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Bella life is far from perfect. Her different apearence and personality makes her stand out from the usual crowd. One night a gang of ordinary school kids try to murder her. But, her 'prince charming' turns up and saves her. Happy endings? Far from it...

I hope you like this story. It's gonna be different from the usual stuff I do. A change. I think its going to be better too, I can relate more to Bella.

2. Warm

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The first thing I felt was his warm hands grip the tops of my arms. His boiling palms seemed to sting against my cold skin. His grip tightened as he pulled me gracefully out of the ocean. He then placed me onto the dry sand.

I spluttered the remains of the ocean water back out of my lungs. My chest felt heavy with wet water and my eyes drooped with exhaustion. The cold wind whipped around my bare arms, making me shiver violently. But, I forced myself to open my eyes. I forced myself his face.

His kneeled over me, concern filling him. His big brown were almost impossible to look away from, the quality dazzled me. Long, straight, black hair covered his framed face. He was possibly the most perfect human being I had ever seen.

Was this really the guy that saved me from drowning? Then I realised that I had stopped breathing. I quickly drew in a quick breath of air to make up for the oxygen loss. One thousand questions came into my head at once. Where had he come from? Why was he here? How did he spot me in the vast ocean? Where had the others gone? Had he scared them off?

The without speaking the saviour took off his jacket, black leather, and wrapped it around my cold shoulders. He then picked my up in his long arms and started carrying me back down the beach. He held me close against his chest, which was warm despite the cold night.

I felt safe inside his arms, too safe. Like there was some sort of barrier around the both of us which protected us from any danger that may come our way. Infact I was not viable to walk away from his touch, his smell, his eyes. He seemed like an angel that had come down from the sky to pull me out of this endless depression. To scare away my living nightmares. Surely I would still see him after tonight, hopefully.

The moon was now invisible in the dark cloudy sky. I couldn’t see out far into the ocean because of lack of light. Sharp, fierce, ocean spray winds circled us, making it colder than could be possible. The cliff faces seemed more menacing in the night, every jagged edge was highlighted. It looked like each rock could topple over and bury us anytime soon.

My eyelids drooped unwillingly, even though I protested. I didn’t want to let sleep take over, I wanted to relive this moment forever. But, even though I tried my hardest sleep was the only thing that wouldn’t back off. It cornered me, coming from all sides. The only thing that seemed possible was to give in, but I didn’t let that possibility to enter my mind. Never. But even though I didn’t let sleep overcome me, it creeped up unexpectedly. Before I knew it I was under, drifting into a nightmare.

I awoke to a cracking fire. Orange, red and yellow flames danced together, producing a hypnotising display. Heat radiated off of the flames, making me warmer than I was before. Blackness shadowed the parts of the room which had no light, the fires light only covered so much of the space. This made me curious. What was hiding inside the shadows? I could also hear no noise, nothing eliminated the element of mystery.

My stomach was no longer twisted with sickness, and I no longer felt taken over by the sea’s water. Apart from my eyes adjusting to the little light, I felt fine.

But the main question that stuck inside my head was: Who saved my from drowning? He had come out of the darkness, saving me from dying, and now he was nowhere to be found. Although, I had a sick feeling that he had taken me here, laid me down next to a lit fire to keep me warm. Part of me had this massive desire to meet him, to see his face in person, to know who he is and to know why he even cared about my welfare.

Slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible, I rose from the couch and crept away from where I was lying. My eyes soon adjusted to the darkness, making it possible to see the outline of the objects which were placed in the room.

A long table was placed along the back wall, its dark brown paint was chipped. Upon the table were stacks and stacks of CD’s were piled high. Wow, he was a real music collector! I ran my finger along the plastic spines, reading each one as I went along; Follow The Leader, Korn; Avendged Sevenfold, Avendged Sevenfold; ; Toxicity, System Of A Down; The Sickness, Disturbed; Metamorphosis, Papa Roach. And he has awesome music taste…no his music taste was far beyond awesome.

My eyes drifted to the next item on the table when I heard a noise behind me. The noise caught my by shock and I span around quickly to see what was there.

He stood straight with no expression on his face. His brow creased and his lips pursed. Narrow brown eyes pierced my dazed mind. He didn’t seem this perfect in my memory, nothing could seem this perfect. His long black hair was just as flawless as it has been in in my blurred memory. Although his big hands were now balled into tight fists.

He spoke through clamped teeth. “Can I help you?”