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This World

After seven months of healing, Bella starts to notice some changes. She is taller than before, warmer, and stronger. She figures it's a fever and brushes it off. But when a strange visit from Renee reveals interesting family scandals, Bella undergoes a monstrous change. Then, a vengeance crazed vampire comes to town with one intent-kill Isabella Swan. When Bella is changed even further, what will happen? After things settle, she lives quite happily for forty more years, until her past comes back to haunt her. When old love is revived and new love arises, who will Bella choose?

Hi, this is my first story. I expect it to be quite long, but I'm unsure. I do guarantee twists! As it said on my profile, none of the charactes nor settings belong to me. Sadly. :( Anyway, enjoy!!!

13. Chapter 13. Shut Up!

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Shut Up!

"Are you okay Auntie?"

I sighed, raking a hand through my hair, looking over at Junior as we strolled through the park. We had brought Arianna; Justice; and Brooke, Quill's little girl, to the playground in Forks, where Andrew and I lived. I owned my own apartment and a house too. Andrew and his family lived in my house, actually getting use out of the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. I mainly made the apartment I owned into a library, currently sporting thirty-three thousand books. They were piled on shelves, in boxes, and on the floor. That was all I did really, was read; at least, when I wasn't hanging around with the pack.

I licked my lips, preparing to answer, "No," I sighed finally.

"Are they bugging you?" I could go kick their-"

"We're in a park Junior!" I laughed, throwing my head back. I sobered, folding my arms and gazing at him as he grinned. I looked over my shoulder as Arianna and Justice built a sandcastle, and Brooke sat on a swing.

I looked back to him, "I just...hate them Jay. I don't know, they just...it...it makes me angry that they decided that after all this time they'd return, just when everything was starting to get back to normal...er...as close to normal as possible. I swear, I think they were put onto this earth just to fuck with me."

He laughed, and I scowled. Then, he began to mimic me, "We're in a park Auntie!" he said in a nasally voice. I laughed, slapping his arm. He winced, rubbing it and laughing some more. I flipped him off, and then looked around, gazing at my world longingly.

I wanted everything to stay the same. I looked to a passing car, and briefly marveled at my stupid thoughts as a child. I'd always believed I'd grow up and have my own flying car, when in reality, I'd be fifty-three now, and technology hadn't advanced. Sure, there were new models of hybrid cars, and phones, but nothing earth shattering like I had always believed.

But I wanted it all to stay the way it was. I wanted to keep my pack, my family. I wanted to be Alpha and protect them, have my mind completely focused on them, and not my own problems. Yet here the Cullens were, screwing my wishes up again. They had tried to talk to me, but I had turned them away. But they sure as hell didn't give up, that was for sure.

I looked back to Jay, as I called him sometimes, and saw that he was watching me carefully. I saw concern in his eyes, and he rephrased his earlier question, "Are you sure you're not hurt, Auntie?"

"No...I don't love him...it's the hate that hurts me, that makes me angry and hate myself. I know I might not love him-but I'm not over him. If I was over him like I believed, I wouldn't feel hate. I'd be able to let go. But I can't, I just have a huge grudge, and I hate myself for being too weak to not hate them. I want to be able to let them go, Jay, I really truly do. But they just fucking follow me, I don't know! After it all, here they are again! What is wrong with them and ruining my life?! And the fact that I still think like this, that they are in my thoughts at all, it makes me weak! It shows that I still need them-one way or another. I'm proving him right Jay and I...I don't know how to stop."

He rubbed his chin, looking forward thoughtfully as we rounded the corner. I glanced back at the girls, knowing they were okay. They would just have to whisper my name and I'd be there in the blink of an eye; they knew that.

Jay turned back to me, concern creasing his brow as he looked deep into my eyes, studying me. He looked apprehensive, and he started talking hesitantly, "I...I think Auntie, that you need to talk to them. I think you need to hear them out; to get their side. You...you haven't let them go because you never had time to come to terms with it all, you know? Everything that you went through happened so suddenly that your mind couldn't catch up. I think you all need a proper good-bye, and only then will you be ready to forget and move on."

I stared at him. When he first suggested talking, I felt outraged and betrayed, but even stubborn Bella had to admit that he was right. Everything he had said made sense, and it struck and emotional chord deep inside me, reminding me so much of his father. Jay was usually the comedian, goofy and funny and loveable. But when you needed someone, he would let you cry on his shoulder and give you wonderful advice. He was so wise, so smart. My eyes filled with venom, pride washing over me in waves.

I reached up, running a hand through his hair and hugging him to me, sobbing lightly into his chest once. I collected myself quickly, backing away to see a gentle smile gracing his lips. "Thank you Jay...that means so much to me. Really...you have no idea just how much I love you."

I caressed his warm cheek lightly, and cupped it, leaning my head to one side and gazing at him like I would my own child. He smiled bigger, dimples showing. "Love ya too Auntie."

I laughed at how quickly he went from wise and insightful to the happy comedian, picker-upper I needed. "Do you have the girls under control?" I asked.


"I'll be back," and with that, I took off.

I arrived at the famous mansion shortly, and saw all the cars in the drive. I expected a ball of energy to bounce out, shouting my name as she used to. Yet she didn't. Weird.

I sighed slightly, shaking my head and walking a brisk pace toward the door. When I reached the first step, the door opened and I was pulled into an enormous bear-hug. I almost gave it back, almost squeezing, but the lack of warmth reminded me that this was not family, but enemy.

"Let go," I said curtly. My command was muffled, because my face was pressed into a broad chest, but he heard me.

"Please Bells..." he whispered, hugging me tighter. There was no doubt that I missed Emmett a lot, wishing for my big brother. I nearly let him in, remembering the good times, but after that, there was only bad. His stony face at my birthday, and the lack thereof afterward. He had been one of the first to leave, and now here he was again, along with all of them.

"No," I growled, pushing at the chest. He strained to keep me, shaking as he dry sobbed into my hair. By now, the old Bella would have broken, begging him not to cry. But the people who cared got hurt, I knew that. That was why I just took this moment of weakness to shove him off me.

He fell on his backside, and I was instantly reminded of all the times he laughed at my clumsiness. Anger and hate bubbling within me again, I leaned forward, my face inches from his. His eyes were hurt and confused, and I held no pity.

"How does it feel to be the one on the ground now?" I whispered, before straightening and leaving him to weep on the floor.

I glided over to Carlisle's study on the second floor, sensing his presence there. I knocked quietly, and he shuffled papers as he walked toward the door. It swung open with a soft creak, revealing stunned topaz eyes.

"Bella? What made you want to talk to us?" he asked. He didn't seem angry, just confused.

"I want to talk to all of you-one final time," I explained. I saw hurt in his eyes, but I could honestly care less.

"If that's...what you want," he whispered quietly.

"Family meeting guys, living room, now," he said, as if he was talking to someone right in front of him. But I knew better.

We sped downstairs together, and Emmett was waiting on a love seat. He patted the spot next to him, but I sniffed and stood in front of the T.V., not bothering to sit down. The rest of them filed in, Rosalie sitting next to Emmett to glare at me harshly, Esme perched on the arm of the chair Carlisle was sitting in adjacent to me. Alice sat in the middle of the couch, Jasper on her right, closest to me. Edward sat on her other side, looking into my eyes with hope.

I took a deep breath, letting it out before I began with one simple word, "Why?"

They all knew what I was talking about, and Edward sped to the spot in front of me, kneeling and taking my hand in his. "Bella... my sweet, naïve Bella..."

I yanked my hand away as if he was toxic, and glared. "I'm not your fucking Bella, nor am I naïve or sweet. In fact, I'm not any of your guys' anything." I spat coldly. The hope in his eyes shattered as he got up and sat on the couch again, looking away from me.

"Bella..." Alice began, "I know that you hate us, and you deserve to...But you don't know! We all loved you when we left," Rosalie snorted at this, and everyone glared at her. I was feeling especially bitchy, and so I decided to give them all the opposite of what they wanted.

"Thank you Rosalie," was all I said. Everyone turned to me, mouths hanging open in shock. Including her. I smiled at her, thanking the heavens for my wonderful acting skills, as I truly hated the bitch.

"You were the only one who was ever honest with me...the only one who actually showed your true feelings. You weren't some sick fuck who got a high off of fucking with a poor human's life and then leaving them broken. You were just a complete ass, and treated me like shit. Honestly, I think I like that better than being told lies for all the while I knew someone. And so, I thank you for your honesty."

Rosalie was livid at that point, face twisted in anger. The Cullens all looked as if I had kicked their puppy, and I laughed.

"Isn't this ironic?" I asked, "Now I'm the one getting a sick high off of your pain. Oh well, if you can dish it, you can take it. Eh, Cullens?"

They continued staring at me, hurt forefront as each of them turned away, avoiding my penetrating gaze. "Well Alice, continue. I'd love to hear your pathetic excuses."

She looked over at me, looking completely depressed and tired as she began once again, "We left for your safety Bella. When all that happened...we realized that you wouldn't be safe in this world of ours. We all tried to convince Edward of how much you loved him, of how it would break your heart to not have him. He wouldn't listen, and since you're his mate...we left. We didn't get to say goodbye so it wouldn't be as hard on you Bella, a ‘clean break' so to speak. It was foolish and immature of us, and we beg your forgiveness. We wanted you to forget and have a normal human life, but we see now that we were just being stupid. I'm sorry-we're sorry. Bella please!" By then she was leaning forward, begging me to forgive her. Yet there was no pity, no hurt, no happiness. I didn't feel anything as I kept a calm demeanor.

"Alice, Cullens...I really don't give a damn. You all knew how I felt, what I wanted. Yet you go behind my back, treating me like a child and making my decisions. If you didn't know, I was a fully grown adult. I still am, but that's beside the point. I could decide my fate, and you took that choice away. Now you're gonna feed me bullshit about ‘for my safety'? How fucking stupid do you think I am? Even if you are telling the truth, that leaves you no right to shatter me. I was broken and alone when you left; you took a chunk of me with you. And now you come back when I stared to heal, just to break me down again. Fuck you Cullens, I really don't care. You want me to forgive you and make you happy? After you made me so horribly miserable? I don't think so. Go enjoy your distractions." I spat this word at Edward, who just winced. But Alice had a fire in her eyes as she glared at me.

"Isabella Marie Swan? Do you have any idea how much pain this family has been through? How much we suffered when we left? We have been allowing you to act like a total bitch, but it's uncalled for."

Rage swelled as Rosalie huffed happily, crossing her arms with a smirk. Alice's fists were clenched, teeth gritted as she glowered at me, waiting for a response. I gave her one, coating it in venom. "Do you hear your words Alice? YOU FUCKING LEFT ME!!! IF YOU SUFFERED, IT WAS YOUR FAULT!!! NOT MINE!!! AND WHAT MORE REASON SHOULD I FUCKING HAVE?! SHOULD I WAIT UNTIL YOU KILL ALL OF MY FAMILY AND THE REST OF ME, AND THEN HATE YOU, OR WILL THAT NOT BE ENOUGH?! WHEN WILL I BE GOOD ENOUGH ALICE? WHEN CAN THE HIGH AND MIGHTY CULLENS FINALLY GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE FUCKING FEELINGS?!"

She sat there, stunned as I panted for unneeded air. Esme was sobbing quietly into Carlisle's chest as he rested his head in her hair, gazing at me with wounds in his eyes. Alice fell off the couch, dry sobbing dramatically. I rolled my eyes. Jasper stared at me, wide-eyed. Emmett sobbed into Rosalie's chest as she bared her teeth at me. Edward was out of sight.

I walked over to Alice, standing right in front of her with a smirk. She looked up pitifully, raising a hand in silent plea for help. I took it, and instead of pulling her up like she expected, I just grinned wider, putting pressure on her hand. She cringed, trying to wriggle free as I kept squeezing, harder and harder. Finally, she let out a yelp, and Rosalie yelled, "STOP!!"

I glared at her, releasing Alice. "Shut up. You know, you've been nothing but a bitch, and I tried my damndest to love you. But now I can care less. Go drown in pride, oh perfect one, because I don't give a damn. But, here, take this with you." I walked up to her, and slapped her clean across the face. She sat, stunned, before bursting up, screeching as she ran out the door. Emmett looked dejected, glancing back at me sadly once and following.

I glowered at the rest of them, before walking out the door. As I strutted away, I heard them gather at the door and watch me leave. I smirked as I recounted all the times I saw hurt in their eyes. If they can dish it, they can take it.