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This World

After seven months of healing, Bella starts to notice some changes. She is taller than before, warmer, and stronger. She figures it's a fever and brushes it off. But when a strange visit from Renee reveals interesting family scandals, Bella undergoes a monstrous change. Then, a vengeance crazed vampire comes to town with one intent-kill Isabella Swan. When Bella is changed even further, what will happen? After things settle, she lives quite happily for forty more years, until her past comes back to haunt her. When old love is revived and new love arises, who will Bella choose?

Hi, this is my first story. I expect it to be quite long, but I'm unsure. I do guarantee twists! As it said on my profile, none of the charactes nor settings belong to me. Sadly. :( Anyway, enjoy!!!

12. Chapter 12. Arriving

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The mundane task of moving. To humans it might be exciting, new, and possibly unexpected, depending on certain circumstances. But to me, and I could probably vouch for everyone but my overexcited wife, it was tedious and annoying. What used to be a simple task was now torture. Uprooting yourself, your family, and your belongings every five to seven years was horrifying and dreaded in this household.

I loaded a box onto the stack of mine and Alice's, the fortieth. Literally. Alice could set up shop with all the clothes she owned. It got annoying at times, but it could be an endearing quality. I picked them all up in one hand, walking over to the door and opening it with my other. Alice had insisted that she help, but feebly. It was more of a question, and she didn't need to see the future to know my answer. But she enjoyed not having to do the dirty work, I knew that. It was just that my roots and childhood teachings could never allow me to let a lady do such things herself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not controlling. If Alice was serious about wanting to pack, there was no way I could deny her. I loved her too much. But she didn't, I of all people would know that.

I set the stack down next to my father's and brother's, and grabbed one, pretending to struggle with it as I exited the house. We lived in a suburban area, with a house just a little offset from the street, yet visible if you took a wrong turn and went down half a mile. We needed to act just in case.

I let the box plop into the trunk, wiping at my forehead as if I could sweat. I had already loaded thirty-four, I should be tired. Had I been human.

The hours passed tediously, but before we knew it, we were on the family-owned jet. I could really never understand the family's obsession with the "biggest and best" of everything. I would save my money for emergencies. Then again, no one knew how much Carlisle actually had. Hell, I doubted he knew.

I sat there, gazing out the window with my iPod on as high as it could go, trying to ignore the moans and groans from Emmett and Rosalie's...shenanigans in the bathroom. But that didn't mean I couldn't feel the love, lust, and ecstasy. Hell, it was palpable to everyone as they began to scream. But we had all gotten used to it; everyone but Edward and I. But we had to see and feel it all as if we were there ourselves. It took all I had not to take my little Alice to the bathroom next door and let the feelings flow instead of blocking them the way I was.

I looked over as Emmett and Rosalie rejoined us silently, both with stupid grins on their faces. Edward was rubbing his temples, eyes closed. Esme smiled at Carlisle, and he tightened his grip on her hand. They were already planning on doing the same thing the moment we got to the old house, that much was obvious. Edward scrunched his face, looking disgusted and tinged green as Carlisle's grin grew. I thanked the Lord almighty I didn't get his talent.

Alice sat, humming quietly to herself as she flipped nonchalantly through a fashion magazine, taking random notes and doodling little sketches now and then. It was cute the way her little tongue stuck out the side of her mouth as she scrunched her eyebrows in concentration, determined to sketch the perfect dress.

I turned back to the window, watching the rolling landscape pass underneath us, and he little ants scurrying about. I saw a vampire then, closing in on a frightened human. I could tell by her movements that she was relatively new to this life, and not trained well. The sight brought back memories as she lunged for the kill.

"Shoot!" Bella muttered angrily, clasping her hands around one lone finger. I smelt it then, warm and thick, calling to me. I held my breath, attacking brushing through my mind briefly, but I wiped it away as I stepped back.

Uncontrollable blood lust then enveloped the room as I watched a sick and twisted version of my brother launch himself at the love of his life. Half way into it, he realized what he was doing, mortification and self loathing permeating the air around him. "NO!" he shouted at himself, landing next to Bella. He brushed her lightly...for us.

She though, went flying the opposite way. I watched her body crunch, her face void of emotion but shock as she was hurtled back and to the left into a table. Not only that, but a table covered in cake and glass. Well shit.

The smell quickly wafted through the room, calling me even stronger as it pumped out of her veins onto the floor. I tried to pull away, to walk backward and out the door, but the blood lust from Edward and the family combined on my own made me snap.

Bella was suddenly another human, another food source. And I was suddenly another person, not even a person at all. Lion and lamb, predator and prey. I would have the blood going to waste, I'd have it all. Red clouded my eyes as I used my sense of smell to pinpoint her location. I lunged...

I heard growling, angry and fierce, and I pulled away, glaring at Edward. If he hadn't lost control in the first place, we would never have had to have done what we did. He looked away in shame, and I knew not to tell. If I told this family that the perfect one had almost killed the love of his life before me, the world as we know it would crumble. Ass.

He growled again, but it was weaker. He knew I was right. And though I felt incredibly guilty and torn up, and knew that I was mostly to blame, I couldn't shoulder it all alone. Yes, I was the monster, but he wasn't so far off.

For some reason, they all looked down on me and treated me as an unstable newborn. I knew for a fact that bloodlust was amplified by feelings of frustration and anger, and they were the source of my frustration.

What got me angry was how they treated me, compared to how they treated Edward. I know I had done it all longer, and killed more innocents, and done so much worse. I knew that, I knew I was going to Hell. But they all acted as if he was so Goddamn perfect compared to me, when he had fed off humans too.

I sighed, clearing away my head as we began to tilt downward, descending onto a long private runway toward our terminal in the back of the airport. Our hired pilot took longer than he was supposed to and swerved a bit; not that it scared anyone but him. I just laughed along with the rest of my family.

We were walking toward baggage claim, as the Seattle airport said that all private aircrafts needed to be checked, and could be found there. It made me angry, but I didn't say anything. But, the asses lost my Alice's two bags, and had to suffer her wrath as I went on a scavenger hunt filled with papers and curious employees. It was going to be a long day.

We had settled everything in, when Carlisle decided to scope out the border. It was an imaginary line made with the Quileute wolf protectors, allowing them to coincide peacefully. There was always tension, sure, but there weren't battles.

I wasn't sure why he decided to do so, as last time we had been here, there were no more, as they had all died out. But he insisted on checking, and even if there weren't any more, he still made sure we kept to our side of the border line.

As it turned out, Carlisle called, and we all had to go to a meeting with the wolves. Everyone was tense, especially Alice and I, being that we never saw them before. We got ready, and took off.

We arrived at the clearing Carlisle had directed us to, and there was an incomplete arrow of five wolves. There were three on one side, and two on the other, and they were huge. Each was about seven feet tall, looking down on us with disdain. One in the far corner was radiating fury, growling and trembling in an effort not to attack. The one closest to us, a beige color with black around his left eye, was feeling immense hate and loathing, more so than the others, though he looked neutral. Edward was growing frustrated by the second, concentrating on them with bewildered eyes and a locked jaw. The same look he had when he couldn't read Bella's mind. He looked at me, barely nodding. He couldn't read their minds? He nodded again.

That was a blow to our advantages, should the wolves decide to act on their feelings and attack. Suddenly, the one in front felt nervous, and the growling from the farthest stopped, replaced with smothered love and devotion. I furrowed my brow, watching them closely as they turned their heads to the padding of another set of paws.

A white wolf, smaller than all the others, burst lithely through the trees, bringing the sweetest and most delightful scent with her, unlike the rest, who smelled like wet dog. Her-as she was obviously a female-head was turned to the others, not even glancing at us. The worry had intensified in the beige one, and the one in the back had anger and love and devotion and determination swirling in a strange spiral as he bared huge teeth our way, glancing between the female and us. There was a hard and long pause as dread built in all but the female, and then, she turned.

Shock and pain, so intense, almost made me gasp. I held myself as hate burned, permeating the air. Indecision was but a flicker at the sheer size of pure loathing that was one hundred times worse than any other I had ever felt. She growled low in her chest, baring open teeth that gleamed with something that was not saliva. She crouched, looking as if she was going to attack, and it seemed, for a moment, she was.

Carlisle took a step forward, trying to diffuse the situation hastily, "We've just come to confirm the treaty that allows us to live here as long as neither of us cross the border and we do not bite a human."

She hesitated, indecision growing as she looked at him hard. She glanced back to the wolf behind her, before snorting in what seemed...defeat? And resignation? This wolf's emotions confused me, it seemed as if she had already established a defined hate for us. I knew they hated vampires, but her degree of...abhorrence was astounding and completely uncalled for.

She stepped back into the trees, and I caught a glimpse of a bikini top and shorts, confirming my earlier beliefs of a female. I heard rustling, and soon there was running. The wolves blocked her from view, and all I saw was abnormally pale feet as their mass kept the unknown female hidden. I took that moment to notice the absence of a heartbeat as the loathing returned. There was a growl, low and menacing, and the wolves all felt strong reluctance, but knew they had no choice. The Alpha was obviously female, an oddity that was.

Though my train of thought was cut short as I saw something quite strange. A lean female vampire, with slightly defined muscles; a soft, curvy figure; full, pink lips; and a scowl topped with red eyes. They were bright crimson, which meant she was either a new born, or had just fed from a human. I stared into those hard, angry eyes so filled with age and wisdom, and the features turned and shifted slightly...

Realization dawned then, followed by my family's.

Here we were, staring into the face of Bella Swan. As a vampire.

I gasped, as did my family. So many emotions were flowing through the air, but immense joy nearly knocked me off my feet as Alice ran forward, yelling, "Bella?!"

They collided, making a sound like a clap of thunder, rumbling loudly and making the trees shake. Bella held her own, and anger and disgust welled. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!" she bellowed angrily, and before I knew it, my little Alice was flying past me, snapping a tree as she slid across the clearing.

I growled. She might be the Bella we left, but that gave her no fucking right to harm my wife. I crouched down, and she mimicked me. "Bring it on," she mocked, and I looked at her body for a sign of the direction she was going to take. I stopped cold.

Her body...in its immortal beauty...was covered in scars. Thousands of scars dotted all over her, crisscrossing and overlapping all over her skin. There wasn't but an inch between the most spaced out ones. She had the same amount, if not more, than I. She felt a tad smug, and I heard light footsteps and betrayal as Alice walked forward, rubbing the sore spot on her left arm. "Don't Jazz," she whispered, looking at Bella as nonexistent tears filled her eyes. She looked away, coming to stop next to me, just a little behind me.

I still stood in shock, tracing over all the crescents marring her body, yet not taking away from her beauty whatsoever. She began scanning over the rest of us with hard pools of ruby, avoiding the one she hated most. I felt his hurt and anger, betrayal and sadness, but couldn't bring myself to care as I saw all the pain she had endured.

When you got bitten by a vampire, the venom still stung. It hurt and ached for a few hours, and in the first few seconds, immobilized you, giving your opponent an excellent advantage. I suddenly felt the need to know where they came from, and how long she had been alive to gain them all. It was scary, knowing that all who had bitten her had fallen. She must have been a good a fighter as I, and that thought worried me. With the loathing and resentment that poured out of her, she might just choose to attack us, and she could get the wolves to do it too.

She growled, and Rosalie felt fresh fear and surprise. Her canines were raised a tad bit more than normal, making her look like the real Noseferatu, only gorgeous. There was no denying her beauty, any male could see that. The perfection that came with being a vampire on top of her already natural beauty was astounding.

Edward asked, "Bella...what happened to you?"

She looked to Carlisle, and I felt mild surprise from her when his lips hadn't moved. But then there was dread and aggravation, plus the constant fury and hate.

Well Cullens," her voice was layered with malice, "where would you like me to start?"

Emmett felt a tad bit of mirth, "From the beginning." Very bad idea; she glared at him, wiping all traces of humor away.

She snorted, but began sarcastically, "Well...you leave, I die inside, I turn into a giant fucking wolf, I get bitten by Victoria, burn in a hell worse than Hell for six fucking days," all of our mouths hung open from shock at this, "wake up, nearly kill my father twice, go to Alaska, and then I'm Alpha of a pack of werewolves. Fucking fun, how's your life been?"

We all sat, emotions swinging from one side of the spectrum to the other as we contemplated her words. She had died inside? We had hurt her that badly? Guilt swept through me, but then I wondered. A wolf? How? Bella wasn't Quileute...was she? I stored the question for later. And Victoria? Rage swelled as I remembered the nomads that had roamed past; that had led us on a goose chase and almost killed Bella. Six days? It was obvious she was talking about the transition into a vampire, but how could the average estimated time of changing doubled? No doubt that that question would be asked later, probably by Carlisle. And she nearly killed her father? Did that mean he knew? And if he knew, where was he? She went to Alaska...did she meet the Denali's, I wonder? We hadn't spoken with them in ages; it was plausible that we hadn't heard about it. And yes, she was Alpha. As everyone continued to think, I stepped forward.

"Where did you get the scars from?" I asked.

She snorted, bringing about a sarcastic reply, "Where did you get your scars from? You know that this many come from one place and one place only; the Southern Armies. Sucks down there, don't it?" I winced at the bitterness in her words, remembering my past and failing at imagining her there.

Surprise, anger, and betrayal filled Edward, "What were you doing in the south? Bella, I really don't want you-"

I had felt the anger and hate, but it was always on a backburner. Now, there was a build up, and I knew that it was about to explode. She snarled, face twisted angrily, running back for the cover of the trees. I heard rustling, and soon she was back, staring at us with angry red eyes, growling. Not to mention that she was a giant white wolf, slowly walking forward, leaning into a slight crouch. We all backed up, fear thick as she followed us two steps. But she stopped short as the beige wolf' distress reached me. He was staring at her back, and she nodded slightly, turning into the forest along with all the others.

They came back then, all in human form, except Bella of course, being that she was a vampire also. There were two humans behind her growling like mad, and baring their teeth openly, glowering at each of us in turn. I suppose they knew about what happened. The rest seemed livid, but weren't acting on any of their feelings, just staring at us coolly.

"Cullens, meet my pack. And Junior, he's my adopted nephew," she announced, looking back toward one of the two growling at us. He stopped, looking toward her, and I felt a strong, unbreakable bond, love and friendship surface as she smiled at him as a mother would. I felt Rosalie's jealousy, and snorted quietly. Since when did she have the right to be jealous of Bella, after all we had heard? Bella turned back to us, and the love was gone in an instant, replaced with cold.

"As for your earlier question...I was involved with the Volturi for a time. I won't go into details, but I was sent down there to eliminate overly-powerful covens for a few years. There were battles and bloodshed, and these are my battle scars. I'm not proud of it, I never will be. But I accept it, and am proud that I went to those necessary lengths for my family. They are all that matter to me, and these are inconsequential compared to them. I would gain a million more to keep them all safe; and I will," she stopped her rant there, and I was awed, simply perplexed by the sheer depth of her love, and its capabilities. She worked in the Volturi's stead down in the south, suffering through the horrors there just for her family. Such love and devotion was only dreamed of.

I felt Rosalie's acceptance, obviously realizing, along with the rest of us, her loving side. It had only intensified in becoming a vampire. Or werewolf. Or both? But Edward was horrified, disgusted, ashamed, and outraged.

"THE VOLTURI!" he yelled out; "How could you do that?! You promised Bella! You were in danger!"

Bella glowered angrily at him, growling, "Things have changed. Love can die; it did. Hate can form...it did," she turned, scowling at the rest of us slightly, before looking at Carlisle; "You have your treaty, don't try and contact us, keep to your land, and don't hunt humans."

Carlisle remembered something then, feeling shock tinged with fear and pity, "How long have you been a vampire?"

She turned fiery eyes to him, and I found myself asking the same question he was probably thinking. The things she had described should have taken more than a year, giving her eyes plenty of time to fade to gold...if she hunted animals. "About forty years. Why?" her answer was short and angry, shock flowed through him, and disgust. Yes, he was asking the same question.

"Then you hunt humans?" he asked, gasping.

She started a moment, self consciousness flashing through her eyes before she glared yet again, "No, my eyes never changed. Why the fuck do you care anyway?"

I cringed, along with everyone else. But then, fierce determination and pride, love and hope began to emanate from Edward as he started toward Bella. She growled, protectiveness swirling with anger as she crouched and stretched her arms to the side, blocking the pack from us, and they growled from behind her, crossing their arms and puffing out their chests like bodyguards. Edward stopped, a tad fearful.

"I have always cared Bella-we all have. Please, forgive me, but all that I said in the forest that day...it was a lie. I left to protect you from this world. This horrible, disgusting world," he said, hands twined in a begging motion.

I felt Bella's uncertainty and fear, and she looked more vulnerable as her eyes watered with unshed tears. Her crimson eyes melted, becoming swirling pits of emotion, and you could almost see her heart falling apart inside. But then, crimson hardened, and her muscles tightened as she restrained herself, hate and decision clear in her eyes, emotions, and words.

"You did a real nice job fucker. Be proud of yourself," her voice was filled with malice, and she glared one final time, before turning on her heel and leaving.