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Bella life is far from perfect. Her different apearence and personality makes her stand out from the usual crowd. One night a gang of ordinary school kids try to murder her. But, her 'prince charming' turns up and saves her. Happy endings? Far from it...

I hope you like this story. It's gonna be different from the usual stuff I do. A change. I think its going to be better too, I can relate more to Bella.

5. Sunlight

Rating 5/5   Word Count 952   Review this Chapter

I awoke sun spraying in through open curtains. It peeked up from behind the now settled sea, caressing the waves. Throwing great gold streaks across the silent room, making it even more magical. The fire still had a glow on the charcoaled logs, with memories of last night.

I could now see clearly Jake’s cottage. Cabinets were lined up against the back wall with stacks of CD’s piled high. A black, twelve string guitar was hung on the white wall. Photo’s were scattered above the fire’s mantelpiece. Something about the room caused Goosebumps on my bare arms and I didn’t know what. My salty clothes still lay next to the dimming fire, now dry.

“Good morning,” a husky voice announced from behind me.

I turned around to see Jake’s perfect face coming down the stairs. His long brown hair still remained straight, almost like he had never slept in the first place. His bare chest was exposed. Was I going to faint? Because I certainly felt that way. Why was he so damn handsome?!

“’Morning,” I said back, my voice on edge.

With that he disappeared into an open door way. My feet were now moving by themselves, without warning I was now following Jake. Oh, god! Why did I have to be such an embarrassment to myself?

Cream tiles covered the kitchen floor, making the sun bounce of them in different directions. Thick oak cupboards circled the outside of the kitchen. In the centre of the room was a small, old table, with two seats around either side….and then there was Jake. He was leaning against the antique cooker, arms crossed, and legs crossed. He was looking directly at me, his big brown eyes held care in them, and his lips were preoccupied with a priceless smile. I wished I had a camera so I could take a picture of him, and I would treasure it forever. Ah…

“You look like you’ve just been dragged through a bush!” He laughed.

I couldn’t help but smile myself. “I probably do. But, on the other hand, you look the complete opposite.” Damn it! Why did I just say that! Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?

“Thanks.” All the while he was speaking his eyes never left mine, and somehow I couldn’t pull mine away from his either. “So,” that’s when he caught himself staring at me, “what would you like for breakfast?”

“Anything,” I said freely.

“Okay, pancakes it is.” He turned around and started pulling ingredients and pans out of the cupboards. He really looked like a he knew what he was doing as well!

“I’ll help,” I offered and jumped over to him. Why was my mouth working by it’s self today? I can’t cook! Infact, last time I cooked I ended up burning away three of my dreadlocks!…This should be good….

“Okay then.” He passed me four eggs, a bowl, and a fork.

So, I may not be cooking smart, but I knew that you had to crack the eggs then whisk them. Right? Well, I did it anyway. Carefully I pounded the egg onto the side of the bowl. It silent fell in leaving half of the shell in my hand, the other side was floating around in the liquid egg. I peeped over my shoulder to see if Jake was watching me, and was pleased to find his muscular back bent over the cooker. So I stewed the pieces of shell out, trying to look as innocent as I could. The next egg I tried to do with more grace and precision. But, instead I ended up whacking it against the side of the china and the yolk fell all over the clean floor. Damn! I bent down in attempt to gather it up - I had no idea how that would happen! But, being the klutz I was, I slipped on the raw egg and landed right on my back.

The next thing I saw was Jake’s face peering over me. “Are you okay?”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled, “could you just give me a hand getting up?”

“Sure.” He took his free hand (the other was carrying yet another bowl) and offered me up.

Ah, his hand inside mine. Oh, how good that felt! But, before I even had time to let the impact of his skin set in both of us fell onto the ground. Darn, did I just pull him over with me too? Why the hell do I always embarrass myself?

I looked over at Jake, the corners of his mouth were pulled up as he laughed. The sound was like cherubs ringing bells made by a Greek god. One thing I knew, and that was that the sound was infectious. I found myself laughing too. The view must of looked pretty weird from someone else’s point of view.

“Sorry,” I managed to say between laughs.

“You look like a ghost!” Was all Jake could say.

I looked down at my body to find Jake’s borrowed clothes drenched in white flour, it must have been all over my face too….Well, if I was going down, he had to be dragged down too. I got a handful of flour from my clothes and threw it at him, covering his tanned skin ivory.

“You didn’t just do that,” he said in a sarcastic voice.


That’s when the flour fight began, all I could see was the blur of faint colour underneath all the whiteness. We were play wrestling each other on the tiled floor. Rolling around like five year olds, it felt good. Like all the responsibility of life had flown away.

I don’t think this day could get any better!!!