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Growing Up With You

Quil watches as Claire grows from a toddler to a teenager.

Characters include: Quil, Claire, Sam, Emily, Jacob, Embry, Paul, Jared, Leah, Seth, and Nessie.

1. Chapter 1 Crayons And Walls

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Quil's Point. Of. View


Today was Claire's parents anniversary, which meant that Claire got to spend the whole day at my house. Lucky Me.

Now, normally i would think that without the sarcastic tone, but not tonight. No. You see, Claire thought that it would be a good idea to color my room rainbow colored while i was out on patrol.humph! thank you so much Leah for watching Claire today. I bet that she even helped Claire with this masterpiece. Wow, who knew that black was a color of the rainbow. More like the color of Leah's heart.

So, here i sit, seven o`clock on a Friday evening, scrubbing the damn crayon marks off of my walls, while cute, little four year old Claire sleeps peacefully on my bed. I'm surprised that the crayons lasted long enough to color damn near half of each wall.

Hm. Well maybe i'm exaggerating a little, ok. maybe a lot. But who likes to come home to a crying four year old, a messy living room, and half colored walls? definitely not me. So, i do have a reason to exaggerate, even if it's just a little more. Because 1. I hadn't slept in about sixteen hours. 2. My house was a mess. and 3. I'm scrubbing my crayon filled walls, when they should have always been crayon free.

"I'm sowwy Qwil" I heard a little voice say from my bed.

I turned to look at my little Claire Bear, I couldn't be mad at her, especially since Leah seemed to had made it perfectly ok to color and draw on Quil's walls. Oh, but she'll get her payback soon enough.

"It's ok honey, just don't do it again ok?" I said taking a seat on the bed, next to Claire.

"Okay" Claire sniffled. And I gave her a hug.

"You wanna watch a movie?" I asked.

"Yeah!" she yelled in excitement.

"Okay, you go ahead and pick it out while I finish up here" I said standing up and grabbing the rag.

I finished cleaning off the walls and went to the kitchen to make some popcorn.

"Picked a movie yet?" I asked looking over at Claire in the living room.

"Yup" she said running over to me and handing me the movie.

I looked at it.

"Cinderella again?" I asked. I swear, we've watched this movie about thirty times in just two weeks.

"Pwease Qwil?" she plead sticking out her bottom lip and giving me a puppy dog face.

"Alright" I said giving in.

I made the popcorn and popped the movie in.

Claire fell asleep about halfway through so i carried her to her bed. Claire had her own room at my house.

I tucked her in and turned off the lights which automatically turned on her night light.

I turned off the t.v. in the livingroom, locked the doors and headed for my room.

I plopped down on my bed and closed my eyes, never again will Leah babysit Claire, imagine what kind of trouble she'll get her in when she's older. Well, look at the brightside though, payback is a bitch.

And with that i fell asleep, enjoying my peaceful slumber.