for Bella to be changed into a vampire. She has made all of her cuts from society and has begun to emotinally withdrawl from her familiy. Then, as the Cullen family hunts one last time before the fateful day, a friend from Bella's past shows up. To her, Bella is Izzie and Izzie is the only one that can help her.

All of this belongs to the beautiful Stephanie Meyer. She made up Twilight. We all her a debt of gratitude. Yea!

Be happy that I don't own this. Or sad. If I did, Bella would already be a vampire. But, she's not. Darn.

7. Chapter 7 - Partying All Friday Night

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Chapter Seven - Partying All Friday Night

Emma did not wake me Friday morning. She let me sleep. I woke up at ten, having slept for seventeen hours. I was still tired, but I associated that with not having moved really for the past few days. I just needed to fully wake up. I did not see Emma anywhere. I did hear someone moving around down stairs.

Groaning as I stood, I felt for the sky, stretching always felt good. When I looked down, I was disgusted. I had been wearing the same clothes for three days. Emma was downstair, making me breakfast and from the looks of it, Charlie lunch. She slid a pan of lasagna into the oven as she poured me a glass of orange juice. Her long hair was in rollers and she put a black bandana around them.

“Morning sunshine!” she sang.

“Morning. You certainly are chipper,” I noticed.

Emma nodded, “I am. Brian called. There is a carnival opening tonight in Port Angeles. He is picking us up at five.”

I glared at Emma.

“You know you will have fun,” she winked.

“I know I will. But I will also feel like a third wheel. “ I complained.

“If there is a third wheel, it will be Brian, not you. Hurry up and eat so you can go shower. We have a full day, today.”

“What are we doing?” I asked before I took a big bite of cereal.

“Well, first, we are going to bring the lasagna to your dad and his fellow officers. After that, we are going shopping.”

I choked. Shopping? “What for?”

“For something to wear tonight, silly,” Emma said as she took my empty bowl and glass and put it in the sink. “Don’t dry your hair. We are going to roll it.”

“Like yours?” I was on my way up the stairs.

“Yes, but yours will look prettier.” She washed my bowl.

“Really? I find that hard to believe,”

“Really. Go.”

I showered quickly. I was loathe to go to the carnival. I knew that Emma would enjoy herself and I would end up making a fool of myself. That did not worry me. If I looked like a complete idiot, Emma would be right beside me. We did things together, just like when we were in school.

Ten minutes later, I was fully clean. Emma was waiting for me in my room. She had laid me out clothes. I was slightly miffed that she felt that she was at liberty to go through my closet. Still, the clothes that she picked out were adorable. I would not have thought to put them together.

“We need to get you some new clothes,” she said as she painted her finger nails on my bed, “You have a bare selection,”

“I am sorry that you feel my wardrobe is inadequate,” I scoffed, “But I can’t afford those expensive designer clothes,”

“Who can?” Emma laughed, “Wal-Mart, not diamonds, is a girl’s best friend,”

“A poor girl’s,” I teased.

“Admittedly poor,” she said before we both burst out laughing.

I pulled on the clothes that Emma wanted me to wear, a jean skirt and black cami. I knew that I did not own anything so beautiful; it was made of lace and had white lace roses on it. It must have been Emma’s. She also leant me her white jacket. A pair of Renee’s high heeled boots that she had found at the bottom of my closet finished the outfit.

“I look so… different,” I searched for the right word.

“You also look hot,” Emma wagged her eyebrows, “If lover-lips decides to come home early, don’t you want to look good?”

“Does this look good?” I asked, not quite sure. I had never worn something like this.

“It looks really good. It is not fancy. But it is good. I am slightly jealous.” Emma admitted.

“Do you want to wear it?” I quickly offered.

“No!” Emma sounded appalled, “That outfit was created especially for you! It would not look right on me.”

“Okay,” I said slowly.

“Now sit. You need to learn how to do your make-up.”

“I can do my make up just fine!” I protested.

“We don’t want just fine, Izzie. We want spectacular!” Emma pulled out her make-up bag and a flip open mirror. She sat it in front of me, “You need to be careful with your make-up. It is supposed to look natural, so don’t go overboard. It is popular to do wild colors, but most boys don’t like it. They prefer just a natural tint. So,” she took out brown eye liner, “we will start with the basics. Never go for heavy. If you think that something is too faint, you can always add another layer. If something is too heavy, you are screwed because to take it off, you will either smear your base drastically or have to start again from square one. Always put it on light and if needed, sparsely layer.

“Another thing,” Emma continued, “You really don’t need powder. You are pale naturally and it looks funny. Many girls want to have that leathery look to their skin, so they spent hours in the tanning beds this winter only to discover that come spring, the fashion was to have a light tan. More of a weekend getaway tan than a summer in nudist California look. You could use a little blush, but just a wee little bit. Your natural skin tone is gorgeous. You give off this heavenly glow. Mike Newton finds it a-la-la!” she teased me.

I scowled. “Shut up,”

“Oh, hit a sore spot did I?” Emma would tease me relentlessly for the next several days, I cursed myself for the slip. However, at the current moment, she was still teaching me about make-up, “Your lips are naturally dark, but they don’t have a hint of black, the way mine do. That is fine. Do you prefer pink or red?”

I shrugged, “I don’t pay attention, really. Which is better?”

“I have found that it is best if you just put a thin layer of clear on. It gives you a shine and as it rubs off, you won’t have different color splotches. But it is really personal preference.”

“I’ll just go with clear then,”

“Another good thing about clear is that it does not have a taste. Some guys like it, some guys don’t. Clear plays it safe until you know their personal tastes,” Emma licked her lips, like she was remembering good time.

As Emma led me into the world of make-up, I listened. I wondered what Edward had thought of my little use of cosmetics. He had never mentioned it before, though I knew that it greatly disturbed Alice and Rosalie.

I grinned. Edward would be home very soon. After Emma made me wash and rewash my face several times until I put the make-up on in a was that satisfied her and me, she put on her clothes. She wore a dark blue halter top that cinched under her breasts and then flared out along with a nice pair of khaki cargos. She announced us ready.

I looked in the mirror and was stunned speechless. My natural beauty had been enhanced in a way that Alice had never managed. My browns eyes stood out against my pale skin and my lips were turned upwards in a coy smile. I was amazed. My hair was still in the rollers, just as was Emma’s. She said that we would keep them in until it was time to get ready for the carnival.

My clothes looked fashionable yet unique. “Just like you,” Emma said in my ear. How had she known what I was thinking? She had answered my questions several times now with out me verbally asking them. Could she read minds like Edward?

The oven beeped. Charlie’s lasagna was done.

“I’ll get it!” Emma squealed, dashing down the stairs in a blur.

I followed, at a much more cautious pace. I was still unsure of myself in the heeled boots. They made a wonderful clicking sound when I walked. Emma put a cover on the pan, piled styrofoam plates and plastic forks into a bag and tied it shut.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Emma?” I just had a thought, “How are we getting around? My truck is totaled, remember?”

“Duh, how could I forget?” Emma laughed, “Have you faith in me, Izzie? I have taken care of it all.”

“What did you do?” my eyes narrowed.

“Nothing,” Emma grinned like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Emma,” I warned.

“Oh all right. I looked in your cell phone. I found Jake’s number. Billy said that he was busy so he couldn’t take us anywhere. I wasn’t going to tell you because that would just be a bummer,”

“Then why are you happy?” I skeptically asked.

“Because Mike called after that and he agreed to take us to the police station in his mom’s car,” Emma bit her lip. “I think that it is his way of saying sorry, for the forty-second time. Oh, by the way, Mike says he is sorry for the wreck,”

I leveled her the most callous and evil death glare ever mustered. She did shrink away momentarily from me before she laughed loudly. This caused my anger at her and growing hatred of Mike to go to a whole new level.

“I can’t believe you!” I yelled.

“Easy, Izzie. That was before I knew that you did not like him. On the phone, he kept gushing about how good of friends you two were. I thought that this would make you happy,”

I sighed in defeat. Emma had not known that I strongly disliked Mike. He was a nice enough guy, but he was smothering me with his constantly asking me out. At first, I had felt bad for continuously rejecting him, but there was a point where he had known that he would never get a positive answer and yet he kept asking anyway. Persistence only went so far.

Just then, the door bell rang.

“Do you want to get it or do you want it to be me?” Emma asked.

I sighed reluctantly, “I will do it. After all, it is my house,”

Emma nodded, “All right. Don’t worry. I am right behind you. If you feel like it,” she added in a mischievous tone, “We can take him around back and beat him with a police baton. I found Charlie’s spare in the garage,”

I laughed. I would never do it, but the thought did make me feel good. With a grin on my face as I imagined the release that I would feel as I hit Mike, I opened the door. I was surprised, because it was not Mike but Embry and Jared.

“Uh, hi!” I said, surprised,

“Hey, Bella. How are you?” Jared asked me.

“I’m good. You?”

Jared shrugged, “We’re fine. Listen, we heard that Emma called because you needed a ride. Jake’s busy today, he is taking Billy to the doctor, but we do not have anything to do today, so we figured, you know.”

I nodded, relieved. They would be a wonderful, a preferred substitute for Mike. Jared and Embry smiled big at me.

“Hey guys,” Emma said from behind me. A wave of realization swept through me as I understood that they were more interested in Emma than me. They, werewolves, were attracted to Emma, a vampire. Wonders never ceased to amaze me. Perhaps, when I changed, they would still accept me. Emma and I could visit anytime that we wanted. With in reason, of course. Still, the thought made me smile.

“Hello, Emma. How are you?” Embry asked.

Emma grinned, “Can’t complain. We have had a hectic couple of days,”

“Yeah. We heard about your truck Bells. Sorry. That sucks,” Embry said to me.

I bobbed my shoulders, “Things happen. I’m just glad that Emma and I weren’t hurt,”

“You were the only one at risk, my darling,” Emma laughed as she propped her arm on my shoulder.

I grimaced, “Nah nah,”

We all laughed. I never thought that I would be laughing among this eclectic of a group of friends. I had another epiphany. We all were friends. They were tentative and fragile friendships, but friendships nonetheless.

“Come on in, guys,” I beckoned them in. The sun was peaking through the clouds, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes.” Embry immediately answered, “What is that delightful aroma?”

“Charlie’s lasagna.” Emma wagged her head, “And you can not have any.”

“Why not?” Embry pouted.

“Because I said so. Besides, it is for the wonder officers who rescued us after dumblebum hit us,”

I chuckled loudly at her affectionate name for Mike. Edward would love it.

“He’s a dumblebum, huh?” Jared quirked his head.

Emma forcefully nodded, “Yep,”

“Speak of the devil, the dumblebum has arrived,” Embry said, his ear lifted slightly.

“Really?” I listened and heard nothing.

Emma nodded again, “Yes. He’s at the end of the street. Now he is four houses down. Three. Two . One. Zero.”

I heard Mike honk.

“How rude,” Emma muttered, “I think that myself and I are going to need to have a chat about this dumblebum of a Mike Newton,”

I giggled. “Now now Emma, behave. After all, he is being nice. He offered to give us a ride to the police station,”

Emma rolled her red eyes and stuck her tongue out, a gesture that I playfully returned.

“Listen, we have to go. We made Charlie lunch and he is counting on us bringing it. But later on tonight, we are going up to Port Angeles for a carnival. You should try to meet us up there,” I said to Embry and Jared.

“Yeah, you should come! And bring Jack. He seemed nice,” Emma grinned, proud that she had remember Jacob’s name.

Jared sniggered. “Will do,”

“Yeah. We will make sure that we tell Jack that,” Embry added.

Emma looked between them, obviously missing the joke and not understanding why. Mike honked again. Her eyes crossed dangerously and she forgot completely about the joke. I worried that she would rip Mike’s head off.

“Sorry that you came down here for nothing,” I told the two as I showed them out.

“It was nothing, just something to eat up the time,” Embry said with a wave of his hand. “We’ll see you tonight, hopefully,”

“’Kay!” Emma grinned, “Come on Izzie. We need to go before dumblebum over there gets any more impatient.”

I grinned at Emma’s open dislike of Mike. It would make the short trip to the police station interesting.

I locked the door with the key and put it back under the eaves, careful to not show Mike exactly where it was. After Edward had snuck into my bedroom several times without my knowledge, I would be careful to make sure that no one else could. I did not mind the fact that Edward had done it because it was Edward and I wanted him there. But Mike, I most certainly did not.

Emma climbed into the passenger seat of the mini van. I took the back, aware that she was putting as much distance between me and Mike as possible. The first thing that Emma did was hit Mike upside the head as soon as she put on her seatbelt.

“Ow! What was that for?” he exclaimed.

“It was for being so completely rude.” Emma snapped, “You were the one who offered us a ride after you were kind enough to completely destroy Izzie’s truck. Then, you had the impertinence to honk at us to come out. A gentleman would have turned off his oh so heroic mini van and rang the doorbell,”

“Well, I am truly sorry for inconveniencing you,” Mike retorted, “Hi Bella, sorry about your truck.”

“Forty-three,” Emma muttered.

I hid a giggle as Mike looked speculatively at Emma who pretended to be absorbed in the car windshield. I rolled my eyes. Emma was so annoyed at Mike who wanted to know why.

“Hi, Mike. Thanks for the ride,” I said to him.

He blushed. “You’re welcome. And sorry about your truck,”

“Forty-four,” Emma said under her breath.

“It’s all right, Mike. I know that it was an accident.” I hid my bubbling laughter, “Oh. Mike, meet Emma Jewell. Emma, I know that you have already seen Mike, but you were never formally introduced.”

Mike held out his hand, affably, “Hi, Emma. Sorry about my outburst just a minute ago,”

Emma did not face Mike for a minute. I was about to reprimand her when she turned, a beautiful smile plastered on her face. I could tell that it was forced, but Mike was still too dazzled by it to notice.

“Aren’t we just apologetic, today, hmm?” She laughed, radiating Mike with her beauty even more. “Hi, Mike. Sorry for being such a bitch. I’m having a rough time of it now,”

“What’s wrong?” Mike asked.

“Nothing of concern,” Emma replied cooly, almost amiably.

“Whatever you say,” Mike concentrated on driving. After a few minutes, he asked, “Why don’t you to have Cullen drive you around?”

“Edward,” I emphasized his name, “is camping with the rest of his family. Carlisle wanted them all to have one last shindig before they all go off to college.”

“I guess that’s nice,” Mike said. “Whoa!” he loudly exclaimed looking at Emma like he had just seen her for the first time.

“What?” I asked, perhaps a little too fast with a little too much alarm in my voice. Luckily, Mike was oblivious, as always.

“Your eyes are red! Cool contacts!”

“Thanks,” Emma grinned.

“That takes some guts to where those. I don’t know where you are from, but around here, people wouldn’t think twice about labeling you. Most people shy away from being called a freak,” Mike said in a slightly mocking tone.

“So?” Emma bit back, “Who cares what other people think? If you spend your entire life wondering what other people think, you never will live. You never will be yourself. Only someone truly pathetic tries to gain everyone’s approval. There will always be someone who does not like you. And, in the end, no body likes you. Your entire life will be in vain.”

“Not necessarily. Everybody likes me,” Mike cockily grin.

“I don’t,” Emma said.

That took Mike off of his guard. He did not respond. We arrived at Charlie’s station after a few minutes. Thanking Mike for the ride and assuring him that we did not need another one, we waited until he had turned the corner before actually going inside.

“That’s a relief,” I sighed.

“What? The fact that he is gone or the fact that we don’t need another ride?” Emma asked.

“Both,” I laughed. Then I felt bad. Mike was a nice guy and he had helped us out of a bind. I thought about my mean thoughts until Charlie hugged me.

“Bells, Emma. What are you girls doing here?” he asked in curiosity. I could see the astonishment in his eyes as he looked us both up and down. I, for once, had actually taken time with my clothes and make-up. I was rewarded by actually looking fairly well, especially for having done it myself. My hair was still in large rollers, as was Emma’s. But we had put bandanas over it, so we would have been quite fashionable. One thing was for certain, we would fit in nicely at Wal-Mart.

“You mean you don’t know?” I asked, startled. “You said that he knew that we were coming,”

“I did? You must have misheard me.” I knew fully that I had not. Emma had only said that to Embry and Jared to get them to leave. She liked them both, but she had still made them leave. I wanted to know why.

“Maybe I did,” I said with a glare,

“Chief Swan, we just wanted to thank you for rescuing us yesterday. We brought every body homemade lasagna.” Emma held up the large pan of Italian food. Charlie had told Emma countless times to just call him by his given name. Emma felt that that would be disrespectful and she wanted to let Charlie know that she was grateful that he had let her stay.

“Homemade?” Charlie yelped.

Emma nodded, “ Yep. With loving care,”

“That’s why you were rummaging through the cabinets this morning,” Charlie laughed.


“What time did you get up?” I asked Emma incredulously.


“You didn’t need to do this Emma. Breakfast was more than enough,” Charlie told Emma who had the grace to look bashful. I rolled my eyes.

“We hope that you like it,” Emma winked, “But we need to go. We have shopping to do, today.”

“Why?” Charlie asked.

“There is a carnival up in Port Angeles and we were invited to go,” I explained.

“Who is going?” Charlie looked between the two of us, trying to find out what lured us there.

“Jake, Embry, Jared, and a couple of others,” I said, careful to leave out that we were meeting other boys.

“Are the Cullens going?” Charlie asked, animosity thick in his words.

“No, dad.” I snapped forcefully, “They are still on their camping trip. They won’t be home until Sunday.”

Charlie and I were still at odds over Edward. He hated Edward and had often told me so. He also said that Edward was worthless, not worth my time, a jerk and that he would break my heart again. I still firmly held to my epiphany and fought Charlie tooth and nail. We had stopped our verbal sparing when Emma came. I think that Charlie was afraid that he would spook Emma if he raised his voice. He wanted to make sure that she felt safe and at ease. He had even become more openly affectionate to me and surprisingly, to Emma.

“Okay. Be safe,” Charlie warned.

“We will, Dad. No accidents. Promise,” I grinned.

Before Charlie could figure out that I had no truck, Emma grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. “By Chief Swan!”

“Good bye, girls! Have fun, tonight!”

“Okey dokey!” Emma giggled.

“How are we going to get to Wal-Mart?” I asked once we were outside.

“Walk, of course,”

“Walk or run?” I asked, knowing which one Edward would have chose because of the empty streets.

“Why, walk. Duh. Can you run in those shoes?”

“Good point,” I agreed. Emma had missed the question entirely.

Emma linked our arms. We strolled down the many streets, talking about everything. Emma asked what I was going to get. I said that I did not know. This would be my first carnival. This was her first carnival, too. How exciting! She planned on getting a sun dress, cute but not over the top and sandals. She had not brought her entire wardrobe with her, unfortunately. She would have had the most beautiful outfit for me if she hand. The price for liberation, right, Izzie? We laughed at that, though I heard the tender pain in Emma’s. I wished that she could reunite with her mother. It would ease her pain. She could not, though. Her features, I was sure, had drastically changed whenever she did. For starters, her eyes now resembled the color of human blood…

Shopping in Wal-Mart took a lot longer than I thought it would. Emma could not find what she wanted. To amuse herself while she searched, she threw mountains of clothing into our buggy.

“They’re your sizes,” she told me when I asked.

“But I don’t need all these!” I protested.

“I know. Some of them are for me. We are about the same size. We can swap stuff later if you don’t like it,”

I grumbled about the cost. She pointed out that she had all of her college savings on her debit card account.

“That’s for college!” I shouted.

“Yeah, but I am immortal, now, remember? I think that college can wait a couple of years. Besides, I never actually planned on going straight to college. I wanted to see the world before I became tied down with a husband and kids,” Emma said.

I shuddered away. I never had planned on having kids. I incorrectly assumed that all vampires had planned it that way. Emma’s lighthearted confession put things in a new perspective. Emma had been robbed of her life. That was the fear that had stayed Edward so many times. Emma had given up what Edward thought I would. Had our situations been in reverse, had we swapped values, that might have been the case. But, it wasn’t. Emma was a vampire who had wanted children. I was a human who did not.

It was actually a sad truth.

After looking around for what felt like hours, Emma finally found a dress that she absolutely loved. It was spaghetti strapped, pale green and had little pale pink dots on it. It was an empire waist with a matching pale pink bow just beneath her chest. She bought a matching ribbon to put in her hair, if she so chose. For me, she found a lavender dress with white lace around the hems. It also had an empire waist and was strapless. I was scared to wear it, but Emma consistently reassured me that it would not fall down. Just to be safe, we purchased a black lace strapless bra. I thought that it was too fancy, but Emma said that it was not for me, but for Edward. I turned bright crimson.

We walked home, each of us carrying a two bags. They were not large, department store bags, but little, Wal-Mart grocery bags. Tyler and Lauren honked at us as they drove by. Emma viscously snarled. I was positive that she heard Lauren’s nasal voice mock us. It did not bother me. I did not care what Lauren thought. We only had the facade of friendship. Everyone knew it.

When we reached home, it was four o’clock. Emma rushed about in a frenzy state. She was positive that we would not be ready. We quickly pulled the rollers out our hair. Emma succeeded in giving us both beautiful, natural looking curls. She barely touched up her make-up. It was still pristine. It did not match her dress, but rather complimented her natural beauty. I was glad that Emma pointed out that mine was just as perfect as hers. I had begun to dread the daily ritual of cosmetics.

Next, we dressed, careful not to muss up the hair or make-up. If I had thought Alice, picky, she was nothing compared to the tyrannical Emma. She looked up and down twice, making sure that there was not a loose thread or stray strand of hair. Finally she pronounced us ready. But I was not. There was one last thing that I needed to complete my outfit.

The door bell ran.

“I’ll get it!” Emma softly called.

“Okay!” I clasped on the necklace that Edward had given me. It was the perfect touch. I looked at myself. I was beautiful.

I walked down the stairs. Brian was pinning a corsage onto Emma’s dress. It was a intricate but simply casual white rose with a few leaves around it. It did not match Emma’s dress, but I knew that Emma did not care. She stood o her tiptoes and kissed his tan cheek.

“Thank you,”

He smirked, “You are welcome. Hey Izzie,” he said to me.

I felt like I was intruding on their adorable couple moment. “Hello, Brian,”

“I brought you something,” he grinned.

“You didn’t have to,” I blushed but returned his grin. He came over to me with Emma at his heels and pinned an identical corsage onto my dress. It was stunning.

I looked at Emma. She positively glowed. Brian offered us each an arm. He looked very handsome in his khaki pants and blue button up shirt.

“You both look very pretty,” he told us.

On que, we blushed. The faintest of color returned to Emma’s cheeks and it faded quickly. I stayed a bright red for a few seconds. Brian, after allowing me to go lock the door, lead us to a shiny silver convertible. I did not know what kind it was; neither did Emma but we both appreciatively gushed over it. Neither of us was impressed.

Emma took shot gun and I sat comfortably in the back. Brian did not drive fast, like Edward or Emma. He stayed exactly at the seventy-five mile an hour speed limit for the entire trip. We arrived in Port Angeles at a quarter till six. Brian parked his very nice car at the water front. Almost every spot was taken.

“Aren’t you worried about thieves?” I asked, eyeing a few shady individuals who looked familiar.

“Nah. My baby is the newest that German engineering has to offer. She comes standard with GPS, satellite tracking, OnStar, a car phone, Evo and satellite radio.” he informed us.

That is … impressive,” I stuttered out as Emma and I shared a glance. We both shrugged, unsure what else to do.

Brian linked our arms, “It will be my lucky pleasure to escort you two beautiful ladies to the opening night of Saint Mary’s Preemptory Annual Carnival.”

“Really?” Emma coyly looked at him through her thick lashes, “In that case Mr. Seaton, we are glad to accept.”

Seaton. His name was Brian Seaton. I put on a grin, determined not to spoil Emma’s night.

“Are you ladies hungry? There is a wonderful cafe not too far away We can stop there before we go into the carnival,” Brian offered.

I looked up at the sky. The sun was about to pass the clouds as it would sink behind the horizon. Emma saw it too. Indecision was written all over her face.

“That would be lovely,” I told Brian.

Emma brightly smiled. I fought off my annoyance that Emma could not eat people food. She might have to put a few bites down, just to save her race from being expose. I was hungry. Emma and I followed Brian. The cafe was called Moonshine. We ate out on the patio, to my chagrin and watched the sun sink. Emma was forced to excuse herself for a brief period. When she returned, the sun was behind us far enough to where she could sit beneath the awning and Brian was never the wiser. I ordered a delicious salad. Emma had the same. I was pleased; mostly, she pushed her food around and only put a few small bites into her mouth.

It was a ten minute walk to the carnival from Moonshine Cafe. During the meal, Brian had taken pains to include me in the conversation. I quickly forgot my awkwardness. It felt more like I was with Edward and Alice.

“Where are you going to college?” Emma asked Brian.

“Harvard. I am going into law,” he said in an amiable business tone. “What about you?”

“University of Washington. I am studying medicine,” Emma answered.

“What type of doctor do you want to be?”

“Physical therapist, specializing in massage therapy.”

“So, you want to be a masseuse,” Brian said speculatively.

Emma playfully smacked his arm, “There is more to it than that,”

“I’m sure there is,” he teased, “What about you, Izzie? Where are you going?”

I thought back on my plans. I actually was not going to go to college. Edward’s offer still plagued my mind. I wanted Edward to be the one who changed me almost as much as I wanted to be changed. I had decided to take him up on his offer when he came home on Sunday. The price would be having to wait a few more days, but I was willing. “Actually, I am getting married,”

“Really?” And who might the lucky man be?” Brian had noticed my lack of a ring.

“Edward Cullen. He asked her on May twenty-first. They haven’t told her dad, yet,” Emma giggled, coming to my rescue.

“You haven’t told your dad!” Brian exclaimed.

“It has only been two weeks!” I snapped.

Brian shook his head. He found the situation funny.