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Immortal Exterminators

A video has surfaced after a thorough investigation of Aaron Daily's death. Nobody knows who the odd people are, except one group of people. They call themselves the immortal exterminators, or 'X'ers for short. They are stationed all around the world, ready to carry out their purpose. OC in 1st few chapters. They'll appear less and less as the story goes on. Post-BD.

I can't beleive I haven't seen a story like this out there yet. remember the part in BD where Aro is talking about the humans' weaponry getting more and more advanced? well, that's what the 'X'ers are. they have the machinery that the others don't, and have found out about vampires. Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I do own my OC's in here.

4. Waking Up

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Jackie’s POV

My eyes flashed open to reveal a large dead end in the middle of the forest that seemed very familiar. I put my hands up to my eyes and rubbed the sleep from the corners, as well as allowing them to open fully. When I could finally see that it was dark outside, I slammed my head back, subconsciously thinking I was in my cozy bed and I could just put my head back to my pillow. I was not that lucky.

The back of my head collided with the hard metal of Candace’s car door. I hoped I didn’t leave a dent; Candy would kill me.

I rubbed the back of my head for a moment, trying to erase the pain with it, though I knew it was seemingly impossible. I leaned forward and put my hands on the loose, rocky surface that made up the path. I groaned when I felt little pinpoints of pain stick into my hand. But, I managed to get up and standing up straight before I leaned back down to nudge Candy’s shoulder. I held onto the frame of her bright red car for support.

She must’ve been in the same kind of deep sleep that I have been since she looked just as drowsy—if not more—when she finally opened her eyes to the nightlight. She, too, rubbed her eyes to try and get her sight back to normal. However, I helped her up, not wanting her to have to deal with the crumbly floor as I had. I knew what it meant to get a tired Candace angry, and it wasn’t pretty.

Once she was able to stand up on her own, I asked her the thing I’m sure both of us were thinking, but neither knew the answer.

“What happened to us?” I inquired.

She shook her head, obviously not fully aware yet. She yawned in between words as she spoke.

“I don’t know,” she said. “All I remember is some blonde dude coming up to us and there’s nothing.”

I nodded my head. “Same here. “

We both had quizzical looks on our faces as we tried to decipher what that gorgeous hiker could’ve done that made us wake up by our car, unharmed, with barely a memory of the happening.

“Vampire!” I screeched. That’s exactly what we’d been looking for, wasn’t it? So wasn’t it possible that he could be one of them? Sure, he didn’t look exactly like most pictures of sightings we had, but he was very close. The beauty, the pale skin, the cold coming off him as we each felt his hand at our necks. Everything except the eyes. It was nothing new for us to know that these creatures of the night had either black or red eyes; definitely not gold, or anywhere near brown.

The thing was, his eyes still seemed inhuman; as if he fit the bill, but in a different sort of way. That was the way I was thinking when Candace grabbed something I hadn’t noticed that had apparently been hanging out of my pocket.

The video camera! I’d completely forgotten that I’d picked that up. Anything that could help us was good.

I leaned into Candace’s side as she flipped open the old-style video camera. She pressed the small, circular power button on the top with no result. It wasn’t very surprising that the battery would be dead, but it was worth a try so that we wouldn’t have to go searching for something to play it with.

“Oh well,” Candace said, defeated. “I guess we could look at my house to see if I’ve got a cord to fit this.” She examined the place for a cord to be plugged in. Hopefully, one of our computers would be able to accommodate the other end. Technology sure does change over the years. I would have to go looking later for the detectives’ report to see just how many years they estimated the man had been dead. I shuddered at the thought of just how long he could’ve been there without anyone noticing.

“Ugh,” I groaned. I got out my keys, and she in turn followed my example by getting out hers. I walked over to my sleek black sedan while Candy got into her red SUV. My feet had crunched against the gravel as I walked, and so did the car’s tires. The sound was very annoying as I followed Candace out of the Olympic Rainforest.

A usually half hour ride turned into a whole hour in the grueling traffic heading back to my best friend’s house. We walked in the door to be greeted by her youngest child, Tony. Candy hugged him quickly and then continued with me following behind into the house. She went into her office and started digging around under her desk immediately.

After 10 minutes of her shuffling around, she produced a small black bag with wires sticking out of the top every which way. She plopped it down onto her mahogany desk and began combing through it, probably not wanting to keep going through it while it was under the desk. I continued to watch for another few minutes before she pulled out a long gray cord with a flat, stubby plug-in on each end.

She handed me one end of the cord to plug into the camera I still had in my hand while she plugged the other end into her old laptop. She turned it on and opened up the file that held the video on the camera. It came into the full screen mode as Candy clicked play.

The video started at a view of the clearing we had been in earlier today, except it was filled with people, all chanting somebody’s name. My eyes bulged as I not only noticed the beauty of all the people, but 17 giant dogs of varying sizes behind them.

There were two groups of people, one dressed regularly, and the other with many wearing long black cloaks. They were split down the middle by multiple yards, but the center of attention seemed to be on a man with jet black hair who was front and center amidst the sea of black cloaks. He was speaking very softly, making it extremely hard to hear through the muffled sound of the video. I wondered how all these people would be able to hear them; we had never estimated that immortal hearing could be that keen.

Many couples were present in the other group, all holding hands, all acting as if this would be the end.

Suddenly, the camera was flipped upwards to show a long column of purple smoke of which I had only faintly seen before. It reached far up into the sky, spreading its grotesque appearance throughout what had been a cloud-filled sky.

The camera was switched back to the gathering of people just as four more ran up the middle, one standing out greatly because he was not nearly as pale.

The camera abruptly swerved to the side, revealing just a small corner of the canvas tent we had seen today before it was turned off.

All of it greatly confused me. There were so many aspects of it to be attended to.

First, we now knew that the dead man hadn’t been camping in that tent, it was somebody else. Second, there may be such a thing as werewolves, too. Third, this was brand new. Nothing like this had ever been documented before, even among us ‘X’ers. We had never seen such a large gathering before; we hadn’t even known that there was that many.

This one thing took me off track of counting the new things for a moment. Most would’ve asked what this meant, but I didn’t need to. I already knew what was coming. One big job.

My eyes locked with Candace’s as we nodded, acknowledging the unspoken thought that we had both had. It was time to call the others.