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Immortal Exterminators

A video has surfaced after a thorough investigation of Aaron Daily's death. Nobody knows who the odd people are, except one group of people. They call themselves the immortal exterminators, or 'X'ers for short. They are stationed all around the world, ready to carry out their purpose. OC in 1st few chapters. They'll appear less and less as the story goes on. Post-BD.

I can't beleive I haven't seen a story like this out there yet. remember the part in BD where Aro is talking about the humans' weaponry getting more and more advanced? well, that's what the 'X'ers are. they have the machinery that the others don't, and have found out about vampires. Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I do own my OC's in here.

3. Close Call

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Carlisle’s POV

I discarded my needles into my bag. The two women now lying on the ground were definitely a liability. How was I to cover up what they remembered? How careless it had been to leave this tent out here! Of course, I had no idea that a man would’ve died here.

I guess I could do what I did with the investigators after I knocked them out. Put them back in their car and then drive them back to their headquarters. The only problem was, I had no idea where these ladies lived, nor did I have a clue as to why they were out here. They obviously weren’t hikers, hikers didn’t wear stilettos. Obviously they weren’t very experienced with these parts; or the wilderness at all really.

I scooped them both up, trying to be as careful as possible. One had to go over my shoulder while the other I was able to carry in front of me. I ran swiftly back to the spot where the detectives’ car had been. Most likely their car would be there too, assuming they had followed them. I sat them onto the ground beside the car, hopefully going for them to think that they had just needed a good night’s sleep and had fallen asleep when they got out of the car. Or maybe they would think they knocked their heads. I was hoping for anything at the moment.

I ran back to where the tent and decaying body were. I instinctually stayed away from the body even though I knew I would have to take care of it sooner or later. I was able to pack up the faded red tent and put it into a knapsack that I had brought with me, now leaning against a tree next to my shovel, where I had left it before coming into contact with the two ladies.

I grabbed the shovel next and began to dig a hole. I was never happy to see a dead body. Sure, it was at times a large part of my profession, but I rarely was faced with a decaying body. I respected the dead, but they really do stink; especially after they’ve been dead for so many years.

The hole had been dug very deep, creating a volumous pile of soil, and any other things that may have been lurking in the mud, off to the side. I lifted the fragile body and gently placed it in the hole, trying to pay respect to the dead and not harm the man in any way. I moved the mixture of dry soil and mud back into the deep hole, flattening out the top once I was done. It felt wrong to leave his burial place unmarked, so I gathered up many twigs from the surrounding area and placed them in front of where his head should be. I made sure they were stuck deep into the dirt so that they could not be simply kicked away. No one but me would know where he was, yet it was enough. He would be remembered, even if I had no idea who he was.

I grabbed the pack and raced back to our home down in Portland. It took a bit longer than I had expected, since it was daytime now and I had left in the middle of the night, but I was able to make it back before noon. I was greeted by Esme and Renesmee standing in the door.

“Where were you grandpa?” Nessie asked. She looked so much like her mother now that she was grown. I was wondering where Jake was until I saw him come bounding toward the door from inside. He was pushed far off to the side by who I now saw as Alice, only having been hidden by the two taller women in front of her. Her arm reached through the gap in Esme and Renesmee’s and grabbed hold of mine. She pulled me through everyone else over to the couches.

“Edward! Bella!” She called upstairs. She turned her head towards the direction and called out Rosalie and Emmett’s names as well. Everyone came together in the middle of the house, the living room, most wearing confused expressions. Except, of course, Edward. I could see the worry in his eyes, getting ready to hear some sort of prophecy of Alice’s finally spoken aloud.

“What a surprise,” she started, “something else bad happened. We can never seem to have too many years of peace around here, can we? I have to say though; this one is quite big; and a lot different than what we’re used to dealing with.”

Eyes were widened, eyebrows were raised, mouths were opened to ask, but they were cut off by Alice.

“Somebody knows. Well, I don’t know how many, but at least two. Those two women you injected out in the woods today, Carlisle.” Everyone stared at me like I was supposed to know all about this.

I raised my hands up in surrender. “I had no idea.” The looks were calmed and turned back to my adoptive daughter.

“That was a close call today. I still don’t know what will happen when they wake up. You injected an awful lot; it’ll take a few more hours before I can see it. They’re still unmoving. We need to stay hidden, be careful. Although these people are probably not a threat to us, we must approach them as if they are. You never know…”

More worried expressions were swept through the room. I could only imagine how bad Jasper was being hit. He looked overwhelmed. Then a calm was spread throughout the room as everyone relaxed into their spots, contemplating what we could possibly do now.