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I'm Back

basically edward never came back and bella was changed. i dont want to give away too much but bella has met a new guy and edward comes back into her life. now, who will get dumped? who will bella marry? who will die?

last chapter is here!

this is my first story so please reveiw and tell me how good it is. oh and I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

1. Chapter 1 You're Here Too?

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“Turn the volume down” Jamie said from the backseat to Luke in the passenger seat

“No way! I love this song!” he yelled as he turned it up louder.

“I said turn it down!” Jamie was screaming now

“And I said no!” Luke yelled back.

“Okay enough! Turn it down and no more fighting” Joe called from the driver’s seat.

“Thanks Joe” Sara said throwing a grateful glance to him.

“Yeah I don’t think I could have handled another minute of them fighting” I told them.

“Well neither could I Bella” Joe replied Jamie and Luke hadn’t said anything since Joe blew up and we all sat back in the silence.

Jamie and Sara looked out the backseat windows while Joe and Luke looked out the windshield.

I was wedged in the middle of Jamie and Sara so I closed my eyes and thought of how this coven came to be.

I had taken a walk in the forest next to the house. I was going to think about why He- It still hurt to think his name after 57 years- left. I felt a cold hand around my arm and I turned around to see Victoria looking down at me and then she bit me. I was almost drained when Jamie and Joe pulled her off me and helped me through the transformation. Next we were traveling through Maine and we met Luke and Sara.

We have been together ever since. We all had our special talents; Joe knew everything about someone just by looking at them.

Jamie had total mind control. Luke could levitate objects.

Sara could heal any type of illness or injury and I could project force fields.

The Volturi had asked us to join them at one point but we told them that we wouldn’t drink humans and they left us alone.

Now Joe was forcing us to live in Oregon. Astoria, Oregon to be exact I wasn’t exactly thrilled we were moving again but I went along because Joe and Jamie were our leaders and none of us dared to disobey.

“We’re here” Joe said snapping me out of my reverie.

“Finally I thought we would never get here.” Sara complained. I stepped out of the car and looked at the house and gasped there was the strong sent of other vampires surrounding the place.

“Um… Joe?” I asked

“Yeah Bella?” he looked at me handing me my bag

“Did you buy this place from other vampires?” I new my face looked worried

“Oh… yeah about that… you see I didn’t buy this house we are merging our coven with this one” he explained.

As he said this last part he walked off toward the house and left me standing there. I sniffed the air again and smelled a horribly familiar sent Edward’s

“Bella are you okay?” Jamie asked out of concern

“Yeah” it was just a whisper but I knew she could hear me.

“Umm… Bella these are the vampires from your past aren’t they?” Sara asked joining our conversation.

“Uh huh” I felt weak in the knees. There was the sound of Joe knocking on the door then the familiar voice of Esme welcoming him.

Then right when I was about to run I heard her gasp “Bella?” Shoot…