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I'm Back

basically edward never came back and bella was changed. i dont want to give away too much but bella has met a new guy and edward comes back into her life. now, who will get dumped? who will bella marry? who will die?

last chapter is here!

this is my first story so please reveiw and tell me how good it is. oh and I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

12. Chapter 12 The End of the Beginning

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After I was sure Emma was gone, I looked over at Edward and Dylan. Dylan was throwing blow after blow, but Edward met each one with another, more powerful blow of his own... He looked like he could take care of himself, so I went to find someone who needed help. Jasper and Alice were against Stephen, while Emmett and Rosalie against Ryan, Carlisle and Esme against Lisa, and Jamie and Joe against Kate. Luke and Sara were helping wherever that was needed… I glanced over at Edward again and saw that he was standing up and taking out a pack of matches. He picked up Dylan's lifeless body and looked pointedly at Emma's. I picked her up and followed him downstairs and outside. He dropped the body and struck a match then threw it down on Dylan and watched with a murderously look as it burst into flames. I put Emma down and he repeated the process. We stood there, just looking down at the burning bodies. When I finally got the ability to speak again, he beat me to the punch. "Bella? Are you okay?" he asked anxiously. "Yeah I’m fine," I said, wondering what he meant. He put his hand on my throat and said, "That was a really bad bite." Then I remembered about the bite that Emma had given me before I killed her. "It's nothing," I said, but when Edward's fingers moved away it started to burn. I hissed and Edward took out some gauze and put it on my wound. "I thought so," he chuckled, and then took the gauze away. The bite was gone now all I had was a faint scar. "We'd better get back to the fight," he said as I nodded and ran back to my room. The only other person still fighting against us was Lisa, but she was wearing out fast. When she fell, all of the bodies were burned. "Well that's, that," Carlisle said sadly. We all nodded and as I looked around at my new family. I realized that everyone's eyes were black. "Does anyone want to go hunting?" I asked as they all nodded simultaneously. "Okay then, let's load up," Edward said. I'm not sure how, but Edward and I ended up in a car all by ourselves. We needed some big game, so we all headed up to Yellowstone to see what we could find. While we were driving, Edward spoke, "Bella, I'm not sure if it's the right time, but you still haven't answered my question." I thought for a moment, racking my brains, trying to figure out what question he was talking about. Then it hit me, he wanted me to marry him. ‘Duh! Bella Stupid. Stupid Bella how could you forget?!’ I told myself. "Edward, I haven't had much time to think it over. I mean you only asked me two days ago and those have been packed with drama." His face started to fall… "I'll let you know after I get something to eat," I amended. He nodded and asked another question, "Have you checked in on Charlie lately?" "No," I said sheepishly. I wanted too, but I didn't want to risk getting caught. "You should," He answered. Then we arrived. I stepped out of the car and instantly smelled a wolf. It pained me when I found out, but my favorite type of blood was wolf. I would never let Jake know that though. I could tell by the way Edward was standing, he smelled some mountain lion. I sniffed the air and smelled faint traces of it too. "You promise to give me an answer after we hunt?" he asked. "I promise," I said solemnly. He nodded once and took off after his prey. I looked around and saw the rest of the coven doing the same. I smelled the air one more time and located the wolf about a mile south of here I mentally calculated. Then I was off, running as fast as I could towards the wolf. It was getting dark and the moon was just coming out. I saw the animal under a tree, pointing its nose, getting ready to howl. I stopped suddenly, waiting for it to give one last beautiful sound, before it went to the big forest in the sky. The noise was beautiful and I listened to the howl in a trance like state. I thought about what I was going to say to Edward when I got back… You loved him! I shouted at myself. He loves you; he was the only love you will ever have… Even when Dylan kissed you, it was never the same as when he would. But he left me, he doesn't love me. Then why would he propose to you? I stumped myself; I guess he did love me. It must be like he said it was: all a lie. "He does love me," I whispered so I wouldn’t scare the wolf away. Told you so. I said to myself. I smiled I knew what I would say. The wolf finished the howl, and I lunged at it, snapping its neck quickly so it wouldn’t feel pain. Then I drank deeply, almost feeling my eyes turn back to gold. After this one, I was finished. It was a big wolf, but not as big as some I knew. I ran back to the cars and waited for everyone else to hurry up. Edward was the first one back. We hadn’t say anything for a while and finally Edward asked, "Have you come to a conclusion?" I nodded mutely then threw my arms around him and shouted, "Yes! I love you and I never want to live without you. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen I will marry you!" He laughed then started kissing me, and I happily kissed back. "You know," He said, "Alice is going to want to play dress up with you and plan the wedding and be your maid of honor. Come to think of it so will Esme and Rosalie and Sara and Jamie." My eyes widened in false horror and I playfully said, "Never mind, I don't think I will marry you." "Oh yes you will," he said then kissed me again, had I been human my heart would have skipped a beat. When we stopped kissing I spoke again, "Alright you win I'll marry you." He chuckled and then we heard high-pitched squeals coming from all of the girls in the coven. "Alice must have seen it," I said. Soon, our family surrounded us Edward was getting clapped on the back by the boys and the girls were hugging me. I never was happier, but then Edward said, "Perhaps it's time we paid a visit to Charlie."