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A Walk in the Moonlight

A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for secrets to be shed, surprises to be shared, and a twist that can alter all in their world. A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for someone to find a monster in someone they thought they could trust, learn of something they know will change their life forever, and will either destroy or shed light on a flame that can be reborn to it's extent. ______________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone! I practically re-did the story! Well it's almost exactly the same but I just re-worded certain things. But it's all for the better! So please re-read the entire thing because I may have added a few things and chapters. ;) Enjoy!

Do you want to find out the secrets? Surprises? The twist? Do you want to know about the monster that someone could trust? Something that will change their life? the flame that can be reborn to it's extent? Then read on. -Liliana Luna Raine (my vamp name)

15. Werewolf

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Chapter 19 Version 1 Part 10: Werewolf

Recap of last sentence: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?! All I heard was a low whisper from Alice: “I knew it.”


All of the Cullen’s piled out and just stood there frozen, staring at the hairy wolf I’ve become.

You knew what Alice? I thought.

Edward snapped his head in my direction. “What did you just say?”

I didn’t say anything. I thought it.

“But you heard Alice say that?” He asked.

“She heard that?! But I said it so low.” Alice squeaked.

One simple word that came from Edward’s mouth told me that I am not normal: “Yes.”

Because of my Native American background and relatives, I knew that I was part Native American. And they’ve told me some stories just to scare me, like the boogie man. But now I realize…they are true. Every story, every sentence, every word; all true.

“Yes, that’s right.” Edward commented on my thoughts. That was kind of annoying.

WHAT?! And you never told me?!

“We didn’t think it was an issue. And we had absolutely no idea that you were part Native American. Or else we would have told you that there was some chance of this happening.” He explained.

This was getting annoying now, talking through my thoughts. I could tell it was annoying everyone else too, not knowing what we are talking about. But I’m sure their used to it by now.

Edward how do I stop being a werewolf?

“You can’t. But you can choose to stop phasing... though it depends on if Sam or Jacob needs you in the pack or not.”

No, I mean how do I phase back in to a um--- wait a second…who’s Sam, and Jacob?

“Look, we’ll explain everything later. But I can’t exactly tell you how to change back. Just stop being angry and---” I cut him off.

But I’m not angry I---I---I don’t know! I’m just so confused! Please help me!” I started sobbing quietly. They could all tell I was upset. I got many pity looks.

“It’ll be fine Cass, don’t worry. Your fine. I have an idea.” … “Emmett back away from her.”

I then realized that Emmett was next to me again and was completely ok like nothing ever happened to him. Not a scratch. I was so incredibly happy. But why---why would Edward tell him to back away? I need him now more than ever!

“It’s ok, I just wanna see something.” Edward reassured me, obviously listening to my thoughts again.

As Emmett backed away from me, I felt another tingling sensation begin in my body again. I was shrinking; the hair was going away; and in a few short milliseconds I was back to my human self. But...BUT WITH NO CLOTHS! I blushed so hard I might just have invented a new shade of red. I began using my arms to cover as I ran behind a bush. I was very grateful that none of them saw me, thanks to their uncanny ability to turn their heads at the speed of lightning.

“Yeah, didn’t think about that. I’m so sorry Cassidy; I completely forgot that would happen.”

Before Edward even finished his sentence, Esme, Alice, and Bella came to my rescue with a fresh pair of cloths (A French dress to my dismay, though of course Alice was very pleased with her sneaky self.)

I finished getting dressed behind the bushes when everybody went back inside except for Emmett.

“Hey. Are you feeling better?” He asked, concerned. He had a hard expression.

“Yeah. I guess.” I breathed. “I have a lot to think about tonight don’t I?”

“You sure do.” He replied. “Especially after we explain a few things to you, and bring Jacob in.”



“Who’s Jacob?”

“Oh, he’s a werewolf too. He’s around your age, but a little older. He can answer some questions that we can’t. Trust me, he can help you a whole lot more than we can.”

“Oh.” I huffed out a breath.

“Here, let’s go inside, we can talk.” He offered as he held the door open for me.

“Ok.” I sighed, getting ready to battle my fears and take over this nightmare. If I can live through it first.