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Immortal Exterminators

A video has surfaced after a thorough investigation of Aaron Daily's death. Nobody knows who the odd people are, except one group of people. They call themselves the immortal exterminators, or 'X'ers for short. They are stationed all around the world, ready to carry out their purpose. OC in 1st few chapters. They'll appear less and less as the story goes on. Post-BD.

I can't beleive I haven't seen a story like this out there yet. remember the part in BD where Aro is talking about the humans' weaponry getting more and more advanced? well, that's what the 'X'ers are. they have the machinery that the others don't, and have found out about vampires. Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I do own my OC's in here.

2. Proof

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Jacqueline Caldwell’s POV

I stopped behind a blue SUV in the lane across from a black sedan, two cars ahead. It was that black car that I had been following for twenty-three miles now. Such a grueling trip, but this would be totally worth it in the end.

The car inched forward in the slow traffic. I knew we were somewhere in Washington, though I had no idea where. I’d started following the car after recognizing the car back in Canada. It belonged to an investigative team, one especially made for murders. I always followed these kinds of cars for one reason and one reason only. Immortals. Any kind. They were usually linked to murders, and we ‘X’ers

are out to get rid of this nonsense.

The car pulled off the road and I made sure to follow while still staying a few cars behind. Nobody should know about our organization. Then the immortals might be alerted to our presence and our entire purpose in life would be useless.

Our machinery was sophisticated to say the least. It had the power to crunch stone and had that little something extra to get rid of the creatures quickly and efficiently. Fire. Of course, we had not been able to reach many of them so far, but I had a hunch that today would be the day of that big break. The day we could actually have something to go on versus just a few sightings.

I was forced to an abrupt stop as I realized the sedan had hit a dead end. I got out and looked around for where that investigative team could’ve gone. The shrubbery surrounding me held no clues to the solution. I was forced to look through the deep vegetation. Unfortunately, I had worn heels this morning. I slipped them off and threw them back into the car, having to walk barefoot the rest of the way.

I couldn’t see anyone out there until twenty minutes later. I could pick out about eight figures on the other side of a clearing. I picked up my pace, trying to get closer, faster. I felt a small poke in the bottom of my foot before it caused me to tip over. I hit my eye with my hand that had been trying to create a visor over my forehead to see more. All of a sudden, I couldn’t see out of my left eye.

Damn it! Contact’s gone again! Now where are those stupid glasses? I padded my expansive pockets for the large lump that I knew to be my glasses case, but it was not there. I looked around the spot I was standing in only to find my cherry red case popped open on the ground, broken glass and what used to hold it lying amidst the leaves. NO!! Now what do I do?! I pulled out my cell phone, closing my left eye so I could see the screen.

Eventually I found Candace, another member of the ‘X’ers, phone number in my contacts and hit send. She picked up right before I knew the voicemail message would come on.

“Hello?” she asked breathlessly.

“Hey Candace, its Jackie. I lost my contact again. Can you come help me? I’m in the Olympic rainforest, somewhere after a dead end. I don’t know where-“

“I’ve got you.”


“GPS. Told you that thing would come in handy, you didn’t want to believe me.”

I sighed. Ah, the fight over the GPS in the phones. I was against it because it cost quite a bit extra and seemed pretty useless, but Candace had insisted, not willing to walk out of the store without it. “Fine! You win! Now could you please come get me?”

“Be there as soon as I can. Good luck Jackie.”

She hung up then, leaving me with a dead line before I could say goodbye. Candace was one of my best friends, but sometimes she could get pretty annoying. She almost never agrees with what most people think and, even worse, her persuasion skills could not be matched. She truly was the master of persuasion.

I plopped down on the forest floor, only to stand right back up, realizing I had sat on the sharp branch sticking out of the ground that had made me fall the first time. I moved over a few feet towards the way I thought I had come, even though I couldn’t tell.

I tried to keep my left eye closed throughout the extra half hour I was there. I stared at the barely-there figures that I was surprised I could even make out, watching them move about the investigation site.

I wonder what this investigation is even about. I don’t see any other tracks, maybe it isn’t them. But then again, if it was, then I could miss out on the chance of a lifetime. And that was something you didn’t just let pass you by. You snapped it up and used it to the best of your ability. I needed to suck this up and deal with it.

I heard crunching behind me. Candace must be here. I turned around, and there she was, crunching the leaves behind me with her more sensible tennis shoes.

“There you are!” she exclaimed. “Think you got far enough away?”

I pointed to the investigation under way across the clearing.

“What? There’s nothing there,”

I whipped my head around. She was right, they were gone. Could it be?

“Did you see a Black Sedan next to my car?” I asked.

“No…….Jackie, what’s wrong?”

“I was following a team of investigators to this place. I thought they might be looking at an immortal case. They were right there a few minutes ago.”

“How about we go look?” She pulled me to my feet and we set across the large open spot. It took a while, but eventually we got to the other side. There was a small tent set up, next to a very-decayed body and what looked to be a dog bowl filled with standing water and surrounded by flies. There was a small video recorder next to the man’s hand. I picked it up and stuffed it in my pocket. There would be no battery power left in it anyway, I’d have to hook it up to a computer.

Candace had gone to search the tent. She came back out with nothing other than a few old sleeping bags. Maybe the guy had just been camping. I wonder how he died.

I swear I saw a flash of white and gold out of the corner of my eye. But it was gone almost instantaneously. Candace looked as if she had seen it too, but did not say anything.

Then I saw someone, a blonde man, coming towards us with a small black bag in his hand.

“Hello ladies,” he greeted us. “I’m sorry you had to see this poor man. I’m a doctor, and I can assure you he did not die in pain. I’m only here for a hike though.”

The gorgeous man pulled something out of his bag. All of a sudden, he was behind us. I felt a pinprick in my arm before a numbness started spreading through my body. I saw Candace looking like she had the same. I tried to stay awake, but it was too much. I found myself falling into a deep sleep.