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Awaiting Twilight

Awaiting Twilight is a version of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, but seen through the eyes of Alice Cullen. It is the same story..but just from a different point of view.


4. Alternatives

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Edward returned to school not too long after. I saw Jasper's future. He was intending to 'deal with the girl'. I didn't like it. I searched his future frantically, but whatever move he made towards the girl, Edward always blocked it. I couldn't let my family fight. It can't happen this way! We were on our way home in Edward's Volvo and everything was silent. The visions got further and further away from the Swan house. Edward was planning on blocking him off earlier.

Stop that Edward! It can't happen this way. I won't let it.

He didn't answer me. I saw further into the future but everything was misty and vague. I tried so hard to make some sense of it! I was so far away in the future that I barely realised when I was the last person to enter the dining room and take my seat next to Esme. I needed to focus on the present, at least enough to know what was going on. I rubbed my forehead in an attempt to clear my head, which had begun to hurt from the fight to find some sense in my visions. Everyone was silent. Edward spoke first.

“I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put any of you at risk. It was thoughtless, and I take full responsibility for my hasty action.”

“What do you mean, 'Take full responsibility'? Are you going to fix it?” Rosalie demanded, glaring directly at Edward.

“Not the way you mean. I'm willing to leave now, if that makes things better.” Edward stated, quietly and even.

“No,” Esme murmured. “No, Edward.”

“It's just a few years.” Edward muttered as he patted her hand, trying to soothe her.

“Esme's right, though,” Emmett said. “You can't go anywhere now. That would be the opposite of helpful. We have to know what people are thinking, now more than ever.”

“Alice will catch anything major.” Edward disagreed.

Carlisle shook his head. “I think Emmett is right, Edward. The girl will be more likely to talk if you disappear. It's all of us leave, or none of us.”

“She won't say anything,” Edward insisted.

“You don't know her mind.” Carlisle reminded him. Of course...Edward can't read her mind...How strange...I had been searching, to try and find out if the girl would say anything, but I couldn't see anything because Jasper and Rosalie were so sure of their path.

“I know this much. Alice, back me up.” I stared up at him, wishing I could see and could help.

“I can't see what will happen if we just ignore this.” I couldn't help but glance at Jazz and Rose. Rosalie's palmed smacked down on the table with a loud bang.

“We can't allow a human a chance to say anything. Carlisle, you must see that. Even if we decided to all disappear, it's not safe to leave stories behind us. We live so differently to the rest of our kind – you know there are those who would love an excuse to point fingers. We have to be more careful than anyone else!”

“We've left rumors behind us before.” Edward reminded her.

“Just rumors and suspicions, Edward. Not eyewitnesses and evidence!”

“Evidence!” Edward scoffed.

I looked to see Jasper nodding. No! I didn't like that. I didn't want this to end that way. There must be a different option! If only Jazz and Rosalie would ease off on their decisions!

“Rose-” Carlisle began.

“Let me finish, Carlisle. It doesn't have to be a big production. The girl hit her head today. So maybe that injury turns out to be more serious than it looked.” Rosalie shrugged. “Every mortal goes to sleep with the chance of never waking up. The others would expect us to clean up after ourselves. Technically, that would make it Edward's job, but this is obviously beyond him. You know I'm capable of control. I would leave no evidence behind me.”

“Yes, Rosalie, we all know how proficient an assassin you are,” Edward snarled.

Rosalie hissed at him.

“Edward, please,” Carlisle said. Then he turned to Rosalie. “Rosalie, I looked the other way in Rochester because I felt you were owed your justice. The men you killed had wronged you monstrously. This is not the same situation. The Swan girl is innocent.”

“It's not personal, Carlisle,” Rosalie said through gritted teeth. “It's to protect us all.”

There was a brief moment of silence while Carlisle thought through his answer. When he nodded, Rosalie's eyes lit up.

“I know you mean well, Rosalie, but...I'd like very much for our family to be worth protecting. The occasional...accident or lapse in control is a regrettable part of who we are. To murder a blameless child in cold blood is another thing entirely. I believe the risk she presents, whether she speaks her suspicions or not, is nothing to the greater risk. If we make exceptions to protect ourselves, we risk something much more important. We risk losing the essence of who we are.”

Rosalie scowled. “It's just being responsible.”

“It's being callous,” Carlisle corrected gently. “Every life is precious.”

Rosalie sighed heavily and her lower lip pouted out. Emmett patted her shoulder. “It'll be fine, Rose,” he encouraged in a low voice.

“The question,” Carlisle continued, “is whether we should move on?”

“No,” Rosalie moaned. “We just got settled. I don't want to start on my sophomore year in high school again!”

“You could keep your present age, of course,” Carlisle said.

“And have to move again that much sooner?” she countered.

Carlisle shrugged.

“I like it here! There's so little sun, we get to be almost normal.” Rosalie complained.

“Well we certainly don't have to decide now. We can wait and see if it becomes necessary. Edward seems certain of the Swan girl's silence.”

Rosalie snorted.

“Jasper,” Edward said, and Jasper met his gaze. “She won't pay for my mistake. I won't allow that.”

“She benefits from it, then? She should have died today Edward. I would only set that right.” Jasper said, quietly.

“I will not allow it.”

I saw Jasper's eyebrows shoot up. He hadn't been expecting that Edward would act to stop him. He shook his head once.

“I won't let Alice live in danger, even a slight danger. You don't feel about anyone the way I feel about her, Edward, and you haven't lived through what I've lived through, whether you've seen my memories or not. You don't understand.”

“I'm not disputing that Jasper. But I'm telling you now, I won't allow you to hurt Isabella Swan.”

I saw them staring at each other, but then, again, my thoughts were interrupted by a vision. This time I saw Isabella Swan and myself. Together, our arms around each other. We were going to be friends. Good friends. I was going to love her.

“Jazz,” I said, quietly. He held Edward's gaze for a moment but then turned to face me.

“Don't bother telling me you can protect yourself, Alice. I already know that. I've still got to-”

“That's not what I was going to say,” I interrupted. “I was going to ask you for a favor.” I heard Edward gasp as he saw what was on my mind. “I know you love me. Thanks. But I would really appreciate it if you didn't try to kill Bella. First of all, Edward's serious and I don't want you two fighting. Secondly, she's my friend. At least, she's going to be.”

“But...Alice...” Jasper gasped.

“I'm going to love her some day, Jazz. I'll be very put out if you don't let her be.” The future started to shimmer and change as Jasper floundered his decision. Bella wouldn't say anything. All this worry was pointless!

“Ah,” I sighed. “See? Bella's not going to say anything. There's nothing to worry about.”

“Alice,” Edward choked. “What...does this...?”

“I told you there was a change coming. I don't know Edward.” I couldn't let him see the rest of my vision. I locked my jaw and focused on Jasper.

“What, Alice? What are you hiding?”

I heard Emmett grumble. He hated it when Edward and I spoke like this.

I shook my head desperately.

“Is it about the girl?” He demanded. “Is it about Bella?”

I gritted my teeth and concentrated but I slipped when he mentioned Bella... I knew he saw the two options left for her. Immortality or death. She would either become one of us one day, or Edward would slip up.

“NO!” Edward shouted, jumping to his feet.

“Edward!” Carlisle was on his feet too, his hand on Edward's shoulder.

“It's solidifying,” I whispered. “Every minute you're more decided. There are really only two ways left for her. It's one or the other, Edward.”


“Will someone please let the rest of us in on the mystery?” Emmett complained.

“I have to leave,” Edward whispered to me.

I looked, but couldn't see a future with him gone.

“Edward we've been over that,” Emmett said loudly. “That's the best way to start the girl talking. Besides if you take off, we won't know for sure if she's talking or not. You have to stay and deal with this.”

“I don't see you going anywhere, Edward,” I told him. “I don't know if you can leave anymore.” Think about it, I added silently. Think about leaving... I'm not entirely sure of Jasper, Edward. If you leave, if he thinks she's a danger to us...

“I don't hear that,” Edward contradicted me.

Not right this moment. Will you risk her life, leave her undefended?

“Why are you doing this to me?” Edward groaned as his head fell into his hands.

I love her, too. Or I will. It's not the same, but I want her around for that.

“Love her, too?” he whispered. I couldn't suppress a sigh.

You are so blind, Edward. Can't you see where you're headed? Can't you see where you already are? It's more inevitable than the sun rising in the east. See what I see...

He shook his head looking completely horrified. I showed him my visions again.

“No. I don't have to follow that course. I'll leave. I will change the future.”

“You can try,” I said, knowing that what I saw was inevitable.

“Oh, come on!” Emmett bellowed.

“Pay attention,” Rose hissed at him. “Alice sees him falling for a human! How classically Edward! She made a gagging sound.

“What?” Emmett said, startled. Then his booming laugh echoed, shaking the very foundations of the house. “Is that what's been going on?” He laughed again. “Tough break, Edward.” Emmett put his hand on Edward's shoulder, the latter shaking the hand off absently.

Fall for a human?” Esme repeated in a stunned voice. “For the girl he saved today? Fall in love with her?”

“What do you see,Alice? Exactly,” Jasper demanded. I turned to look at him, but could feel Edward's numb gaze on my face.

“It all depends on if he's strong enough or not. Either he'll kill her himself” - I turned to glare at him - “which would really irritate me, Edward, not to mention what it would do to you-” I turned to look at Jasper again, “or she'll be one of us someday.”

“That's not going to happen! Either one!” Edward was shouting again. I pretended not to hear him.

“It all depends,” I repeated. “He may be just strong enough not to kill her-but it will be close. It will take an amazing amount of control. More even than Carlisle has. He may be just strong enough... The only thing he's not strong enough to do is stay away from her. That's a lost cause.” The room fell silent. Edward stared at me, and everyone else stared at Edward. Noone seemed able to find their voice. After a long while, Carlisle sighed.

“Well, this...complicates things.”

“I'll say,” Emmett agreed. You could hear him fighting back his laughter.

“I suppose the plans remain the same, though,” Carlisle continued thoughtfully. “We'll stay, and watch. Obviously, noone will...hurt the girl.” I noticed Edward stiffen, a very subtle movement.

“No,” Jasper said quietly. “I can agree to that. If Alice sees only two ways-”

“No!” Edward cried. His voice somehow a combination of a growl, a shout and a cry of despair. “No!” The scene infront of me wavered. Interrupted by another scene. Edward running...due east... settling by the mountains, before Seattle. He would sit alone to work out a way to change the future. To change what I saw. That instant, I was brought back to reality. I noticed Edward jump up and run to the door, as I knew he had intended to. I knew he'd be safe...I also knew he'd be back. He couldn't stay away again, not after how much pain it caused last time. He couldn't do that to Esme. Not to mention he was fighting a losing battle, whether he knew it yet or not, he couldn't stay away from Bella. He could try and change what I saw, but I knew his efforts were in vain. My vision was clear and definite. There were only two options left for her now...I wondered how long could Edward keep up the fight? He'd have to give up soon enough. I was sure of that.