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Immortal Exterminators

A video has surfaced after a thorough investigation of Aaron Daily's death. Nobody knows who the odd people are, except one group of people. They call themselves the immortal exterminators, or 'X'ers for short. They are stationed all around the world, ready to carry out their purpose. OC in 1st few chapters. They'll appear less and less as the story goes on. Post-BD.

I can't beleive I haven't seen a story like this out there yet. remember the part in BD where Aro is talking about the humans' weaponry getting more and more advanced? well, that's what the 'X'ers are. they have the machinery that the others don't, and have found out about vampires. Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, but I do own my OC's in here.

6. Found

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Alice’s POV

“NO!!!!” I shouted into the somewhat empty night. I shook my head as I got up from where I had been sitting in my furry pink chair, to walk to Carlisle and Esme’s room.

There really was no point though, I wasn’t even halfway out the door when everybody came to me.

Jasper, being in the room with me, was first, followed by Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, and the man in question: Carlisle.

“Why did you do that?!” I yelled in Carlisle’s face, surprised at myself for doing such a thing. But, at the moment, it made sense in some way to me. I had never showed this kind of anger toward any one of my adoptive family in my entire time with them. None of them had ever really put us all in danger like this before. Even with Edward with Bella as a human, our lives had not been endangered apart from other vampires. I could have never guessed that there could be anything like this.

Everyone was staring blankly at Carlisle now, except Edward, who was glaring.

“What?” Carlisle asked, obviously confused at what he could’ve done wrong.

“You forgot something at that campsite today, Carlisle. Did you happen to notice a camera?”

He raised his eyebrows quizzically. “What does that have to do with anything? It was the property of a dead man! The thing probably doesn’t even work anymore!”

“That camera has a video of us 15 years ago with Nessie, the wolves, and the Volturi! And, in case you didn’t notice, one of those women had gotten ahold of that camera. How could you let that slip by you?” I spoke emphasizing each word, her glare intensifying as she spoke.

“How was I supposed to know that’s what was on it?” he asked in his own defense.

“You could’ve checked,” I suggested. “ I thought you were being thorough about your cleanup. You knew it was a vampire attack. You knew that’s why you were covering it up; so we wouldn’t be found. And, yet, you can’t notice when there’s a camera sitting next to a body?”

“I didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t seem like much. What’s the big deal anyway? It’s not like they’d know anything about what we are; they’re just innocent humans.”

“Carlisle,” I started, “you’re not understanding what I’m trying to tell you. They recognized you on that tape. They know we’re around here. And you want to know something else? Their job is killing vampires.” I said matter-of-factly.

The entire family flinched at my last sentence. They all knew the extremety of the situation and what would come of it. We had all seen the humans developing some of their sophisticated weaponry throughout the years. The Volturi had even seemed to minorly detect it 15 years ago.

Carlisle gulped. “But they couldn’t possibly have access…They couldn’t know….” He trailed off.

“Well, they do. And, now, we have to figure out what we can do,” I said sharply.

“How soon will they start looking?” Edward put himself into the conversation.

“Tonight,” I replied. Everyone frowned, definitely not happy to learn about this information.

“Well we’ll just have to get out,” Carlisle said. “Do you know where they are?”

“I only got a brief flash of them when they figured out about you; so, no.”

He pursed his lips and brought his eyebrows together. This was not going well for him, and he knew we needed to get out fast. The key was, to where?

“How about northern Canada?” Bella asked. “It’s close enough to Denali that we could obtain assistance if we needed it. And it’s far enough away from here and Forks that they wouldn’t be able to track us down as easily.”

“I like it,” Emmett answered.

“Worth a shot,” Jasper threw in his opinion.

The rest nodded their heads, though Rosalie did it with a scowl on her face. I knew just how angry she must be inside, but of course she was refusing to show it right now. Without a doubt I knew that she would express her anger for the situation later.

Before long we had packed, as lightly as possible, even with an angry Alice in the mix. We set off to Canada just hoping that we would not be found.