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Awaiting Twilight

Awaiting Twilight is a version of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, but seen through the eyes of Alice Cullen. It is the same story..but just from a different point of view.


3. Phenomenon

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Ahhhh....Clothes. It's always good to go on a big shopping spree. It's always such a relief to me. The fashions, the styles. Clothes are so wonderful. I was working on a new fashion project for Rosalie. I had a new touch-screen computer especially for doing it. Edward and Carlisle had to fiddle with it before it would work seeing as it works on body heat which of course, my icy skin lacks. Edward was away hunting with Carlisle. I decided I needed a release...and a refill in my wardrobe! It isn't as much of a relief as normal though... I'm still so worried about my brother. I headed home, and restocked my wardrobe with a new wave of clothing I had just bought. Edward and Carlisle were still away, hunting. I decided to work on my latest fashion design project, seeing as I have a whole night to kill. Oh I really can't focus on this! Jazz and Emmett were fighting downstairs, and it's not something you really want to be in the middle of. Hmm, so the immediate future isn't very interesting...but something is definitely going to happen...a big change... Oh no... Not again! I can't believe Edward is going to do this to us again! But...Where is he going? Why is he going? I sat on the top step, on the edge of the third floor, thinking frantically. I will confront Edward when he comes to change for school. Edward was coming up the stairs...

You're leaving again.

Edward sighed and nodded. Well, he could barely deny it! I wish he wasn't leaving though, I really do.

I can't see where you're going this time.

“I don't know where I'm going yet.”

I want you to stay.

He shook his head. My heart no longer beats, but I felt it drop. I couldn't lose Edward, and I couldn't leave him like this!

Maybe Jazz and I could come with you?

“They'll need you all the more, if I'm not here to watch out for them. And think of Esme. Would you take half her family away in one blow?”

Well.... He had me there... I couldn't do that to Esme...But how could he?

You're going to make her so sad.

“I know. That's why you have to stay.”

That's not the same as having you here, and you know it.

“Yes. But I have to do what's right.”

There are many right ways and many wrong ways, though, aren't there?

As soon as I said it, I saw an alternative. The visions flickered and changed. I saw Edward and shadows and...then a meadow. Small, bright, and glittering. Glittering because sunlight shone from Edward's skin, covering everywhere in little rainbows. Someone was with him...but who? It wasn't very defined, just a shadow. Then everything shivered and was gone. More and more visions, all blurry and all gone in less than seconds.

“I didn't catch much of that,” he told me as the vision darkened and vanished.

Me either. Your future is shifting around so much I can't keep up with any of it. I think, though...

I searched the recent visions I'd seen for him, all of them blurry and vague.

“I think something is changing, though. Your life seems to be at a crossroads.”

Edward laughed. There was a very grim edge to it.

“You do realize you sound like a bogus gypsy at a carnival now, right?”

I waited for a witty comeback to occur to me, but I settled for sticking my tongue out.

“Today is all right, though, isn't it?” Edward asked, his voice abruptly apprehensive.

I didn't need to search the future, I'd seen already.

“I don't see you killing anyone today.” I assured him.

“Thanks, Alice.”

“Go get dressed. I won't say anything – I'll let you tell the others when you're ready.”

I was really going to miss him. I decided to go and change into one of my new outfits ready for school.

Miss you. Really.

I ran to my room and changed in seconds. I went down to wait for the others. It would be hard having to keep this from them. I really just didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't stand the idea of Edward leaving again. This time not knowing where he was going and when or if he was coming back! Edward came down the stairs and headed to his Volvo. I followed and could tell the others did too.

It was a quiet ride to school. I could tell Jasper knew something was upsetting me, but I couldn't tell him. I hated having to keep things from him. Thankfully Rosalie and Emmett were oblivious, having another of their moments and staring into each other's eyes. We got out of the Volvo and everyone set off straight to class, except Edward. I decided to stay with him, he needed someone right now, and I wanted to spend as much time with my brother as possible. I saw Isabella Swan driving slowly, though I heard her truck rumble long before I saw her. I watched her park up not too far from us, and then my sight was interrupted with a vision of Edward dashing over to talk to her. Well, nothing much would happen. The vision of Edward going over to her defined more and more and then...

“NO!” I gasped aloud, unable to help myself. I saw Tyler Crowley take the turn into the parking lot at a ridiculous speed..his van, flying straight towards the Swan girl...unable to stop on the ice... And then suddenly, Edward was there. He stopped the truck and saved her. Even being so close to her, he wouldn't slip up. Although, Edward was going to suffer for this decision, Rosalie would be on the warpath! I could see Edward grabbing her, and pulling her out of the way just in time, but she would bang her head...No! Unbelievable! This girl was a danger magnet! The truck came swerving back to where she had just been moved to safety! Of course...Edward would stop it again...Oh you are kidding me! The van would almost crush her legs! What was it about this girl? And then it was all over. I watched as my vision played out again, in front of me, this time in reality, for all to see. Isabella Swan was safe, and I listened to her conversation with Edward. Oh no... She had seen too much! And she wasn't believing Edward's lies. That could be a problem. A big problem. Well, I had seen that she had banged her head... It shouldn't be too hard to cover this up, should it? I decided to go to class and get on with the day while the ambulance drove away with Edward and the Swan girl.

I kept searching the future but saw nothing of importance. I saw Edward talking to her, trying to convince her of his story, but he wasn't making much progress. This would be difficult.