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Immortal Exterminators

A video has surfaced after a thorough investigation of Aaron Daily's death. Nobody knows who the odd people are, except one group of people. They call themselves the immortal exterminators, or 'X'ers for short. They are stationed all around the world, ready to carry out their purpose. OC in 1st few chapters. They'll appear less and less as the story goes on. Post-BD.

I can't beleive I haven't seen a story like this out there yet. remember the part in BD where Aro is talking about the humans' weaponry getting more and more advanced? well, that's what the 'X'ers are. they have the machinery that the others don't, and have found out about vampires. Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I do own my OC's in here.

5. All Call

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Jackie’s POV

“All of them. We have to get to all of them,” I said with determination.

There was no way we could do this with just a few. Plus, there was no way that that large grouping of immortals had gone under our watch if they all were around here. Or maybe they had. The body hadn’t been dated yet, and we only started the ‘X’ers eleven years ago. It was possible that this major even had happened before we were together.

The whole group was still needed though, whether or not they were all around here.

Candy was on it before I could even move. She had saved the file of the video and was sending an email with it attached to all the members of the Immortal Exterminators. She clicked send after only a minute, being very quick on a keyboard.

She had typed a short message into the actual email. It was very to the point.

There’s a lot. The video in the attachment could’ve been taken more than a decade ago, we don’t know yet. Respond quickly, this is big.

-Candace Wright: IE#76

We had everyone documented by number in a secret file in Houston, Texas; the founding place of the ‘X’ers. The founder, Carter Murphy, had been attacked by an immortal twelve years ago. He had been drained substantially, but the creature had gotten distracted and ran off before he could finish him off. Deeply in pain, Carter had crawled to the nearest house, where a young woman answered the door and without a question drove him to the hospital.

When he became conscious again after being given heavy doses of painkillers, he told the doctors his tale. Not a one believed him, except for the kind young woman, Amanda, who is now his wife.

A year later, they formed the Immortal Exterminators, determined to keep other people from having an incident anywhere near as bad as his, or even worse. Today there are 107 members worldwide, each with a number based on when they had joined the group. Carter and Amanda were numbers one and two, while I was way up at number 82.

I had joined a few months after Candy, after she had told me, and shown me a bit of proof from the copied pictures every member owned. Some of us had been able to sight some during our time with the group, but never more than one or two. The substantial amount we had discovered—even though the sighting was taken indirectly from an old video camera—would be enough to impress every single member. After which we would all begin our search for the groups of immortals.

After only five minutes--just long enough to have watched the video—Candy had already gotten three replies, including one from the leader himself.

She clicked on that one first. It turned out to be another email that had been sent to every member. It read:

Well done, Candace. Keep up the good work.

All of these people could not be just in Washington; immortals do not travel in that large of groups. So, all ‘X’ers look throughout the group for people of your ethnicity They made be hard to identify at first, but look closely and you should be able to see traces of their race in one way or another.

Now, about these wolves. Dogs tend to go in packs, right? So I’m thinking that all of these may actually be together. I have not decided whether or not we can determine these as a threat yet. There was after all, a baby on one of their backs.

That is another matter I am not sure about. The child looked immortal, which frightens me. If it is possible for them to reproduce, it could literally decimate the human race. I’m not saying to destroy the child, but find out more about her. If you do find her, and you think she may be a potential threat, then bring her to me first. I don’t want any accidents.

Good luck to all of you,

-Carter Murphy: IE#1

Candace opened the video again and stopped it at a point where every person in the clearing could be seen. I scanned the left side while she did the right. Before long, she lifted her head back up and shook her head, indicating that she couldn’t find anyone that looked even remotely like they were from the Pacific Northwest.

I quickly finished my examination, finding one particular girl in the first row that looked correct. I thought I even remembered seeing her in a picture in newspaper from Portland along with the same man she was holding hands with and the blonde man in the front row.

The blonde man.

“Oh my God,” I said a little too loudly. Candy instantly shushed me and pointed to the door. That was the way she indicated that her kids might be listening in.

“Fine,” I whispered. I grabbed a pad of paper from her desk and began writing what I wanted to say.

Look at the blonde man in the front row. It’s that guy we saw today. He’s an immortal too. No wonder we got knocked out when he saw us. He was probably trying to cover up the crime scene. I hate to think what might’ve happened to those detectives.

I tore off the piece of paper from the pad once I was done writing and continued on by pointing to the man in the paused video, so that she could see what I was talking about.

Her eyes went wide as she read the note; and when she looked up, she gasped and stumbled back into her brown swivel chair.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no…” she started whispering to herself. “That means….” Her eyes became even wider. “Oh my God!” she shouted.

I put my finger up to my mouth and pointed to the door with my other, mimicking her previous signal. She fell back into her chair and covered her mouth with her hand as she tried to regain her calm.

Once she was back, she stared down at the floor, contemplating what we had just found. She pulled herself together and sat up.

“He’s here. We have to get to him. We have to destroy him,” she said with a strong sense of willpower.