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I'm Back

basically edward never came back and bella was changed. i dont want to give away too much but bella has met a new guy and edward comes back into her life. now, who will get dumped? who will bella marry? who will die?

last chapter is here!

this is my first story so please reveiw and tell me how good it is. oh and I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

5. Chapter 5 Edward Meet My Boyfriend

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I spent that night picking out the right outfit for the next when phase 2 was going into action. All of us were going to school except Carlisle, Esme, Jamie, and Joe who were going to work. We were all ready at six am but since school didn't open until eight thirty my family (the Fleming's) got to spend some quality time with the Cullen's. I decided I would take a rain check and ran up to my room to read. In three hours we left for school in Jasper's new SUV. Luke was grumbling the entire way because he had to leave his prized Jeep at our old house. This was the first day for all of us and the story was that Carlisle and Esme were very close friends with Joe and Jamie so the bought a house together and both family's are living there now. Edward, Alice, Emmett, and Sara are siblings and so are Luke, Rosalie, Jasper and myself. As we walked to the office Edward went up and asked for our schedules. The secretary looked baffled and scattered papers all over the desk looking for them. When she found them she handed them to Edward with shaking hands. Edward thanked her and turned back to us. I looked at my schedule and realized that Edward and I had almost every class together. I also saw that all of us had lunch and PE together. We walked out of the office and into the crowded quad area. This was perfect for my plan. I quickly detached myself from our group and looked for a boy that would make Edward jealous. Before I got too far away the bell rang signaling the beginning of the day. Edward found me and said "I'm sorry for yelling last night." I looked at him and said "I'm not" His face looked shocked but he regained his composure and caught up with me again. When we walked into the classroom we both stiffened immediately. There was the smell of another vampire in the room. My eyes scanned the place and they rested on a face that I thought I would never see again. "Dylan!" I said quietly I knew he would hear I started walking to him. He whispered "Bella?" I nodded and took a seat next to him. I had met Dylan when we lived in Maine and when we moved to Canada I had left him and his family. The teacher walked in and made Edward and I introduce ourselves. After I took my seat again Dylan asked to quietly for the teacher to hear "I thought I would never see you again" I replied, "Well when we moved I thought that too," "So" he asked "what have you been up to?" "Missing you," I replied. I could have imagined it but I think Edward growled at that. "Oh so do you… want to get back together?" he asked. "We never broke up." I reminded him he smiled again then the bell rang signaling first period. Quickly I looked at Dylan's schedule we only had lunch together. I asked "Do you want to come over and have a contest after school?" He nodded and said "Sure" then we both left heading our separate ways. Edward caught up to me in the hall and asked "What was that?" "What was what?" "That in there." He pointed to the classroom. "That was my boyfriend and I invited him and his family of to a game we used to play back in Maine." I answered and stalked off the history leaving him standing in the hallway stunned. The rest of first, second, third and fourth period passed in a blur and then it was time for lunch. I breezed through the lunch line grabbing anything that looked edible and went to go find Dylan. I saw him and his family sitting one table away from my family and the Cullen's. I walked pass them and my family seeing the Profit's too got up and followed me leaving the Cullen's looking confused. We spent lunch catching up with each other and then it was time for the last period of the day PE. We all walked to PE while the Profit's walked to French. Emmett Luke and Jasper were all happy heading there because PE was there favorite thing at school and Sara seemed to be enjoying hanging out with Alice and Rosalie. Edward was also up walking with the boys but he looked upset. I think it was because of that boyfriend thing I mentioned at the beginning of the day because he hadn't talked since. I hung back not talking to anyone and let PE pass without actually making an effort. I was too wrapped up in the thought of what the car ride home would be like and then what would happen when the Profit's came over tonight.