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Ellipsis: A punctuation mark used to indicate that something has been left out. This is my suggestion for what was left out in Breaking Dawn.

Set during the ellipsis in Breaking Dawn.

2. Enacting a Dream

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I straddled him hungrily, pressing my body to his as he deepened the kiss and his tongue entered my mouth. His fingered knotted in my hair. I clawed at his shirt, ripping the buttons as I grinded my hips against his.

Finally freeing his chest, I started on his khakis, but I was thwarted by my reluctance to unmeld our bodies. He moaned into our kiss and slid his hands under my buttocks to lift me and rise from the bed. He spun us around and lowered me to the sheets, cleaving from me briefly to remove his pants.

I moaned greedily as he joined me on the bed. He pressed against me and I wrapped my legs around his hips.

“I need you,” I whispered between kisses, and he responded with a low growl. I heard the ripping of cloth, and I gasped when his icy skin was suddenly against mine. He didn’t wait for permission before entering me, though I could feel his restraint even as I could feel his desire.

“Yes!” I breathed when he began to move within me, “oh, Edward!”

“My Bella,” he rumbled back, eyes screwed shut. He gripped the headboard with both hands. I let my hands roam freely over his chest and face. His eyes shot open with a warning look when I ran my fingers over his lips. Okay, point taken, mouth contact might be too much. I gripped his hips instead and thrust my own to meet his movements. I couldn’t control my moans when his thrusts became erratic.

“Please,” I said again, “oh, yes, please!”

I cried out wordlessly as he filled me with his icy seed, and my voice drowned out… something… but I couldn’t’ think about sound just then. I panted as he stilled above me, then he effortlessly rolled us on to our sides. He slowly withdrew from inside me then shifted us so that he was on his back and I was laying on his chest, how I often slept.

“What am I going to do with you?” he murmured so low, I wasn’t sure if he meant for me to hear.

“I love you,” I mumbled back sleepily.

“I love you, too,” he whispered, and then he began humming my lullaby. I quickly fell asleep.