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A Walk in the Moonlight

A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for secrets to be shed, surprises to be shared, and a twist that can alter all in their world. A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for someone to find a monster in someone they thought they could trust, learn of something they know will change their life forever, and will either destroy or shed light on a flame that can be reborn to it's extent. ______________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone! I practically re-did the story! Well it's almost exactly the same but I just re-worded certain things. But it's all for the better! So please re-read the entire thing because I may have added a few things and chapters. ;) Enjoy!

Do you want to find out the secrets? Surprises? The twist? Do you want to know about the monster that someone could trust? Something that will change their life? the flame that can be reborn to it's extent? Then read on. -Liliana Luna Raine (my vamp name)

1. The incident

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The moonlight shines down upon me from above. It glistens along the stream beside me. I hear crickets chirping and owls hooting all around in the tall green trees that sway and make the near-silent sounds, almost like they whisper quick little hisses.

I then made a sharp left into the undergrowth of all the green plant life.

It’s almost pitched black now as the moonlight pours over the stream.

I hear rustling in the nearby trees and my head snaps to the right.

I stand there frozen as I await the monster that has come to find me petrified here, vulnerable and weak. It lurks out of the forest, crouches down and seems like it's about to pounce. But with the slightest movement, he enters the moonlight...and I find who this monster truly is.

He lunges at me like an animal lunging for the kill of its prey, and truly does look like a monster. He propels himself through the air like he’s flying and collides with me sending us both crashing down to the forest floor as he lands on top of me like it was nothing. When he is just mere inches away from my throat, he freezes in place and looks like he is resisting some sort of temptation. My blood for example. Except it was...my blood.

He staggered backwards, looking like he couldn't believe what he had just done or what he was about to do. He looked disgusted with himself. I back away, still crawling, As hard as I try, I can never build up enough of my voice to produce a blood curdling, bone chilling, hair raising scream, though my eyes say it all.

He just looked at me like he was torn, like he was a monster and he just hated himself.

“Who are you?” I slowly whispered my voice even almost inaudible to my own ears.

Chapter 1: The incident

“During the Middle Ages, there were Lords, and regular people called vassals. The vassals had partaken in an act called Feudalism, when those people or vassals pledged their loyalty to a lord in exchange for land or protection.” I zoned out after my History teacher’s first few sentences. This history class just happened to be the WORST class of all time! Nothing whatsoever sticks in my head. I mean, Mr. Kinderf just goes on, and on and on. It’s utterly impossible to stay awake in his class. So I just laid my head down and took my daily ten-minute nap.

I was dreaming about how my first day was going. Which was obviously awful. The only reason why my parent’s sent me to this dreadful school was for college opportunities. I never wanted to move here. It's as simple as that. It's just too green, and wet for my taste. But of course my parent's didn't care about what I wanted. All they ever cared about was scholarships and college stuff and blah blah blah.

“RIIINNNG!” The bell suddenly rang, waking me from my thought-filled dreams, and making everyone jump in the process.

"Don't forget to read Chapter 13 in your textbooks!" The teacher cried, trying to squeeze in one last reminder before everyone scattered. It sucks that nobody listened to him...purposely. I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't a teacher. But then again...who really cares anyway?

I bolted out the door and headed to my new dark blue convertible. It was the best gift ever! Even if it was just used to cushion the blow for the “we’re moving” news. It was still great.

I was just walking down the parking lot, saying hey to all the guys that I passed, about to approach my car when I felt someone tap my shoulder. My head snapped up in the direction I had gotten the slight tap.

“Hey…uh, it’s Cassidy right?” A boy about my age asked. Were those the nerves I detected?

“Um yeah…who’s asking?” I said back, a bit confused.


“Okay. Well, hi Derek.” Do I know him? Oh, he was that dorky kid in my History class.

“I was just wondering, since you’re new and all and I didn’t know if you knew anyone yet, if you would like to go out with me? Like…maybe to the school dance?” Derek said, nervous again.

“Umm…well…Derek, I’m flattered, but I’m sorry, I’m busy.” I tried to explain.

After a couple of seconds he didn’t say anything. So I turned to walk away. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shiny, silver glint in the blazing sun. Hold on…

I turned and found what I was hoping I wouldn’t see… Derek holding a silver blade. Then it all happened so fast.