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The Man in the Fog

The Man in the Fog Banner Bella is a commoner who becomes Prince Edward’s lover. She loses him when she is forcefully thrown into another dimension. Finally, she finds him again but he goes with the fog. OOC. Canon parings. In case I haven't made myself clear, the banner is by annamorphos. She's awesome!

The idea of the story came up to me when I saw the fog covering our way as we go to the strawberry festival. At first, I wondered what if I could only see my ideal man in the fog. Hence, this story was born.

1. Prologue: The Beginning

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The Beginning

Bella POV:

I was holding Edward’s hand as we walked in the forest five miles away from his home. I could not help but smile as I looked at this god of a man smiling at me. I lost my composure as I stared into those emerald green eyes like they were the brightest things in the world.

“Do you know where we are?” he asked me.

“If I remember correctly, this is where you saved me from the bear attack. The first time we met.”

“Yes, right about there.” Edward pointed to the site where he had saved me from an eight-foot-tall bear standing in front of me as I hopelessly cowered, waiting for my life to end.

Marveling at how unchanged it looked, I led him over to the site. The falls still reflected the rainbow-like pattern just like the day of my bear attack. The sun still shone on the clear opening around it. The grass was as verdant as the last time we had been here. The only difference was the flowers, which were now in full bloom.

We stayed there for a while to enjoy the scenery before heading to our final destination. We were heading to Edward’s castle to celebrate my birthday. Alice had insisted on throwing a party for me. In the beginning, I was against it for two reasons: I hated being the center of attention, and as a commoner, I never really understood the concept of parties. For me, parties were for people with a lot of time on their hands. However, Alice could be very persuasive. She had kept on insisting until I finally relented. Before I knew it, I was having a party, and all I had to do was show up.

Arriving at the end of the woods, the castle – also known as the Masen Estate – could be seen in the distance. It would take us another thirty minutes to reach it, but we could see the castle in all of its glory.

The six-story castle was made of marble. Although it did not have a roof, the walls on the highest level of the castle had symmetrical grooves, which resembled those on the rook chess piece. On every corner of the castle was a watchtower, the marble cylinders standing three stories higher than the main castle with similar grooves cut into each. A wall made of compacted cement surrounded the entire castle one-third of a mile away. Ten-foot tall double doors sealed the wall’s only opening at the front of the castle.

When we made it to the opening, Edward let go of my hand so that he could command the guards to open the doors. Once they were open, he reached out his hand to assist me.

“Bella, are you ready to go inside?”

“To be honest, no. I am scared of what’s inside.”

“There is no reason to be scared.” Edward chuckled as he tried to soothe me. “Come on. You are the only person I know who does not like parties.”

“I am a commoner and I don’t like parties. What’s the point anyway?”

“You, my dear, are the only lover of the prince—heir to the throne—and you deserve to party. Now be a big girl and let’s go inside,” Edward playfully.

“Before we go, I want to be honest with you about something. I am scared of what Alice has prepared for me.”

Edward took my hand, nodding with understanding. Knowing Alice, she would have enjoyed the party preparation so much that my simple birthday would look like a new king had been crowned.

“Stop where you are!” Edward’s pint-sized sister called out.

Looking at Edward, I shook my head and whispered, “Let the horror begin.” Of course, he laughed at my statement as Alice approached.

Alice came out of the castle door bouncing up and down until she reached us. Then, she grabbed my hand and dragged me away from my love. Edward let out a growl; he hated to be separated from me even for a short time. She looked her favorite brother in the face and stuck out her tongue.

“Oh, Edward, stop being a baby. You’ll thank me later.”

Alice dragged me inside the castle and into her room. I finally realized that my nightmare of being pricked, plucked and prodded was coming to life. Once we reached her room, she started by subjecting me to what I referred to as “spa horror”—soaking myself in mud, then going to the bathtub where her servants scrubbed every part of me with special-flavored scrubs, and finally macerating my skin in oil. Once that phase of the nightmare was over, she made me sit in a torture chair so that she could dry my hair and pull it into different places before poking paint all over my face. Surprisingly, Rosalie came in to help with the torture.

“Do you hate me, Rosalie? You know how much I hate ‘Bella doll time,’ right?” I shook my head at the idea of my two best friends having a lot of fun torturing me. Why were they doing this to me?

“No, silly. I figured that since it is a special occasion, I would help Alice with this one. You know that I love you. Trust me. You’ll thank me with this one later.”

“What’s more ‘special’ than my birthday?” Seriously, they were making a lot of commotion on an insignificant event.

Both Rosalie and Alice became silent. I became suspicious since these two always had an opinion regarding everything.

“Well… we finally have a way to show you our sisterly affections,” Rosalie said with a smile.

“What are you hiding from me?” I asked, cutting to the chase.

“Nothing,” Alice answered, smiling. “You know that it will only be a matter of hours until you find out, right? The sooner we finish the sooner you will be with Edward. Now, please stop moving and let us do our work.”

I sat on the chair while Rosalie pulled my hair and Alice assaulted my face. When they had finished, they helped me finish getting ready. They assisted me in securing the hyacinth blue toga that they bought for me, just for this occasion. It felt so comfortable that I could dance in it the whole night. Then, they made me wear these beautiful sandals. They had a lining that made them friendly to my feet. When they had finished, they brought me in front of a mirror. I was amazed at my transformation—the ugly duckling finally turned into a beautiful swan.

“Thank you, Alice! Thank you, Rose!”

“I told you it’s worth the torture. Now, wait here until we are finished dressing. We just want to teach Edward to have more patience. He has been pacing ever since you got here,” Rose said happily.

Alice chipped in, “Well, as I told you, I am your personal ‘fairy godmother’. Really, Bella, you should know by now to trust my fashion sense. I agree with Rose. Make Edward wait for a while. Wait for us to finish dressing up before you make your grand entrance.”

It only took an hour for Alice and Rose to get ready. They had done their hair while I was having my “spa nightmare,” so all they had to do was to paint their faces. They put on their togas, Alice in a maroon fabric and Rose in a dark green one. Both of them looked like goddesses who came down to earth.

“Are you ready, Bella?” Alice asked. I answered her with a nod.

“It is best for you to go downstairs last. You are the guest of honor of this party after all,” Rose suggested.

I nodded in agreement with both of them and let them have their fun.

Finally, it was time for us to head downstairs.

Rose descended the three flights of stairs first, walking with so much grace that she looked like she was floating. She paused when she reached the last landing and looked at Emmett, who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her. Alice went down in similar fashion and took Jasper’s arm in her hand as she reached the last step. Finally, it was my turn to go down the stairs. Rose announced my descent.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we now present to you, Bella.”

Because of my clumsiness, I held onto the railing tightly and watched my footing to make sure that I did not trip on my gown. I also paused when I reached the last flight of stairs. I had only reached the fifth step when I lost my footing and fell down. I was very surprised that I did not feel the impact.

“Must you always need saving?” Edward asked. He held onto my waist, making sure that I did not fall down the stairs.

“Only with you,” I flirted, smiling.

Jasper cleared his throat to let us know that everybody was waiting. Taking Edward’s arm, I let him lead me down the stairs. When we reached the bottom level, everybody met us to give me a hug.

“Bella, you look wonderful. Welcome home,” King Edward exclaimed before giving me a hug.

“Oh, Bella! I am so glad you let us celebrate your birthday with you,” Queen Elizabeth added.

Upon their statement, tears formed in my eyes. I tended to get emotional whenever the King and the Queen of Vagdras showed me their affection. I hugged them both, crying on their shoulders. Edward gave me a handkerchief to wipe away my tears.

“Stop crying. Rose and I spent hours on your make-up, and you are ruining it within seconds.”

I let out a chuckle. Leave it to Alice to make me laugh whenever I feel like crying.

“Bella, only you can trip over your own two feet just trying to go down the stairs. I bet Edward will carry you down the stairs from now on,” Emmett joked. “Well, at least we know who will truly succeed Mother and Father. And it will not be Edward… even though he is supposed to be the first in the line of successors.”

Everybody laughed.

“What is wrong with Bella being the queen? I personally like the idea.” Edward smiled as he defended me.

“Oh, man! You are so love-struck,” Jasper said.

Edward held my right hand while Alice held my left, both of them bringing me into the ballroom, the part of the castle where they had their parties. I was right; Alice had gone overboard. The enchanted ceiling looked invisible as it showed a clear night full of stars. There were candles lining the walkway, as well as on the entire wall, to light up the room. Curled white silk ribbons were hanging at the top of the wall around the room, and the open windows showed bodies of water, teeming with floating candles. In the middle of the room, the dining table had two layers of tablecloths – a pink one atop a white one. It cradled my five-tier birthday cake, a Bella-look-alike figurine at the summit. Alice definitely had too much fun planning my birthday.

“Thank goodness there are no banners,” I sighed in relief.

“Think again,” Edward said with a mischievous smile.

They sang the traditional birthday song for me. At the end of their song, I made my wish and blew out the candles. Once that birthday ritual was over, fireworks shot across the star-decorated ceiling. Afterwards, the birthday banners that I had been dreading magically appeared on the wall.

“Bella, would you like to dance?” Edward offered as soft music filled the air.

I nodded and took his hand as he led me to the center of the room. I placed my left hand on his shoulder and he put his right hand on my waist. He clasped our free hands together and brought me close to him. I found myself looking into his deep green eyes. Once he started twirling me around, nothing else mattered; it was just my prince and me. In that moment, I wanted to kiss him and get lost in his arms.

“Bella, you look like a goddess tonight.”

“Thanks.” My cheeks turned red at his compliment.

“You know, I always find you so beautiful. I want to keep you forever—day in and day out.” We both smiled at his idea.

“Likewise. I always find myself intoxicated with your presence.”

He looked at me with his eyes full of love, hope, fear, and happiness.

“You know, you dazzle me when you stare at me like that.” I tried to ease the nervousness I felt.

“And I hope to dazzle you forever.”

We stopped dancing. He let go of my waist and held both of my hands together.

“Bella, from the moment I saw you, you changed my life. Before I met you, I never believed in love. Then, you came into my life, turning it upside-down. Nothing else matters anymore. I would follow you to the ends of the earth for all eternity just to be with you.” Edward knelt on one knee. “Bella, will you marry me?”

I nodded and cried with tears of happiness as Edward offered me the ring. The ring was beautiful. It had an egg-shaped sapphire in the middle with tiny diamonds around it. While the gemstones were beautiful, they were not important to me. It was only a symbol. It meant that he was giving his heart to me and I gave mine in return. It was a symbol of our eternity together.

Once Edward put the ring on my finger, I hugged him and kissed him passionately on the lips. His entire family started to come up to congratulate us, but the pixie made it first.

“Congratulations! I knew it would be beautiful! We were all helping out with his proposal, you know.”

“So, your entire family knew about this?” I asked.

“Yes,” Edward answered. “They all wanted to help out. Didn’t you notice that when Rose helped you get ready?”

“Hey, Alice! Stop hogging our new sister,” Emmett exclaimed.

Alice gave us a quick hug. Then, Edward and I returned to the rest of the family to receive more hugs and congratulations. I hugged Emmett first, followed by Rosalie, and then Jasper. I finally embraced both the King and the Queen at the same time.

Our celebration was cut short when we saw an unexpected guest. Everyone became quiet as Tanya, the high priestess, appeared out of thin air. If Edward had followed the tradition—the one that forced the future king of Vagdras to marry a powerful high priestess—she would have been his betrothed instead. It was no secret to everyone that she wanted him. Her face did not mask the anger and jealousy she felt toward me. However, I was surprised when she came up to me and pulled me away from the Masens.

“I want to congratulate you on your engagement.” She embraced me.

“Thank you, I guess.”

“However, there is something I want to tell you,” Tanya said as her tone turned menacing. Her face was full of hatred as she looked at me. “You will not marry Edward.”

With one swift movement, she pushed me back. I realized that Tanya has pushed me into another world. It was similar to Vagdras but different. I had been in the castle at twilight but when she pushed me, I found myself standing in the middle of a forest at noontime.

Like a blind man without his cane, I felt the area surrounding me as I tried to find the portal. I wanted to go back to Vagdras to be with Edward again but I realized that there was no way to do so. Pretty soon, I found myself crying. I was surprised to find a pair of arms surrounding me in a hug.

“Don’t cry, Bella. You have us,” a woman’s voice said as she hugged me.

“Rosalie, what are you doing here?”

“It is not only me, sweetie. Look around you.”

I turned around to find Alice, Jasper and Emmett behind us. I searched for the face that comforted me the most but felt disappointed when I noticed that he was not here. I thought that he would be the first one to follow me.

“Where’s Edward?” I asked.

“He tried to follow you but Tanya used her magic to hold him back,” Alice sadly answered. “We realized that we were the only ones who could do anything. Rose and Jasper went first and then Emmett. I reached the portal last. However, I am afraid that the portal is closed. I entered as it was closing. I barely fit through.”

With this new knowledge, I found myself crying in Rosalie’s arms. She tried to console me as I cried at the thought of losing the love of my life. Edward and I could not be in the same world.
No one would ever match the feelings that I had for Edward. He had a piece of my soul. I would wander this world alone until I found him again.

The people in this world were similar to ours; they looked like us and they lived like us. I worked for a rich man as a farmer. He grew quite fond of me and he offered his hand for marriage. I refused him knowing that deep in my heart, it would always belong to Edward.

Edward’s siblings learned how to work for a living—an amazing feat considering that they lived with servants all their lives. Rosalie fixed wheels for chariots while Emmett became a toymaker. Alice worked as a seamstress and Jasper became a soldier. They became so good at their occupations that they were well-known throughout the land. Kings from other kingdoms sought their expertise. Eventually, they got me out of the farm that I worked for and made me live with them.

I made it my mission to find a sorceress, seer or priestess that would bring us back home. I spent my entire life searching without having desirable result.

Edward POV:

It had been a thousand years since that day. I still remembered the event like it happened yesterday.

I saw Tanya open a bright bluish-white portal behind Bella, big enough to fit three people. I tried to follow Bella once she was pushed into the portal, only to be held back by an unknown force.

“You are not going anywhere!” Tanya shrieked. “You belong to me!”

I saw Rosalie and Jasper enter the portal. After them Emmett followed, and just before it closed Alice dived in. I was so distraught that I did not realize I was free until I beheaded Tanya.

“We need you to get out of the castle for a while until we sort this out,” the King said. “I would have executed the priestess myself and I got my work cut out for me. However, you murdered the priestess and it is punishable by death. I love you, my son and I would not want to execute you myself.”

I hugged my father and packed up my belongings. My father gave me a hefty sum of money and I left to travel alone. I searched lands far and wide to find a seer or a priestess that would bring me back to my true love. Five months later, I found a seer that had the power to send me to Bella.

“I am afraid that your beloved is stuck in another dimension,” she said. “I cannot bring her back.”

“Is there a way for me to go to her?”

“Yes, but I do believe it has a high price,” she said.

I was about to give her money when she held her hand to stop me. She said, “It is not a price that money can pay. Rather, it is something that you have to pay with your soul. You see, that dimension only goes one way. You would need other sorcerers to open the portal to get back.

“In addition, there is a thick fog separating that world from ours. I cannot create a portal like the late high priestess of Denali because she was one of a kind. Tanya was the most powerful being of all time. However, I could bend the rules a little to make you go there.

“You will face an existence like no other. I will have to turn your body into a mist. That is the only way that you can get to her world,” she explained.

“What kind of existence are you talking about?”

“You will exist but you will be neither dead nor alive. You will live forever, always being part of the invisible fog that surrounds the world. You will never go hungry or thirsty—you will no longer need anything to survive—but you will still have the ability to feel and to think. You will live for eternity while everybody in that world dies.

“Of course, there is no guarantee of bringing Bella back. Since your love is now part of that world, she will grow old and die with the rest of them. She will certainly be reborn, she may not remember you. Are you sure it is worth taking this huge risk just to be with her?” the seer finally asked.

“Yes, I would do anything for her. I will follow her for all eternity. Please, send me to her.” Knowing that life was not worth living without Bella, I would gladly give my life just to see her again. I would gladly turn myself into a fog just to be in the same world she was in.

The seer answered my prayers by sending me to the dimension where Bella was located.

I had been living in my half-alive state for a thousand years. I realized that I could only be visible as long as the fog was visible. I decided to wait for her at this beautiful meadow. It reminded me of the place where I first met her—the landscape surrounding the waterfall. I knew that there was a huge possibility that she might not show up but I would still wait for her for all eternity. She had been my only love. I would wait for as long as it took to be with her again.