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This World

After seven months of healing, Bella starts to notice some changes. She is taller than before, warmer, and stronger. She figures it's a fever and brushes it off. But when a strange visit from Renee reveals interesting family scandals, Bella undergoes a monstrous change. Then, a vengeance crazed vampire comes to town with one intent-kill Isabella Swan. When Bella is changed even further, what will happen? After things settle, she lives quite happily for forty more years, until her past comes back to haunt her. When old love is revived and new love arises, who will Bella choose?

Hi, this is my first story. I expect it to be quite long, but I'm unsure. I do guarantee twists! As it said on my profile, none of the charactes nor settings belong to me. Sadly. :( Anyway, enjoy!!!

11. Chapter 11. Don't Fucking Stay

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Don't Fucking Stay

The wind and rain was picking up now, whipping against my fur. I sniffed the ground as I ran at a leisurely pace, not feeling it one bit. I wouldn't have before, but no temperature affected me anymore. I was a strange creature, never before heard of, hell, thought of. I was a hybrid that could change from immortal creature into immortal creature.


Yeah Auntie?

Got anything yet?



Junior was Jake's son. Actually, Jake and Leah's son. He was also a werewolf, because my being part vampire made the Quileute's continue to phase. But I was respected and loved. I had fought numerous battles, earning scars that stung and burned, but ones that I wore proudly.

It had been forty years since I was changed into a hybrid, and almost forty-one since the supposed love of my life left me. Pfft. I knew he never loved me, I accepted that a while ago. But that didn't mean I wasn't pissed about it.

I hated them, but I was nice about it. Kind of. I wasn't seeking them out for revenge, nor was I planning on it. I was just living an incomplete life, as content as possible. Sure, memories of what could have been stung sometimes, but I realized that he was a scared boy, and that our relationship wasn't healthy in the slightest. I had come to terms with everything in my life, good and bad.

There were currently twelve pack members, and half were running patrols. It startled the shit out of me when they started freaking out. No, my language hadn't improved with time.

Oh GOD!!



Auntie, there are some...blood suckers here. They would rather...um...talk.

Got it, on my way.

I ran, reminiscing. Paul and I were from the original pack, the only active wolves left. Leah and Jake had stopped phasing, and turns out she began to have her period again. Well, they imprinted on each other, and were at it like bunny rabbits. They had six kids, and were the happiest werewolf family. Two girls; Bella and Emily; and four boys, Jake Junior, Billy, Harry, and Charlie. They liked to pay tributes through children names. I just laughed, but felt honored.

Forty years had passed, and Bella, Emily, Billy, and Charlie never phased. Lucky ass is what I called them. But Junior and Harry had. They were a part of the pack. I was Alpha still, a white wolf only slightly smaller than them, and my wolf genes hadn't allowed my eyes to change. I actually grew to love the strange shade of crimson they were.

But that didn't mean I fed off humans. I was on an all animal blood diet, let me assure you. But I still longed for normal food, even though the smell was now revolting. But I was actually pretty happy. I had let Ben and Angela know about the supernatural, as they had remained in Forks. Ben was a dentist and Angela owned a daycare. It honestly wasn't surprising, how smart he was, or how much she loved children.

She even had two, twins, oddly enough. A boy and a girl. Abigail and Zachary. And I also had my little brother, who was now older than me in appearance, with a wife and a kid of his own. I loved Andrew dearly, and he was a lot like me, because Phil had divorced my liar of a mother when he caught her in bed with another man, bringing them up here. He actually took it well, Andrew being his main priority.

Andrew's wife was a sweetheart, and her name was Angelica. And I called her Angie; because she hated it, of course. They had one little girl, and named her Justice. She was the cutest little thing, and was the perfect mix between her father and mother.

Sam had quit phasing also, with two little girls and a rebellious teenage boy with Emily. Quil and Embry had even moved out to Seattle, visiting periodically with their respective wives and families in tow. They had all imprinted, moving on from the pack life, and aging, loving. I was quite happy for them all.

But it was quite confusing at times, how quickly my family tree had spiraled out of control. And my situation helped nothing, especially with all I had missed out on that first newborn year. As it turned out, while I was training in Alaska, Charlie had died. He was hit by a drunk driver in Arlington, on his way to see how I was doing. He was allowed, because I had excellent self control within two months, I just stayed a year for safety.

I had mourned, screamed and cried, broken things and killed innocent animals with wrath and fury, invisible tears that couldn't fall trailing their way down my face, so twisted in anger. It was horrible, but I moved on after a while. He was in heaven, finally at peace. I missed him, but recognized that he was somewhere much better than this fucked up place they called the world.

Renee...I had no idea, nor did I really care. She had broken me and countless others, leaving crumbled hearts and wounds too deep in her wake. It was time we left the drama behind; Lord knows I didn't need any more of it.

Life had finally found some equilibrium, balancing itself out. There was only one thing I was sad about, besides my father, was that Paul was different.

He was so much more hidden and quiet. Controlled and cold. It was like he was hiding a deep dark secret from everyone, and was desperate for no one to know what it was. He was polite and kind, still funny, but more withdrawn, especially from me. It hurt now, as I had first thought it was because of what I had become. He promised that that wasn't it, that it was him and his own problems. I could tell that he was lying, and even though I was Alpha and could press for answers, I refrained. It was his business.

But other than all of that, everything was finally settling. Other than the scattered battle, everything was good. Sure, I still had to go to Forks High, and switched between it and nearby schools, taking a break in between each year and just lying low at the Rez, but I was finally developing some sort of routine. I had everyone I loved, and nothing would harm them. Of that I was certain. I would fight tooth and nail, grind flesh and bone and burn bodies before a single hair on any of their heads was touched. They were all safe.

I had even had to placate the Volturi from attacking by doing as they said for a while. I served in their guard for five years, missing a chunk of my family's life again. I was forced into numerous battles, and became a skilled fighter. I was used for the dirty work mainly; they had sent me to exterminate random covens that endangered the secret. But a year in, they realized my potential and sent me and a few others down to the Southern Armies. Though there was no possible way we could have eliminated them completely in only four years, I had gotten rid of a few, one of which was quite powerful. But that earned me thousands of crescent-shaped scars marring my body. And more, for after I had eliminated such a powerful army the leader had fled, promising vengeance. But her territory became a free-for-all, and I had to restore some level of order. There wasn't an inch of my body that wasn't scarred anymore. But I wore them proudly, telling all of what I had done for my family. They had congratulated me, and welcomed me home with new respect.

There had been a few scattered attacks since then, but Junior had handled it well. He took over when I had left, being closest to Alpha as far as blood went. And Quil had even had a baby. The moment I got back I ran there, and for me, it was a two minute trip. She was a beautiful baby girl, named Arianna. Such a pretty name, and she looked just like her father. But not as ugly, I'd often tell him that to take his mind off the worry. Before her, he had had just boys, and he wasn't sure of how to raise a girl. After all the fights with vampires, all the time he'd clap and laugh as if he was going to a birthday party and not battle, he was scared shitless of his daughter. It was quite comical.

I pranced into the nearby clearing, smelling bloodsucker but ignoring that, turning blood red eyes to a shaking and growling line of wolves instead. Beige one with a black spot around his eye and on the tip of his tail stepped up, barking his greeting to me. Hello to you too, Junior.

Auntie...before you turn around you need to remember that we love you and will always be here for you; no matter what. You know that right?

Of course.

He gulped, nodding at someone behind me. I heard a rustle of clothing, and turned, glaring at the intruders. Hate built in my stomach, threatening to explode as a fierce snarl ripped through my throat, rebounding off nearby trees with menace and venom. I crouched, teeth bared as they all stared in shock at my particularly hostile treatment. I could fucking care less.

"We've just come to confirm the treaty that allows us to live here as long as neither of us cross the border and we do not bite a human," Carlisle explained, stepping forward and gesturing to the family I once called my own.


I was gonna leave you there, but I decided to keep going! Yay!



I know Auntie, stay calm. Do you want me to phase instead?

I seriously contemplated it, looking at the idea from different angles. I, as Alpha, usually phased back to human-or vampire-form when a coven wished to negotiate feeding situations, or territory. I was always making plans and talking, being that they were more comfortable with a woman of their kind, and it was my responsibility as alpha. Yet, in these delicate circumstances, it was possible Junior, a second in command, so to speak, could do it for me without any problems. I sighed, wanting to allow that so badly, but knowing that I would have to get this moment over with at one time or another. Indecision made me hesitate, leaning toward the woods, but wavering. Finally, with an internal sigh that sounded more like a snort, I ran into the woods.

I unstrapped my bikini top and jean shorts from my makeshift belt that tied loosely around my leg, and phased back to human-vampire-form. I changed quickly, then took a few calming breaths, collecting my thoughts. Though this seemed to damage my fragile control on my anger, as I realized all they had done. That family that had decided to so graciously interrupt my life again; had broken me. When they had left, I was a mess. A broken, sobbing heap of Bella. Nothing.

And now, they pranced right on back as if nothing had happened, as if it was just another day. No one seemed affected, no one seemed to care. Nonexistent blood boiled in my dry veins, and I stomped toward the source of light. The wolves surrounded me as I broke through the trees, blocking me from their view. I growled low and menacing, warning them not to fuck with me at that moment. They stepped aside.

The Cullens gasped, mouths agape.


Te he...this is twice I saved you from a horrible cliffy. You're welcome. ;)


"Bella?!" I heard a familiar pixie voice, and suddenly was clobbered by a sobbing midget. She looked just the same as before, but instead of awe, I felt nothing but disgust. She didn't knock me over, I held my ground, but she squeezed me as tight as possible. She looked smaller than before, but I had grown to a reasonable five-eight and a half.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!" I roared, pushing her away. She flew, hitting the ground on the other side of the spacious clearing, uprooting the tree she crashed into. She looked dazed as she gazed at me, and hurt showed fresh in her eyes.

Jasper growled, crouching. I shifted my focus to him, noticing the scars all over his body so like my own. A trained fighter, eh? Let's see what he's got. "Bring it on," I stated calmly, crouching. He looked at my body then, judging which angle I'd come from, and gasped. Yeah, fucker, I'm just as skilled as you are.

"Don't, Jazz," Alice called, walking up to him while rubbing her arm. She stared at me with glassy eyes, but said nothing, looking away. I looked at the rest of them. Carlisle was shocked and interested, an eyebrow raised. Esme was horrified, glancing around frantically. Rosalie looked livid, glaring at me. I growled at her, baring my menacing teeth. No one else could compare to this, I was sure. My canines were raised an inch or so above the rest, making me look a good mix between the real vampire and fiction. Venom gleamed as it flooded my mouth, anger pulsing through empty veins.

She looked away, slightly frightened. I shifted my eyes to her husband, who looked blank, other than widened eyes. He was looking my way, but not really seeing anything. Fuck him then. I looked back to Carlisle when talking started, but it wasn't from him.

"Bella...what happened to you?" Edward croaked. I glowered his way, and he cringed.

"Well Cullens," I spat their name, "where would you like me to start?"

"From the beginning."

I snorted, glaring at Emmett and his horrible attempt at humor. Nothing here was anywhere near humorous.

"Well...you leave, I die inside, I turn into a giant fucking wolf, I get bitten by Victoria, burn in a hell worse than Hell for six fucking days," they gaped at this, "wake up, nearly kill my father twice, go to Alaska, and then I'm Alpha of a pack of werewolves. Fucking fun, how's your life been?"

They continued just staring, but Jasper sobered first. "Where did you get the scars from?" he asked.

"Where did you get your scars from?" I retorted; "You know that this many come from one place and one place only; the Southern Armies. Sucks down there, don't it?" He winced at the sarcastic venom in my words.

Edward's eyes grew as large as saucers. "What were you doing in the south? Bella, I really don't want you-"

I lost it there. I already had a very shaky control; literally. I was trembling, quakes running down my spine, backing my back shudder. But that was it, I had had it then. He had left me, broken and alone. And now, after all those years, after all I'd done and seen, he wanted to tell me what he thought was best?

Fuck. No.

I snarled, running backward and stripping quickly, before letting the fury and hate free. I phased quickly, jumping back out, teeth bared, growls reverberating around the clearing as venom pooled in my mouth. They all backed up a step, and in my wrath I advanced two.

Auntie, you don't want to break the treaty.

Junior's voice cooled me off.

You're right. Phase back with me; all of you. I need help keeping control.

Got it, they chorused, and we all backed away.

We walked back out in formation, tensed and ready. I was at the head of our arrow, and they were all snarling behind me. Paul and Junior openly bared their teeth, because even though he was sensible and right, Junior was pissed beyond belief.

"Cullens, meet my pack. And Junior, he's my adopted nephew," I said. And through all the hate, pain and anger, mentioning him brought love inside me forth. I looked back at the Cullens, and the love vanished.

"As for your earlier question...I was involved with the Volturi for a time. I won't go into details, but I was sent down there to eliminate overly-powerful covens for a few years. There were battles and bloodshed, and these are my battle scars.

"I'm not proud of it, I never will be. But I accept it, and am proud that I went to those necessary lengths for my family. They are all that matter to me, and these are inconsequential compared to them. I would gain a million more to keep them all safe; and I will," I stopped there, completing my rant on how wonderful my family was. But I loved them so dearly; they were all I had after the world seemed to give up on me. I couldn't help but get a tad bit carried away.

The Cullens seemed awestruck by my confession, and even Rosalie's features softened as she gazed at Junior longingly. I hugged him tighter, just realizing I was hugging him at all.

"THE VOLTURI!" Edward exploded; "How could you do that?! You promised Bella! You were in danger!"

I growled sharply, "Things have changed. Love can die; it did. Hate can form...it did. You have your treaty, don't try and contact us, keep to your land, and don't hunt humans."

That seemed to shock Carlisle awake. "How long have you been a vampire?"

"About forty years. Why?"I asked curtly, glaring at him.

He gasped, "Then you hunt humans?"

"No, my eyes never changed. Why the fuck do you care anyway?"

They all cringed, but Edward stepped forward, striding over to me. I crouched, growls tearing out of my throat as I blocked the pack. They growled from behind me, and Edward stopped a few feet off.

"I have always cared Bella-we all have. Please, forgive me, but all that I said in the forest that day...it was a lie. I left to protect you from this world. This horrible, disgusting world."

Indecision flickered as I glared into his eyes. Could I really trust him? What if he was lying, just saying these things to finish breaking what was left of me? I had already spent too much time crouched on the floor with a magnifying glass, grabbing microscopic shards of my broken heart to try and put together again. I wasn't going to do that. But what if what he said was the truth? Could I love him again? No. I hated him, all the love had evaporated. And it was more like adoration anyway, never the real and genuine love I wanted; I needed. There was no going back to him. Anger built within me again, as I realized that he had made yet another decision for me, without consulting me. First it was small things I hadn't minded, like buying my food and not asking what I wanted, or planning a day out and not telling me. But then there was prom, which he and his sister had forced me to go to. And now, this too? He shattered my heart and left me behind for my safety? Did he never factor in my sanity?

"You did a real nice job fucker. Be proud of yourself," I spat coldly, before turning around and leaving.