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I'm Back

basically edward never came back and bella was changed. i dont want to give away too much but bella has met a new guy and edward comes back into her life. now, who will get dumped? who will bella marry? who will die?

last chapter is here!

this is my first story so please reveiw and tell me how good it is. oh and I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

11. Chapter 11Do or Die

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"Bella?" someone called from downstairs. After my run in with Emma, I had started cleaning the clear as crystal, broken glass from my getaway. "I'm in my room!" I hollered back to them. In a second (not even), Edward stood in my room bending down and picked up a shard of the glass. "Esme told me you were looking for me…" he said softly, without looking up from the piece of glass. Then I remembered the beautiful necklace I had on my couch. "Yes, I wanted to talk to you about this," I held out the necklace for him. He took it gingerly in his pale hand and asked, "How did you get this?" "When I went into Washington, I ran through the forest and found our meadow with this in it," I explained, pointing at the necklace. "I bought this for you 56 years ago…One year away from you, was the hardest thing I had endured. So, I bought this, and hoped that you would forgive me. When I returned, I went straight to your room. Only to find that your smell was gone… It smelled like dog. So, I went to La Push, but as soon as I got to the border your smell was just as stale as your room. Finally, I returned to your house and talked to Charlie. As soon as he was done blaming me, he told me that you had taken a walk in the woods and vanished. So I set off, trying to find you… When I smelled Victoria, I knew you were dead, so I ran to our meadow and put this under a stone then ran off to Italy and the Volturi. I would have made it to, if it wasn't for Alice. From then on my family thwarted every attempt I made at my existence. It became a game for Emmett," He chuckled darkly. "The Who-Can Stop-Edward-From-Killing- Himself-First game. His tactic was to tie me up with chains and watch me break free… Then tie me up again until I stopped," he continued. I almost, almost laughed, but didn't instead. I turned around, walked to the door and closed it. Then I went back to Edward. I took the necklace from him and put it around my neck, "thank you," I whispered. I then hugged him and walked out. As I walked down the stairs (thank god I don’t trip down them like usual…), Dylan met me. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my forehead and said, "I thought you were gone!" "I only went for a walk… a very long walk, yes, but still a walk." "Yes, well, it seemed that your walks have been getting longer and more frequent." "I'm sorry," I said sticking my lower lip out in a pout. "It's okay," He sighed as his arms wrapped around me; giving me another hug. Then he noticed my necklace. "What's this?" he asked curiously. "Nothing, nothing," I said trying to think of another non-related subject, but I ended up with nothing…nada, zip, zero… "C'mon,” he said persistently, grabbing it. He flipped it over and read the back then growled, "Why are you wearing this?!" He hissed as he jabbed a finger to the necklace. " “He was kind to me at one point, and besides I rejected him anyway," I assured him. He growled again and snapped the chain from around my throat. My hand went up to stop him, but all I felt was my rock hard throat. "Dylan, give it back," I pleaded. "You are mine Bella, all mine! I won’t have anyone else give you gifts like this!" He said his tone icy. "Please?" I whispered. He shook his head no and bolted for my room. That only meant one thing: the final battle in Edward and Dylan's war. I ran upstairs after Dylan my mind flooding with human memories. The most dominant memory was the one of Edward and I laying in the meadow talking. I realized that, that was when he had told me that he was a vampire. Oh my, Edward I'm so sorry… I kept thinking, wishing that he could hear my thoughts. I got to my room and threw open the door that revealed Dylan pinning Edward to the ground and Edward wasn't even fighting. "No!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. That sent everyone in the house to my room. When the saw what was happening, they stopped all of their questions and stared in shock. "Edward please fight!" Esme pleaded her eyes desperate. He gave us all a glance that said, “Sorry,” and one last loving look at me and let Dylan have him. "Edward!" I screamed and threw myself into the fight between them. A body flew into me knocking me to the ground. "Bella! Stay out of this!" Edward said his voice filled with command; he hurriedly angled himself in front of me, protecting me. Dylan ran at him sending him crashing into the wall. I saw the love in Edward's eyes and charged Dylan, all of my love for him gone and all of my love for Edward returned. Dylan stepped aside gracefully and rammed him into the opposite wall. Emmett jumped in now tag teaming Edward. Dylan didn't look scared like he should have looked. Instead he looked merely annoyed, his eyes turned black... It was when Emmett was about to pounce that I noticed Emma concentrating on Dylan. Emmett attacked, but with a nod of Emma's head Dylan was out of harms way, awaiting Emmett's next move. Edward jumped in and he and Emmett tried to attack from both sides. With a small blink from Emma, he was by my couch. I also noticed that Dylan was also standing by Emma at my door. Than I realized that she was cloning him. I jumped on Emma and all of her concentration was gone. The Dylan clone disappeared. As soon as I had her down the real Dylan tried to take me off her, but Edward got him down too and soon there was total chaos. The Profit's and Cullen's were fighting each other, meanwhile my family stood there, trying to figure out who the help and who to fight. "Help the Cullen's!" I yelled at them, but did they listen to me? No, they just stood there like idiots. I growled as Emma slashed at me. I tried to fight back, but she bit my chest just inches below my throat. That sent my family into action seeing that the Profits (jeez, they were total idiots!) were the bad guys. They joined the Cullen's and started battling. I glanced over at Edward, and saw that he and Dylan were fighting fiercer than anybody else in my room. My attention was turned back to my fight when Emma bit me again and this time getting closer to my jugular. "You're going to die today, Bella," she sneered. I didn't want to kill her, but after sixty something years, my survival instincts finally kicked in and I lunged at her and bit down hard on her throat. I felt the venom of my mouth seeping into her skin as she cried out in pain. I bit down three more times and whispered evilly (wow, I never been evil in my life before…) in her ear, "Not this time." She let out one more terrified screech then became dead silent. Her eyes now glazed over, and all the light had gone from them. I knew Emma would not be back.