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(Human) She left him because she had just had enough. Well, that wasn't the only reason, he was also a big part of it. But when she saw what a mistake it had been, she tries to get him back, but it is to late. The only way she can get him back is if she does something for him. But doesn't that make him bad? Or is it just love? Who is He and She? Come and see.


1. She broke up with him, and he and her get hot and heavy..

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She opened the door slowly, as to not wake anybody up. When she turned around, she saw him lying down on her bed, casually. He looked up, eyes flashing in the moon light. She had to smile.

"So you came"


"Well," she said as she walked over to lie down beside him. He wrapped his arms around her, being gentle. She sighed.

"So, what did he say?" he asked, stroking her long brown hair. Her face scrunched up a bit.

"Guess" she said sarcastically. He sighed.

"Come on, what were his exact words?" He asked, stroking her waist. She smiled at his touch.

"Well, it went along the lines of ... How could you? And - Him?? Also, I cannot believe it!" she said quietly. There was a long silence.

"What do you think of all this?" he asked, stroking her arm.

He wanted to comfort her, to try to make her feel better. But it was impossible for him to understand. She had just left her once-love for him. Her once-love had just yelled and cried at her. Her heart was falling apart, and the only thing keeping it glued together was him. He smiled up at her.

“It’s just...it’s relieving, you know? To have finally told him, instead of sneaking off like this. Yet...I feel bad” She said looking down. He brought her hands to his face and began to kiss them slowly. Her heart went a-flutter.

“Do you regret it?” He asked in between kisses. She looked off to the window thoughtfully. It was the same window he used to come in. This bed is where they used to kiss and talk. But looking now, to see that it was replaced by him, well. It was a major improvement.

“Nope” she said as she snuggled down into his chest. He sighed in relief. That was one of his biggest fears. That she left him only because he said so. Because of pressure or something. But she looked like this is what she wanted. Like it was for the better.

“Where is he now?” He asked while stroking her legs. Her heart rate went up at his touch.

“Not sure, probably at some bar or something drinking away the pain” she said the last part of the sentence bitterly. He didn’t like to see her upset, so he asked her something else.

“Well, since all that bullshit is over, what do you want to do?” he asked a tad bit suggestively while stroking her leg harder. He could feel her smile on her chest.

“Hmm...Lets not pick, but just see what happens” as she came in and kissed him on the lips.

Her lips were soft, while his were hard-ish. But it was a good mix. It started soft, with her hands wrapped around his head, playing with his hair. His hands were rubbing her hips, gently tugging on them.

“Sweetheart” he asked, while kissing her neck and rubbing her thighs. She was trying to regain her breath.

“Y-yea?” she asked while rubbing her hands inside his shirt. His skin was cold from the night air, but her hands warmed his back up right away.

“Thank you” he whispered into her chest.

And they continued to make out, keeping it slow, but soon both of there shirt’s were off. Things were getting a bit hot and heavy, but they kept going. He slowly removed her bra, while blushing.

She laughed and took off quickly. His eyes popped open as he let out a gasp. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts, feeling his hands trembling. Her heart fluttered with excitement when his hands first touched her chest.

The moment of awkwardness was gone, as they proceeded to kiss and touch each other.

“Bella?” Edward knocked on the door. Jasper and Bella stopped kissing and listened.

“Bell, I ... can we talk? I know your awake, and ... Just please?” he pleaded with a cute voice. Jasper and Bella looked at each other frantically.

Oh no.