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I'm Back

basically edward never came back and bella was changed. i dont want to give away too much but bella has met a new guy and edward comes back into her life. now, who will get dumped? who will bella marry? who will die?

last chapter is here!

this is my first story so please reveiw and tell me how good it is. oh and I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

6. Chapter 6 The Contest

Rating 5/5   Word Count 546   Review this Chapter

After PE we all walked to the SUV and got in. Jasper started the engine and we pulled out of the parking space to wait in the line to get to the main road. I waited in the silence for Edward to blow up. His fists balled and he asked "What were you thinking?" I turned around to face him and asked "What do you mean?" "You know, inviting these vampires over to our house. We don't even know them!" his anger was rising. "Correction you don't know them we do." I stated pointing to Sara Luke and myself. He shrugged this of with another question "What's this contest anyway?" I sighed and started explaining "We made up this game in Maine where we find a song on the radio and whoever is it has to sing said song." It was pretty straightforward and but all the Cullen's looked confused. "What?" I asked. "Well why would you do that it doesn't seem like much fun." Alice told us. Sara smiled and said "The fun part is making the boys sing songs like Man! I Feel Like a Woman." She giggled. The Cullen's still didn't look convinced so I said, "You don't need to play if you don't want to." Besides it would be more fun without them. The rest of the car ride was silent. When we got home we all took five minutes to finish our homework then Luke, Sara and I started setting up the speakers and stage. When Carlisle, Esme, Joe and Jamie got home we told them about seeing the Profit's at school and inviting them over. Jamie and Joe were excited but Carlisle and Esme were like their children: wary. It was 5'o' clock when we heard a slight knock on the door. Luke answered it and Dylan, Lisa, Kate, Ryan, Steve and a new girl came in. We all got caught up with each other and we found out the new girl was named Emma. We introduced the Profit's to the Cullen's and then we started the contest. "Okay everyone," Lisa said, "who will go first?" Everyone pointed at Dylan. He glared at all of us except me. I got a please-help-me look. "Go on honey." I laughed. He narrowed his eyes and walked up on stage. "Let's see what we can find." Kate said with a small smile. She turned it to a station and Don't Cha was playing we all laughed as Dylan sang. When he was finished he choose Edward to go next. He walked up to the stage and sang Fergalicious. Other boys sang Girlfriend and Glamorous while girls sang Bad Day and Complicated. I couldn't help but notice how much Dylan looked like Edward. Finally it was my turn I was always last. The radio only had duets playing so someone would have to volunteer to sing with me. Edward did while Dylan hissed quietly. We had to sing From this Moment On and at the very end Edward leaned down and kissed me. Dylan jumped up on stage and roared "Get away from her!" Edward hissed at him and before anyone could jump in to break them up Edward lunged at Dylan. They started fighting and all we could do was watch it unfold.