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A Walk in the Moonlight

A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for secrets to be shed, surprises to be shared, and a twist that can alter all in their world. A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for someone to find a monster in someone they thought they could trust, learn of something they know will change their life forever, and will either destroy or shed light on a flame that can be reborn to it's extent. ______________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone! I practically re-did the story! Well it's almost exactly the same but I just re-worded certain things. But it's all for the better! So please re-read the entire thing because I may have added a few things and chapters. ;) Enjoy!

Do you want to find out the secrets? Surprises? The twist? Do you want to know about the monster that someone could trust? Something that will change their life? the flame that can be reborn to it's extent? Then read on. -Liliana Luna Raine (my vamp name)

19. A Big Decision

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Chapter 22: A Big Decision

“Ok I’m done.” Alice said cheerfully when she was done playing beautify the-poor-defenseless-girl-like-a-Barbie-doll with me. I was wearing an onyx royal blue strapless dress, by Jovani. And I had enough make up on to look like a clown…as if these heels weren’t enough of a hazard.

Emmett met up with me downstairs in my living room and I had the satisfaction of watching his jaw drop. At least there was ONE upside to looking like this…for once I look decent compared to him. We pulled up in his garage, and as soon as the car stopped, he was immediately at the other side of my door opening it for me. What a gentlemen.

I then heard a roaring laughter from inside the house which sounded like Edward and Jasper. Edward probably heard my thoughts. A big crooked smile broke out on my face. It was practically a smirk.

We went inside and I realized what I had just gotten myself into. A gigantic cake stood on a tall glass table in the middle of the room, streamers hung near the back wall, reading Happy Birthday Cass! And flower petals scattered all over the tile on the floor, and every inch of table top visible. Alice went WAY overboard on throwing me this birthday party. Oh this is gonna be just great. At least Em is here with me for this. This party will be fun…but yet still annoying at the same time. Thanks Alice!

* * *

“Wait” Emmett hesitated. “Save mine for last” he finished, pointing to his gift for me.

“Ok. Ill save the best for last” I told him, smiling.

I unwrapped the rest of my gifts which turned out to be Chrystal earrings from Alice and Jasper, Plane tickets to somewhere that I have no clue of, from Esme and Carlisle. Emmett said he’d tell me later. Sure. And a book called “The Vampire Diaries” from Edward and Bella. Figures. But Bella does know that I’m into vampire books. Then all that was left was Emmett’s little box. The best things come in small packages! So I grabbed it, but when I was about to lift the little lid, he took it, oh so gently, out of my grip, and then got down on one knee as if to tie his shoe, but his shoes didn’t need to be tied. What’s going on? Then he did the LAST thing I expected. He opened the lid. And the words coming out of his mouth showed me of the love and devotion he had for me.

“Cassidy Willow Love, I love you with every fiber in my being, every part of my soul, I will love you forever, and I mean forever. We’ve known each other for a year and I hope to know you for many more. Whatever the decision, I will back you up. I will be at your side for as long as you shall live. Cassidy my love, will you marry me?”