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This World

After seven months of healing, Bella starts to notice some changes. She is taller than before, warmer, and stronger. She figures it's a fever and brushes it off. But when a strange visit from Renee reveals interesting family scandals, Bella undergoes a monstrous change. Then, a vengeance crazed vampire comes to town with one intent-kill Isabella Swan. When Bella is changed even further, what will happen? After things settle, she lives quite happily for forty more years, until her past comes back to haunt her. When old love is revived and new love arises, who will Bella choose?

Hi, this is my first story. I expect it to be quite long, but I'm unsure. I do guarantee twists! As it said on my profile, none of the charactes nor settings belong to me. Sadly. :( Anyway, enjoy!!!

4. Chapter 4. Discussing the Rules

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Discussing the Rules

I trotted into the clearing slowly. I looked around in amazement, for a secret meeting spot for deadly giant wolves, this was quite beautiful. Sam had only sent me fuzzy images for directions, but the clear and crisp view in person was absolutely breath-taking. It was surrounded by trees, and there was a little pond to the south. It was gently sloping downward, and there was about a six by six foot plateau at the top. It was dotted with wildflowers of all shapes and sizes, and the colors could rival those at Mardi Gras. It seemed like I had just stepped into a painting.

Now all that was left was waiting for Sam. Him being the alpha and all, I knew that whatever he said would go. No ifs, ands, or buts. I paced in a circle for a few moments, but then got tired of that and ran laps. It was amazing, running. The freedom and exhilaration, the knowledge that I could go anywhere anytime thrilled me to the core. I kept it up for a while, and then went into an all-out sprint. I wanted to know just how fast I could actually go.

And it was pretty darn fast. I watched in wonder as the trees that I could see to the minute detail of every cell, continued to stay perfectly clear, even though I was running at break-neck speeds. I knew somewhere in my head that not even a day ago, it would have been a blur. I must have been going two-hundred miles an hour, without even exaggerating!

Suddenly, I heard the familiar pop in my head, and then Sam's voice.

Bella? You okay?

Okay? I'm ecstatic! This is wonderful, so, so...

I heard a wolfy laugh, and knew it was Sam; I turned around to see a large black wolf, bigger than me, emerge from the line of trees. He had deep black eyes that had a humorous glint to them. I laughed at how funny he looked, and heard the same wolfy laugh he had, only a higher pitch. I stopped short at the sound, causing Sam to laugh more. I giggled right along with him. But then turned serious.

Well...this is an interesting development.

Yes, it is.

Care to...I don't know...explain a few things?

Actually, that's kinda gonna be your job.


You...how do I put this...because you're only half Quileute, you have more mental freedom than the rest of us, not to mention the fact that you are a descendant of the old tribal chief Ephraim Black, which gives you the privilege of being alpha.

Oh, that's just so great, not only has my mother lied to me my whole life, not only am I a giant wolf, no, fate hates me and thinks I should have even more on my plate! This is just not my day! I mean, what else, am I going to start seeing dead people now too?!

Sam cut me off mid-rant. Bella, I understand, but we'll help you through it. Everything will work out, I promise.

I took deep breaths to calm myself down. He was right, I had a family that would help me through everything, the lies, the explaining, the phasing...which reminded me.


Yes Bell?

How do I...uh...phase back, exactly?

Don't worry, it's actually quite simple, but I'll explain that later, there are a lot of things to discuss.

Okay...like what?

Well, go ahead and get comfy and I'll start.


I wasn't exactly sure how to "get comfy" at first, but I watched as he circled once then plopped down gracefully. He folded one paw under his breast and rested his head on the other. I followed his lead, but found it much more comfortable to lie on my side with my legs outstretched. I rested my head against the ground and heaved a sigh as I got settled.

So, what do you need to teach me?

Just a few simple rules, some basic fighting skills-and we'll continue that with the rest of the pack later-and then I'll fill you in on recent pack news. After that...we'll work on getting you back into human form, that way they don't send Renee to a mental institution. And we'll be there when you explain things to her, Phil, and Charlie. We're here for ya Bells.

Immediately, feelings of love and gratefulness bombarded me. This was such a wonderful family of mine, they were so caring and loyal, and I was positive that they would never leave me. I didn't know what I had done to deserve them. But I did know that I was damn lucky.

Thank you. So much...that...that means a lot to me Sam, more than you know.

Like I said, we're here for ya Bell.

I love you.

Love ya too Bellerina.

I just laughed my strange wolfy laugh again. I smirked at him, and he gave me a lopsided grin of his own.

So, first on the agenda...rules. There are some, not a lot, but they do exist. First off, you need to keep any inappropriate or distracting thoughts outta your head when in wolf form or no one will be able to concentrate.

So you want me to filter my innermost thoughts?

Kinda, but it's easier than it sounds. You see, as a wolf, you think on two different levels. There's this one where it's meant more for conversation between the pack, the one half of your mind that links to everyone else's. The other half belongs to you. It's almost like you can think inside your thoughts, and ignore how weird that sounds. What I mean is that all of your thoughts start off in that unreachable part of your head. It's when you either convert that thought to a word or sound or image or smell, and so on, that we can hear it. Or feel it. Or taste it...you get the picture. But if you keep your thoughts in that part of your mind where they just remain meanings, and don't let your brain interpret them, we won't be able to hear you. Like here, I'll think something, and I want to see if you hear it.

‘Bella makes one fine wolf...'


Are you gonna test me yet, or continue to make me blush?


You said that I make one fine wolf. Thanks and all that, but...

His eyes widened.You weren't supposed to hear that!

Really? I wonder how that happened.

He still seemed embarrassed about his comment.

Sam, don't worry about it, I don't really care. It was a compliment anyway. Look, I promise I won't tell Em, alright? Just answer my question, because I'd rather not have to listen to everyone's innermost thoughts...especially if they resemble yours.

I laughed again, and he seemed immensely relieved, albeit a little frustrated.

I'm glad you enjoy my pain. He grumbled.

I'm just joking Sam, no biggie. Now please continue.

Sure, sure...where was I...oh yes, I think the fact that you aren't all Quileute might have been the reason...or maybe it was just a fluke. Can you hear this?

Hear what?


So...any other rules?

Just a few.

Okay, smart ass, would you like to tell me them?

I would.

Then do it.

Okay, the second rule should be pretty obvious.

I thought about it for a minute. If I were a human trying to think of gigantic wolf pack rules, what would be an obvious one? Yeah, it just wasn't coming to me.

Sorry Sam, I've got no idea.

He internally sighed. Don't tell anyone, besides your parents and soul mate. I would say imprint, but I doubt that would be something you would have, because the only reason imprinting happens is because we need to pass down the whole werewolf gene. But you don't have enough Quileute blood, so I doubt it'll happen to you.

Okay. Wow, I'm stupid. That was pretty obvious huh?

Aw, don't say stupid Bells, it's more like...mentally challenged.

Shut up.

Okay, third rule, don't be a ball-hog so to speak. What I mean is that you need to always look out for the pack and not let too much responsibility fall on your shoulders. Like, if we have to deal with this army, don't take on too many blood-suckers just to show off or be the all-star. Y'know what I mean?

I think so...that it?

With the rules. But now we need to get up, and I'll show you some basics in defense and very simple attacking techniques. The rest of the battle tactics will have to wait until we have the rest of the pack to help us out.


Just get up.

I huffed once but listened. I heaved myself up and stretched out like a cat. I closed my eyes and yawned. When I opened my eyes again, I saw him already crouched with his teeth bared.

Pretend I'm the enemy and do what feels natural.

I listened to his instructions as he explained how to shift from the "civilized human" to the "wild animal" mindset. All in all, it was pretty easy. My thoughts began to slowly shift too, becoming more images, smells, and sounds rather than full sentences.

He leaned to the left, and I knew that he was going to attack from that way. I leaned with him and he shifted directions. He crouched and his muscles tensed. I growled in warning. He growled back and lunged. No!

I dodged to the right in time and turned. His leg was right in front of me. Grab, Bite! I lunged at it and caught him between my teeth. He yelped angrily and turned to take a snap at me. Dodge! I sidestepped his massive jaws and began to shake his leg with all my might. He yelped again, and then I heard his voice through the predatory haze.

Very good, you can stop. Just calm yourself.

I thought of relaxing things, and slowly the fog cleared and I began to have a conscience versus just instinct. He threw a wolfy grin my way and I laughed.

That was very good, none of the other guys were able to beat me their first time, not even Jake. You're special Bells, I knew it all along, but this proves my point. Way to go. I'm gonna bet money you can beat Paul. He's our local bad ass, but he'll cry like a baby when you whoop him in front of everyone. I can't wait!

Thanks...I think...

It was a compliment. But back to business, I need to explain a few things, and when we train, which we do every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you'll be able to practice a few things. Kay?

Got it. But what do I need to practice?

Well, you could improve your reaction time, and your growl could use some work.

Hey Sam?

Yeah Bellerina?

Guess what?

I don't know; what?

You're an ass.

We continued much the same way for another few hours, laughing and joking while simultaneously practicing random techniques and ideas. Pretty soon I knew so much, I felt like my head was about to burst. Eventually, I groaned wearily.

Sam, can we stop now, it's kinda late and I'm tired, not to mention explaining a few things to Mom and Charlie...if they haven't sent out the S.W.A.T. team already. But for a gigantic wolf or missing daughter...

He laughed.Don't worry Bells; you won't believe how easily they'll understand it...if you start off in human form...

Okay, Now I need you to clear your mind. Don't let anything interrupt you. Now, then you need to think like a human. I mean imagine grabbing something with your hands, or walking on two legs, you get it? I'll leave these clothes right here and then you can change. I'll meet you down the road at Jake's; I'll have your truck by then, got it?

I...think so.

Don't worry Bells, with how naturally everything came to you so far, it'll be a breeze. Remember, just relax. I'll see you in a bit.



I then cleared my head-a tricky feat with all of the information I had just learned that day. But eventually I was able to go about my daily human routine in my head-brushing my teeth, combing my hair, starting my truck.

And then, I felt cold. Really cold. I slanted open one eye, and everything looked taller, but my forty-forty vision remained. I opened both eyes and looked down. To find myself completely naked.

I ran to the clothes Sam brought me-I sports bra and some very short denim shorts. Right, it was easier to get out of clothes like this rather than jackets and coats. Plus I didn't need those anymore, being that I was now much warmer than any human.

I shrugged and got dressed at an inhuman speed. I definitely did not want any random hikers to see me standing here nude. I ran back towards La Push, and found it effortless. I was as comfortable as if I was sitting down. And I was there in minutes. I would really need to adjust. I stepped into the gloomy darkness of dusk to find six huge werewolves all grinning widely and leaning against my truck.

I smiled back wickedly, and they didn't even flinch. I guess Sam didn't tell them anything about our meeting, not the alpha thing, or the whole I-can-whoop-Paul thing. Good, I couldn't wait to tell them that myself.

I got into my truck slowly, and stuck my hand out. Without a word, Sam dropped the keys a few feet behind the truck. I knew what he was planning, to show off my so called "awesome speed" to the boys. I winked conspiratorially and ran to the back and dived. I turned my palm toward the sky and heard a plop as the keys landed in the center of my hand.

Everyone's except Sam's eyes widened. Sam and I burst out laughing as we went for the cab of the truck. The rest of the pack continued to stare at me like I had two heads, but eventually climbed into the bed of the truck. I turned the key and my baby roared to life. I grinned at the familiar sound, and took off at full speed. Or, rather, full speed for this truck.

When we arrived home, there was Phil's and Mom's cars in the driveway alongside Charlie's police cruiser. St the sight, I felt a twinge of pity. Soon enough, Charlie would know that Not only did his wife and Child disappear into the night, but that before that, his wife had cheated on him-with his best friend, and that his child wasn't actually his.

I sighed heavily as I pushed open the door to my truck. I slammed it closed with a little more force than I intended, and looked back as the pack clambered out of the bed. Sam gestured for me to begin walking, and I turned and glared up at the house. I began a steady and very slow pace, hoping that the longer it took me to get there, the easier this would be.

I hopped the steps two at a time-a new habit of mine-and dug into my pocket for my key. Once I found it, I fiddled with it for a moment before unlocking the door with yet another sigh. The creaky old door swung open slowly, to reveal a distraught Renee being held by Phil, and a furious Charlie rooted at the foot of the stairs. He glared at me harshly, before turning to check on my mother.

Here goes nothing.