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Awaiting Twilight

Awaiting Twilight is a version of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, but seen through the eyes of Alice Cullen. It is the same story..but just from a different point of view.


2. Reunion

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We reached home and none of us were really sure what to do with ourselves. Emmett turned on the TV and flicked through the channels. Jasper, my Jasper, just sat. I knew his thirst was hurting him, and I knew he still felt remorse for almost letting his thirst get the better of him. Rosalie was inspecting her perfect hair and reflection. It all seemed too quiet without Edward's piano playing in the background. I couldn't do this! I couldn't just sit around.

“Jasper?” He turned to look at me, but didn't reply. “Shall we hunt? We have to do something and well.. it would make things easier for us both if we weren't thirsty..” Jasper still didn't reply, he simply stood and held out his hand. I took his hand without hesitation, and we were off. It was better to hunt. To do something useful. It was going to be so difficult without Edward.

Six days had passed. Still no Edward. It got worse everyday and Esme was totally miserable about it. Although she'd never admit it, she has a soft spot for Edward, because he was the first of her adopted children. If vampires could cry, she would have no tears left to shed after the past six days. She spent the majority of her time, sobbing silently, no trace of the tears that she would have shed, had it been possible. Emmett had lost the last wrestling match and had finally talked Jasper into a rematch. I searched Jasper's future out of habit to make sure there was no immediate danger on the horizon. Then the visions started to flicker. They were changing so quickly it was impossible to understand. I saw snow and a starry sky and then roads and lights. Then I saw it. Edward finally made up his mind. He's coming home!

“Edward's coming back!” I almost screamed. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. Then, the penny dropped. There was a roar of celebration from Emmett, and everyone grinned, but no one as warmly as Esme.

We could hear him outside and we all waited in pure joy. He opened the door and I was the first to reach him. I hugged him, having to stretch up a little but so happy to see him. He patted my head so I stuck my tongue out and then grinned at him. He smiled back slightly. I knew he was glad to be back, but nervous about how he would cope with Isabella Swan.

We were heading into the cafeteria, Rose and Emmett led the way. I was only vaguely aware of the snow, fluttering against my skin...The dancing pieces of lace that should feel chillingly cold to me, but in fact warmly tickled my cheeks. I could feel the flakes started to solidify on my icy cheeks, but this wasn't important. I must not allow myself to be distracted. I was searching Edward's future, making it difficult to not walk into things, not that it would hurt me, but it may look slightly suspicious if a wall crumbled to pieces by me merely walking into it. Jasper knew it was hard for me to focus on minor things like that, and so I was grateful for his hand under my elbow to lead me forward.

“It's going to be okay.”

“Of course it is,” Edward grumbled.

There was no sign of Bella and so I began to search.

“She's not here yet, but the way she's going to come in...she won't be down wind if we sit in our regular spot.”

“Of course we'll sit in our regular spot. Stop it, Alice. You're getting on my nerves.”

Jasper helped me into my seat.

“Hmm,” I considered my visions. I was quite surprised, but also very sure. “I think you're right.”

Of course I am,” Edward muttered.

I wasn't sure what to do. I could tell Edward wasn't impressed with me worrying about him, but does that mean I should stop checking his future? No...that would just be silly. I knew nothing would happen soon, but how long could I be sure for? I mean...the future changes constantly, so easily. One tiny little change of mind..and..BANG! The future's totally different. One spur of the moment decision and that could be it. Too late... No, I won't think about it. Edward looked confused. Sometimes I wish I had his talent for mind reading, I'd love to know what's confusing him...

“Anything new?” Jasper asked.

“Nothing. She... must not have said anything.” Edward replied. That's really shocking. Surely she would have sensed something? Edward nearly killed her and her entire biology class! His eyes were black with thirst and he didn't speak to her! Surely she would tell someone about this unexplained hostile behaviour?

“Maybe you're not as scary as you think you are,” Emmett said, chuckling. “I bet I could have frightened her better than that.”

Edward rolled his eyes at him.

“Wonder why...?” Emmett puzzled again over this unique silence.

“We've been over that. I don't know.”

Uh oh. Incoming...

“She's coming in,” I murmured. I saw Edward's body go rigid. “Try to look human.”

“Human, you say?” Emmett asked.

He held up his right fist, twisting his fingers to reveal the snowball he'd saved in his palm. Of course, it had frozen because of the naturally ice like skin of a vampire. He had squeezed it to form a ball of ice. He had his eyes on Jasper but I had already seen what he was planning. I was prepared for him. He hurled it at me, but being pre-warned, I was able to just flick it away. It flew the length of the cafeteria, too fast for human eyes to notice, and shattered against the brick wall. The brick cracked too.

The people all looked around to find who threw it, though no one looked far enough to see our table.

“Very human, Emmett,” Rosalie said scathingly. “Why don't you punch through the wall while you're at it?”

“It would look more impressive if you did it, baby.”

Edward was still staring at Bella Swan. He had a very pained look on his face. I looked at her, and searched the future. Uh oh, she's going to look back at Edward soon.

She's going to look soon, act human.

I saw him clench his teeth beneath his grin.

“Ease up, Edward,” Emmett said. “Honestly. So you kill one human. That's hardly the end of the world.”

“You would know,” Edward murmured.

Emmett laughed. “You've got to learn to get over things. Like I do. Eternity is a long time to wallow in guilt.”

Hmm. Thanks Emmett! This was not helping our encouragement efforts! How to stop him talking...? Ahh...the ice in my hand... That would be prefect! Emmett would play back and it would create the perfect image of snow time fun... We'd look totally normal and human. I hurled it into Emmett's face. He blinked, surprised and then grinned in anticipation.

“You asked for it,” he said leaning across the table and shook his ice-encrusted hair at us. I recoiled, but not able to escape the shower of ice and water.

“Ew!” Rose complained as she, like me, recoiled, trying to avoid the melting snow. I laughed and everyone joined in. Perfect! This was working out better than I'd foreseen! I saw that Bella was still staring, so I held up my tray as a shield. It was working out great! Oh Edward! What is he doing? I work hard and set up the perfect scene of human fun, and what does he go and do, carries on staring at Bella! The one reason I set all of this up!

Hmm, the snow has stopped. I can hear the thudding of raindrops. It's the end of lunch period. What is Edward going to do? Is it really wise for him to go to biology? I searched the future frantically. Well... it appears that he won't do anything... Although there's still a chance...

“I...think it's okay,” I said, still hesitating slightly. I was still not totally sure. He was sure, and his future was clear that he wouldn't do anything. But the future can change so easily, yet so dramatically. “Your mind is set. I think you'll make it through the hour.”

“Why push it, Edward?” Jasper asked. Although I knew he didn't want to feel that way, it was impossible to ignore the slight edge of smugness that he was no longer the one who was weak. “Go home. Take it slow.”

“What's the big deal?” Emmett disagreed. “Either he will or he won't kill her. Might as well get it over with, either way.”

“I don't want to move yet,” Rosalie complained. “I don't want to start over. We're almost out of high school, Emmett. Finally.

“Go to class,” Edward ordered and rushed off to class. Oh no....What if it gets to much and he gives in? A split second decision to let his instincts control him...What if I'm too late to save her? To save her class? And save Edward from the pain, guilt and remorse he'd suffer after? I have to search....hmm...they're doing a lab today...So they'll have to talk... Well he'll be polite... He'll need breathe soon but he'll get through that. He's so...nosy! Question after question... Uh oh...her scent is too strong! I can't cope with this! He can't cope with this! Oh dear! I have minutes to get there..seconds... I have to go... Not that I can do much...but I can't sit through pointless lessons. Not with him over there...so close to making a horrible mistake. I got up and hurried to the science building. Emmett looked as though he was going to get up and follow, but I knew he wouldn't. I was glad. How conspicuous would that be! The whole family starting to line up outside biology! I waited in the shadows, so that I wouldn't be seen. Seconds left.....his will power is breaking... How would I do this? Go in and say it was a family emergency and ask Edward to be excused? No...that would draw too much attention to the family.... I'd just go in, and ask if I could have a word with Edward...nothing serious...just need car keys... That would work. I braced myself, ready to remove Edward from his temptation, when a vision clouded my sight. The future changed. It flickered but became very clear. He wasn't going to do anything! He'd resisted. Uh oh...The bell for the end of class...I ran and hid, it wouldn't do for Edward to run into me. Poor Edward. I could see him leaving Spanish and going to sit in his car... At the end of the day, I slid into his Volvo. I didn't mention what happened in Biology, nor did he.