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Bella life is far from perfect. Her different apearence and personality makes her stand out from the usual crowd. One night a gang of ordinary school kids try to murder her. But, her 'prince charming' turns up and saves her. Happy endings? Far from it...

I hope you like this story. It's gonna be different from the usual stuff I do. A change. I think its going to be better too, I can relate more to Bella.

4. Love

Rating 5/5   Word Count 658   Review this Chapter

What was I going to tell him? I didn’t want to explain that I was a walking target, that everyone found amusement in my pain. I didn’t want to describe that this had happened all too many times before. He would think I was this major nerd. A worthless human, but, then again, I already knew that.

“I fell in the sea by accident, it’s hard to see when it’s so dark,” my voice was barely a whisper.

“Really?” It was easy to hear the doubt in his husky voice. “If you fell in, then how did you get so far out?”

“The current carried me,” I lied.

“And why were there sniggering kids laughing at you?”

That question I could find no lie for. The only answers seemed beyond imaginable, and my mind wasn’t working properly. I knew there was no way out of this. So instead of answering I just stayed silent. I know it was stubborn of me, but I didn’t want to have to admit that I supplied the school with jokes just for my looks. I didn’t want to feel ashamed again.

“Okay,” he chuckled, “don’t tell me.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

We continued to walk down the cobbled road, the whole time my heart was pounding at one million miles per hour. I could feel the closeness between us, the heat was radiating off of his muscular body. I could sense how close his hand was to mine, I had to ball my fingers into fists to prevent me from touching his skin. Most importantly, I could feel the sparks flying in the air between us, sizzling as they hit each other.

When we reached the cottage Jake led me to the couch. He gathered two blankets and smoothed them down on the cushions. The orange fire was still crackling. It’s flames as hypnotising as before.

“One sec…” He said while running up the thin steps which went upstairs.

I didn’t move for the whole time he was gone, only blinking when was necessary. Last time I way too curious. After two minutes he remerged with a handful of clothes.

“You might want to change out of those wet clothes, surely they can’t be comfortable.” He then chucked me a pair of grey sweats and a black Iron Maiden t-shirt. Have I mentioned before his great taste in music?

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Err, I’ll leave you to it,” he said and followed his words.

Silently I tugged off my soggy clothes and pulled on the sweats and t-shirt. Is it weird that I find the smell so appetizing? I took a deep breath and inhaled the musky fragrance. I then laid my wet clothes next to the warm fire, with hope it would dry them. I then slipped into the improvised bed and snuggled against the Jake smelling pillows.

Everything he owned was now surrounding me, making my head spin with the thought of love. Love. Do I love him? I’ve only known him for about eight hours, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never felt like this around anyone before. The feeling was so overwhelming that I can’t even start to describe my longing for him. My incredible passion to see him again.

My mind didn’t fail to wonder if he could possibly love me back? But, then my common sense interrupted and informed me that someone so sweet and mature couldn’t love someone at the flick of a switch. Jake couldn’t love me already. I thought that love was something that grew in time, something that blossomed with maturity.

One thing that I was now certain of is that, I knew the feelings in which I felt, and I’ve never been so certain that it was love. I only hoped that the love would be strong enough for him to love me back.

And that was how I fell asleep. Silently debating in my mind.