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A Walk in the Moonlight

A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for secrets to be shed, surprises to be shared, and a twist that can alter all in their world. A walk in the moonlight is all it takes for someone to find a monster in someone they thought they could trust, learn of something they know will change their life forever, and will either destroy or shed light on a flame that can be reborn to it's extent. ______________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone! I practically re-did the story! Well it's almost exactly the same but I just re-worded certain things. But it's all for the better! So please re-read the entire thing because I may have added a few things and chapters. ;) Enjoy!

Do you want to find out the secrets? Surprises? The twist? Do you want to know about the monster that someone could trust? Something that will change their life? the flame that can be reborn to it's extent? Then read on. -Liliana Luna Raine (my vamp name)

2. Invincible; The Vision

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Chapter 2: Invincible

I stared at him, horrified. And I could tell by the way the entire

parking lot fell silent, that the few people that were there saw the blade he was now holding.

"Der-Derek?" I said, stuttering, completely and undoubtedly terrified.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked. So scared that I was shaking.

"Why did you say no? You didn't have to LIE and make up some EXCUSE like EVERY OTHER GIRL OUT THERE!"

"D-Derek, I really am busy...please believe me, I'm not lying. I'm not like every other girl." I was on the verge of crying now.

"You’re LYING!" he screamed at me. And before I could even blink, I felt a warm liquid draining out of my right arm. He cut me.

He was about to lunge for the second time when I saw a massive figure appear, hurl himself almost inhumanly fast toward us and jump in between us.

I suddenly heard an unmistakably loud CRUNCH that I realized was Derek's nose. He just got punched by this big guy!

I looked around the big guy, towards the stupid a**hole that cut me, and saw the knife on the ground to the left, and to the right, Derek holding his crooked nose which was bleeding. Serves him right! But when I noticed his nose bleeding...it also looked like that big guy wasn't breathing. I'm sure he was breathing though. Still...how odd.

At that moment, Derek was stupid enough to try to even fight back. So he tried to punch the big guy. But when Derek's fist was only inches away from his face, the big guy caught it in his own, and with the slightest movement of his buffed out hand, I heard another sickening snap and a cry of pain. "Oops." He said, all too innocently.

"And if you EVER mess with her EVER again...you will be NEUTERED! NO! You will WISH you were neutered after you find out what I'LL have in store for you! So don't EVER COME NEAR HER.AGAIN!" He threatened.

After that threat, I wasn't so surprised that the not-so-tough-guy-after-all ran off crying to his mommy. :(

The big guy turned around to face me with a face full of emotions that I recognized to be...anger, amused, concerned, worried, confusion, and most of all, an emotion or expression that I couldn't exactly name...control maybe? Well whatever it is, I don't care. Because this guy just saved my life.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. And I'm Emmett by the way.” I said, as a replay of what just happened began playing in my head.

* * *

-Beginning of flashback-

"Look!" I said to Alice, who was standing next to me as we were walking to the car. "Some dorky kid is trying to ask this new girl out. Doesn't that remind you of anyone?" I asked.

"Stop being stupid and just get in the car Emmett. Or you can walk home!" Alice yelled.

Day-um! For being so small she sure is HUGELY annoying! One little attempt at messing with her shoe collection and she throws a "Pixie-fit"!

"Sheesh Aly, you can be SOO RUUDE sometimes." I complained.

"Well SORRY if I—" She immediately got that distant, glassy kind of look in her eyes that made her look like her head was somewhere else completely (figuratively speaking). It was a look everyone knew.

I forgot all about the bickering we just went through and raced to my sister. "Alice...what do you see?" I questioned.

"I see...that girl over there, the new girl, Cassidy...getting...getting stabbed by that guy next to her, Derek." She answered.

"Shit." I whispered to myself.

"You have to go save her Emmett!" She squeaked.

"Go!" she shouted at me. So I ran over to her just in time, right before he lunged for the kill.

-End of flashback-

* * *

"You shouldn't be sorry about anything Emmett! You just saved my life!" She exclaimed.

"Thank you so much! I will forever be in your debt. And I'm Cassidy." She smiled.

She has no idea what "forever" means in my book. 'Cause in that book..."forever"...means forever.

"Aahh, it was nothi—" A gust of wind swept through us. I smelt warm, luscious blood. My instincts were trying to overthrow my control, but I showed them whose boss by inhaling one painful breath, and gaining back my full control.

"I need to get you to a doctor." I said, trying not to use all of the air in my lungs. And I'm surprised she forgot all about her cut.

"No!" she yelled. Suspiciously, a little too quickly.

"Are you sure? Let me at least take you to my father. He's a doctor so he can help. He's good with this kind of stuff." He should be! With Bella falling down every other day!

"I'm fine. Really." She said back.

"Ok, but can I at least just take you to my house to get you looked at?" I asked, concerned. Why did I feel so protective?

"Fine. But no needles." AHAH! So she's scared of a needle?!

"Why would he use a needle?"

"I don't know. Just promise no needles." She ordered.

"Umm...ok, whatever. No needles." I promised.

"Great! Let's go." she said, as she headed the opposite way from where the car was.

"Uhh...ya...the cars umm...this way." I said trying not to be rude. Then I saw her turn around and head the other way. I chuckled silently to myself. This ought’a be interesting.